Pilots wanted 2018 - list of participants

It's not long until the big 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel! The draft for the Saab Rallye Plates is ready, we will present it on the blog next week. Before we can release the plates for production, we ask the participants of Pilots wanted 2018 to verify their data. Is the number of participants still correct?

Pilots wanted 2018Has the crew changed, or is there a scheduling problem with the participation? Changes and possible cancellations, which can always be in advance, we ask until Sunday the 13. May tell us.

Please all wishes and changes by mail to the Saab team in Keel send: info (at) saabkiel.de.

Pilots wanted 2018 participant listLike 2014 and 16, we have also created a suitable supporting program for this event. The restaurant for the Saab dinner on Friday is booked, the route for the Saab tour along the coast on Saturday is set.

There is a "Welcome Package" for each 9-5 crew with roadbook and saabiger surprise. Further details and the complete program follow on the blog.

5 thoughts too "Pilots wanted 2018 - list of participants"

  • 9. May 2018 at 8: 10 PM

    Everything fits me.

  • 10. May 2018 at 12: 36 PM

    The Zurich - Kiel route is already entered in the navigation system. We are ready to go.

  • 10. May 2018 at 7: 50 PM

    I wish all 9-5 NG pilots a lot of fun
    Greetings Martin

    • 11. May 2018 at 8: 00 AM

      ... and the participants with other models not !? 😉 😉 😉

  • 11. May 2018 at 12: 11 PM

    Unfortunately this year on the job. Nice meal, hopefully again. Congratulate the organization and wish all participants a lot of fun

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