Saab Classic Auction in Sweden

The current spring auction of Bilweb from 5. to 6. May brings classic of both Swedish brands for sale. Of course, my focus is on Saab, even if the more spectacular vehicle comes from Volvo this time. Of the Volvo 165 is a one-of-a-kind piece, and for that reason hard to beat. But what is offered to Saab classics, but still has great potential.

Saab 96 Jubilee
Saab 96 Jubilee. Extremely few kilometers. Photo Credit: Bilweb

Saab 96 GL Jubileum (Last Run)

A Saab 96 Jubileum we had a few weeks ago as a topic. reader aero50 had brought one of these rare specimens from Poland. A very nice car from which only 300 specimens were built. Sweden is now another 96 anniversary from 1980 for sale. First-hand, with unbelievable 4.328 kilometers on the clock, it will make collector's hearts beat faster. An almost untouched classic, in perfect condition. Its estimated value is between 23.000 € and 26.000 €.

Not a little money for a small car. However, the prices also show the increasing appreciation for classic Saabs in their home country. Now, after the brand is no more.

Saab 96 De Luxe Sport

Not original, but a contemporary makeover is the Saab 96 De Luxe Sport from the year 1964. Since the first day owned by an obviously Saab enthusiastic family. Very well maintained, and trimmed with a motor from the 850 GT Sport on sportiness. The 96 was inspired by the vehicle with which Erik Carlsson 1962 and 63 won the Monte Carlo Rally.

With a Halda Tripmaster and other modifications, it is approved for historic motorsport events. Of the Saab 96 De Luxe Sport has only run 75.000 kilometers, the estimated price is between 23.000 € and 28.000 €.

Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet

As a modern Saab classic, an early Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet is offered. It comes from the year 1987 and was sold by ANA in Helsingborg. A red Vollturbo, with a very appealing beige leather interior. In Germany, the price would probably be around 25.000 € or more, also because the mileage with 73.000 is quite low.

In Sweden it is not that clear. Somehow, in the last few years the 900, which is considered a Nordic design icon in the rest of the world, has become a stranger. The estimate is therefore cautiously low. From around € 18.000 to € 23.000. In this condition, it should be for that 900 Turbo Cabriolet to be reached in any case.

The Saab Exotics in the auction

Even at Saab, the brand was never really widespread, there are exotics. On Saab 93 B De Luxe from the year 1959 is already rare. Of the Saxomat makes the classic a complete exotics. With documented history comes a very original 93 B, who spent his entire car life in Stockholm, to call. A rare vehicle made of Trollhättan, with beautiful patina and an estimated price of 12.000 € to 15.000 €.

Even rarer, if that's even possible, is the auction Saab 99 Friction Tester, Originally green inside and out, he now wears a somewhat unusual blue livery. The condition is very good for a vehicle of this type. A special feature is the complete technical documentation. This is searched by collectors and museums because often lost. The price is low. Between 4.000 € to 5.000 € is the estimate. Not much for a piece of automotive history. But maybe. For the 99 is not eligible for road traffic.

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    Stupid that I do not get to see the pictures.
    Is the interest so big and the Bilweb server overloaded?

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      Self talk:
      That's the way it was. Apparently, half of Sweden first came in to check out 8 at Bilweb.
      Now everything is loading again. Damn pretty cars and details. The light switch of the 93 B alone is worth a visit to the site.

      Thanks for the information and links.

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        At the moment there is a lot going on in the net. Many updates and attacks. That may have been the reason.

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          But I liked my thesis of great interest better ...
          Thanks anyway for the explanation.
          My wife immediately fell in love with both of them: 93 and 96 (excluding seat covers).

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    No, let's not allow it, mine may not on the street.

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    No chance to allow the friction tester? It's a shame ... but it's cool ...

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