3. Hamburger Saab meeting

The drive north can be long and lonely. 520 kilometers, to be precise. And only in the height of Hanover did another Saab cross my path. The brand is visibly withdrawing from public space, but is increasingly becoming a cult and leisure object.

A full terrain, and great cars.
A full terrain, and great cars.

The 3. Hamburg Saab meeting was held last weekend on the site of the historic gas station on Brandshof instead of. An appointment that has established itself in the greater Hamburg area, and is slowly becoming a fixture. As always, the yard was full of vehicles from Trollhättan around lunchtime. A high frequency of visits, even though the Orga team spoke of slightly fewer vehicles than the year before.

A highlight was the long version of the 9000 CD, which the family Lafrentz imported and restored from Sweden. An earlier Saab management vehicle with 3 rows of seats and a very, very cool interior with Persian blue velor. A very nice 9000 CD by friend Oli, parked right next to the directional limousine from Kiel, impressively showed the size difference.

Not historically, but a sign of Saab's passion for life was the transportation team of Saab service titmouse, The towing vehicle: an 9-7x and a closed trailer with a large Saab imprint. A service for the customers of the authorized Orio service base and an interesting transport offer for high quality Saab classics.

5 x Saab sonnet. A sensation beyond Sweden.

The classic Part took over, as in the previous year, the Saab Sonett Alliance. 5 sonnet in one spot are a little sensation beyond Sweden. Actually, it should have been even 6 vehicles, which unfortunately could not be realized. Next year's next chance!

And otherwise? Very nice people, a colorful, cosmopolitan group, just like the Saab drivers are. I got to know many readers of the blog personally. The result was a number of friendly and interesting conversations, which during the day almost ruined my voice. But it was great fun and the journey of more than 500 kilometers was worth it!

The meeting this year was dominated by the Saab 900. It felt like a few 96 and 9000, occasionally a 99 or 90, that found their way onto the site. All other vehicles had to stay outside, which was a real shame. Because just the 900 II and 9-3 I faction drove up with convertibles, sedans and coupes in extremely rare colors. And quite a few Turbo X could also be seen and heard. They could have revived the vehicle park in the courtyard, which was at times very one-sided.

The restriction to series that have reached the classic age is less due to the organizational team, which again did a perfect job this year. In my impression, it is the operators of the oldie gas stations who value it. Especially with such a small brand as Saab, you should perhaps think about loosening this rule for the 4th Saab meeting in Hamburg in 2019. The event in such a great place with its special atmosphere could benefit from it.

The 3. Hamburg Saab meeting was almost perfect. The best weather, great hospitality, competent organization and a relaxed crowd. That made a good mood. I'm already looking forward to 2019.

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    Also from me a big thank you to gas station team and Orgateam (and to Peter). Last year, I was there with our 9000TU (which just ran 30.000 kms) this year with the 5-door 900 S. Yes, there were many 900ers, but very few 5s. Astonishingly few 99ers. The area was filled with classic SAAB, the modern SAAB parked in the area, as well as a few other interesting vehicles on the day. I think that's okay.

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    This year, as a Hamburg native, was of course also there, whereby the meeting was accompanied by very good weather as last year - a great event. Incidentally, a new 9-3 II SC was hidden under the trailer tarpaulin.

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    I wasn't there ...

    ... can understand the blogger's observations and thoughts immediately. The 900s look much more modern than the gas tanks. Chromium is obviously not a criterion. The modern and the turbo dominate. So why not other and younger models too?

    Every SAAB is history. The more different SAABs, the better the tank would look, the more attractive the meeting would be.

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    I would like to thank all the guests on behalf of the entire organization team!
    Nice that you have come so many with your great vehicles and have partially taken a long journey for the participation in the meeting. This proves once again the enthusiasm behind "our" little Swedish cult brand.

    I would like to thank you too, Tom! Great that you have taken the long and "lonely" way! Nice that you were there.

    After an event, as you know, there is an event - we are already preparing for the Hamburg Saab meeting 2019. Luckily, Jann has already agreed from the oldtimer petrol station that he would like to welcome us again in 2019. And he also expressed his praise to us Saab driver that we are pleasant guests and the meeting is again very well organized and stress-free went on the stage. I gladly pass on this praise to all participants. 🙂

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