Rally Plates Pilots wanted 2018

On the 8. and 9. June, the international Saab 9-5 NG meeting takes place in Kiel. As special guests this time several rare 9-4x are present, and in a record-breaking number of participants. In Kiel and the blog team, the anticipation for 2 days Saab is rising.

Pilots wanted 2018, Saab Rallye Plate
Pilots wanted 2018, Saab Rallye Plate

A tradition is the Rallye Plates. With the name of the respective crew, they are an individual memento of a very special event. This time, we took inspiration from the cockpit design of the 9-5 NG. The coloring plays with the traditional green tone that Saab used in many night design models.

With its ingenious line speedometer, which is reminiscent of an artificial horizon, the cockpit was a unique reminiscence of aircraft construction and the roots of the brand. Even today - around 10 years after the design was completed - the interior is still timelessly beautiful.

The program for the two days in the north will be online next week. In Kiel The team is still working hard on the roadbooks for the Saturday exit, which will show us a completely different side of the fjord. Mark and I will be arriving on Thursday to help with the final preparations. We are also happy that Orio Germany with a team on the ground and thus actively supporting the meeting.

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  • I would also like to be part of it, but it is exactly on this weekday that I always have an important appointment with mandatory attendance. Have fun and nice weather.

  • Wish everyone a lot of fun in Kiel and hope for nice photos.

  • Class!!! I wish all participating pilots wonderful days in Kiel and a great trip. The Rally Plates with the 9-5 NG Cockpit are really cool. Thus, I can only wish good luck and look forward to the hopefully subsequent report.

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