NEVS 9-3 X 2019, new model 2020.

At the end of the year, the NEVS 9-3 electric car will finally go into production. The following year NEVS wants to roll the 9-3 X SUV at the start. It is also based on the Saab 9-3, but 60% of the parts are said to have been redeveloped. The company speaks of the 9-3 X of an SUV, I see it as a derivative of the 9-3 station wagon, which would also be good genes.

NEVS 9-3X. Picture: NEVS

The optimism offensive in Stallbacka continues. Victor Jensen from Sverigesradio published in the last week more details, including the schedule. After the electric 9-3 sedan and the 9-3 X SUV, both of which were developed in Trollhättan, they plan to present a completely new vehicle to 2020.

It is based on the Sango platformwho has been working in Sweden for a few months now. The new electric vehicle, behind the new one, is scheduled to go into production autonomous pod according to the InMotion Concept, in the year 2021. Subsequently, two new vehicles are planned to be launched each year.

NEVS 9 3 X Concept
NEVS 9-3 X Concept at CES Asia 2017. Photo Credit: NEVS

So far invested 1 billion €

According to founder Kai Johan Jiang, around € 1 billion has been invested in NEVS so far. A huge sum, and yet only small money in comparison. Li Shufu has taken over 12 billion for the successful revival of Volvo. Further tens of billions went into the purchase of shares in Volvo Trucks, Daimler, Lotus, Proton and a Danish bank. And Elon Musk burns with Tesla about this amount - every quarter! Volvo, with careful electrification strategy, is profitable today. Tesla struggles with problems with the launch of Model 3 and waits for the step into the black.

When and if there will be NEVS electric cars outside of China is unclear. Also, whether Trollhättan will build cars again. There are declarations of intent, but nothing more. The uncertainties prevail, many questions are open without satisfying answers. The most important construction site is likely to be the plant in Tianjin. It should go into operation in summer 2018, the time window was postponed to the end of the year. The credibility of NEVS and its founder depends on this date being held.

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  • Thanks for the good words Stephan! Unfortunately, the work behind each article is often unappreciated. Worse: Under pages "make full" understood pay article, which is often offered through agencies. Something we have never expected our readers to do, but with which blogs often finance themselves.

  • I also like to read, what will become of the SAAB heritage. But at least voluntarily and with a certain interest ...

    The fact that this is often sad or you do not know what to think about it, you can chalk the author bad.

    Speaking of thinking, I have completely lost track of the multitude of NEVS ambitions, messages and plans of recent years. In this respect, I find Daniel's answer ("NEVS has a corporate philosophy? Oha ...") to the comment Detlef Rudolfs neither stupid nor disrespectful.

    If I'm not mistaken, then so far was ...

    • cheap and electric delivery vehicles from TH
    • Chinese e-taxis
    • Chinese car sharing
    • a Swedish battery factory

    ... the speech and again of a Chinese "Tesla competitor" with Swedish roots and for devotees of private property and individual transport. Oh yes, one last SAAB Turbo for the trailer of SAAB and advanced conventional drive technology has also been launched ...

    Even if I do not like it in the aforementioned sense ("like to read", what will become of the SAAB inheritance), I could use a well-founded overview and article about the NEVS history * very well. I lost the overview. And the NEVS strategy and philosophy seems to be constantly fluttering like a flag in the wind ...

    * Speaking of history, actually unbelievable that NEVS already has a story again, right? A perennial (almost entirely) without product ...

  • Tom, please don't let eternal grouches like Saablöwe not spoil your day. I think it's good that NEVS is also reported. Those who criticize this and assume that you only want to “fill the page” should be ashamed to discredit your efforts in this way! But in this day and age, constant nagging and mischief are unfortunately in vogue.

  • I look forward to every report from Trollhättan about you, even though I see the (for me compulsory) future of electric mobility personally very critical and expect no Saab Spirit Nevs company in any vehicles manufactured in the future. I see more of an exploitation of the existing resources of Nevs and recognize the former Saab Spirit rather with the other Swedish brand. But that's just my personal opinion. My thanks go to the bloggers for the comprehensive reports, even if I have an opinion on Nevs.

  • ... "the continuation of a".
    Do not just read what you want others to blame, but what they mean.

  • Funny. How can you hang on a name? It would be interesting to know what percentage of Saab's engineers are now employed. I suspect, very many. The spirit of the company is still there, no matter what they are called. And it seems really more to take place than one would expect. Developing an electric platform is certainly not without, because a lot of things are just different than combustion cars.

    The future belongs to electric mobility in combination with the energy transition, the oil is running low and there is already too much carbon dioxide in the air anyway. I think it would be great if Trollhättan would join in, even though I do not currently see any personal solution for me (trailer load required).

  • I'm not a friend of NEVS or electric cars. Still, I find it interesting what happens to the remnants of SAAB.

  • Hi Tom,
    please continue to report. I like to read about what will become of the Saab heir.

  • NEVS has a company philosophy? Oha ...

  • Interesting thought ..., we wait it (as usual) from. 😉
    Otherwise it stays the same: Facts Facts Facts are the ones that count!

  • Dear Saablöwe,

    The bloggers write current things about NEVS of their own free will and are not annoyed by any other blog participants. Or should other comments no longer appear? Your view of things is somehow incomprehensible to me.

    NEVS takes over almost the entire pretty design of the recently built 9-3 SC for the new 9-3 X. The lines and individual components such as the front and rear lights have even been refined. Borgward's current vehicles only have the hallmark in common with previously built Borgward automobiles - even though this has been slightly modified. Even a mid-size sedan - comparable to the then Isabella - is currently not found at Borgward. But there are even more features that point to the continuation of a corporate philosophy at NEVS rather than comparatively with Borgward.

  • Nobody is forced to read a text that he does not classify as relevant. The fate of the former plant and the Saab location continues to interest us, even if NEVS is not one of the easily digestible topics. We will continue to report.

  • NEVS has about as much to do with Saab as the new Chinese Borgward with Borgward. ME, it would be better not to annoy the bloggers with this eternal NEVS stuff, just to fill the pages.

  • I find this very painful, a great company, badly let down by GM Lack of Funding, and sold to be stripped of, then transferred to china .... Shame on our Western Governments, shame !!

  • Unfortunately belongs to NEVS the "core competence" things to announce then at best, much later or never come true. The only thing that still amazes me is why there is still money left.
    Amazing what you can do from the 9-2 II base (?) Could (?)

  • The NEVS planned 9-3 X would probably be the right future vehicle for me - I like the design very well. The "will and can not" design of current models of Audi, BMW or even Mercedes I feel in comparison as downright ugly - how can you buy such a vehicle voluntarily?

  • Is NEVS pretty for sales? So many news there were not the last 5 years. There's something in the bush.

  • At NEVS I do not have SAAB Spirit, they can produce what they want from me.


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