Spare parts for Saab classics newly produced

Saab is a small brand and there have been concerns about spare parts supply in the past. For our everyday cars they were unfounded, Orio is still doing a good job. And there is movement in the market for the classics too.

Saab classics
Saab 900 on the 3. Hamburger Saab meeting.

Today is good news for the fans! Skandix has manufactured several new parts in the last few months and is planning further products to close existing gaps in its range. For a long time, the front fenders for the classic Saab 900 were no longer available.

Mudguards Saab 900 I to 1993

Mudguard Saab 900
Mudguard Saab 900. Picture: Skandix

The reproduction fits all Saab 900 I to 1993. The recess for the side indicators has been omitted and must be cut later on newer models. For a part fits universally for all years of construction. This will enable the Saab community to live. The production of the fenders will be followed by a new edition of the corresponding inner wing.

Mudguard Saab 900 front left

Mudguards Saab 900 front right

Brake shoes for Saab 95, 96, Sonett

Brake shoes Saab 96
Brake Shoes Saab 96, 95, Sonnet. Picture: Skandix

Skandix had the brake shoes for Saab 95, 96 and Sonett reproduced according to old Lockheed samples. The campaign, in cooperation with the Swedish (?) Saab Club, helps to put an old nuisance off. The brake shoes previously available on the market had too small a diameter and could only be installed with expanding wedges. The new brake shoes correspond to Saab article number 8817157 and can be easily installed.

Brake Shoes Saab 95, 96, Sonnet

Trunk mat for Saab 96

In addition, after the carpet set for the Saab 96 Skandix now also supplies a boot mat made of needle felt. It should, it is promised, absolutely perfect fit, easy to clean and robust.

Skandix AG is strong in the spare parts business with classic Volvos, where the company has been filling gaps for years and keeping Swedish classics on the road. The focus is increasingly on Saab and on optimizing the spare parts supply of the classics. Skandix works closely with Orio and the clubs, so it's close to the community.

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    That's great news!

    An idea for the fender:

    Mark the recess for the side indicator. The marking is painted over anyway (if not needed). It would be easier for everyone else. Skandix would only need ONE template for this. But as it is, every customer, every workshop has to produce its own template. A multiple of the effort ...

    In addition, this could be difficult if the old fender is a crumpled accident victim.

    Just a thought, but maybe a good one? And maybe Skandix will read along?

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    nice to read, so the classics can be well moved

  • Have recently bought for my 96er for about a thousand euros spare parts at Skandix, everything delivered quickly and easily. Stupid was that a wheel bearing was packaged wrong and I noticed that of course only at installation. Skandix delivered the right part immediately.

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    Skandix is ​​always a recommendation! Fast and good service, nice to keep producing for SAAB!

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    Class, great use of SKANDIX! Speaks for the company !!!
    Shows: There's something going on! 🙂

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    All well and good with Skandix …… but
    For years and decades Scanimport has been the dealer with expertise and competence for Saab drivers ... even Saab dealers and specialist advisors knew ALL models down to the last screw

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      The one does not exclude the other. Skanimport is different, more personal and probably not that big. Good are both!

    • It is quite good if there are several suppliers of spare parts. Precisely because the quality of the parts differs even among the different providers and not everyone always has everything. (Everything is not available any more, I had to get some parts from Canada, Hungary and Cyprus because they are not available anymore).

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        Hello, Daniel,

        I can see that you have experience in the search for spare parts. Hence my question: I'm looking for a replacement carpet for my Saab 900 Convertible from 1990. I've tried a number of things, even at a specialized company in California, but they've also stopped production. - Do you have any ideas where I could find something?

        Greetings from Upper Bavaria

        Wolf Lange

        • Hello Wolf,
          when it comes to swapping the carpet for a new original, I would now unfortunately no address who has such a part still in stock. However, there are companies that specialize in car carpets and you can buy there the raw material (many, many qualities, from Beetle to Rolls Royce) eg, However, they do not offer ready-made sets for Saab. You would have to buy by the meter and cut on the old carpet.
          If your own carpet only looks dirty and used up, it helps to remove and clean it. With high-pressure cleaner and washing powder (especially Persil) I have had very good experiences. If you do it carefully and take your time, the carpet will be a little brighter. Of course does not help with heavy wear and holes.


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            Hello Daniel,

            Thank you for your feedback! With my workshop, we have already played through all these possibilities.
            Possibly. Now we have found a source in the USA. Otherwise, we will actually have to rely on yard goods. The rear carpet can still be used for emergency, the front part is badly taken.



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    Does anyone know if / where you can get newer Navi-DVDs for Saab 9-3? My stand 2010, for example, it is not the latest highways in France on it.

    • An often discussed topic. There are various providers in the “bay”.

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