An ozone treatment for Paul

Mark is often asked what happened to Paul, our project Saab. He was safely allowed to spend the winter in the hangar, but now it's time to say goodbye. Before that, there are still some open construction sites that need to be done. Because Paul, whose proceeds will go to a charitable cause, should leave us in the best possible condition.

Before the ozone treatment: Thorough cleaning is mandatory!
Before the ozone treatment: Thorough cleaning is mandatory!

What can be annoying in a car that has been outside for 10 years are the smells in the interior. Paul doesn't smell really good. It exudes a strange mixture of an old car and something, and every effort to banish the scent has so far failed. We tried almost everything: Professional interior cleaning, and cleaning on our own. From foaming carpets to cleaning leather, the full range of options was available. The effect: zero.

Coffee in the interior? Does not help. There was only one of those legendary, notorious scented trees that I do not like. In an older yacht magazine I found an article about ozone treatment. In the Yachtszene quite common, after the winter break a topic, and used with success.

Ozone devices were very expensive years ago, but have now become affordable. China is democratizing the price of electronics, and a device for use in cars costs from € 120,00. The service life of the ceramic plates is 5.000 to 10.000 hours, which is time for an experiment. Because the treatment at the processor also costs € 100,00, and I suspect that it won't just be a single pass.

Ozone generator. Best set up at the highest point.
Ozone generator. Best set up at the highest point.

A medium-priced device is ordered through a well-known portal, and before it arrives, Paul is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed again. And then it is time. Place the device at a high point in the interior of the car, because the ozone will sink to the bottom. I choose the hat rack, close the doors, seal the power cable on the window with cloths and let the device run for 2 hours.

Important: No living beings may be in the interior during treatment. Ozone is an irritant gas that is not friendly to the airways and eyes. It is useful for our purpose because it breaks down and eliminates molecules that produce odors. There is also a warning against using ozone generators in smoking vehicles, but Paul is a non-smoking vehicle.

Two hours later it's all over. Paul will be long and well ventilated and I am excited to see the result. My first impression: better, but not yet good. Paul's smells are persistent and the relevant literature recommends repeated, prolonged treatment. This is followed by a second ozone therapy overnight. After 16 hours, the device is disconnected from the network and the Saab is vented.

The result is good. Paul no longer smells, or rather, he is neutral. Even with an inkling of the previous scents, nothing can be perceived anymore. Perfect! Does this last? A good question. We'll see what the next few weeks bring.

Paul after the ozone treatment.
Paul after the ozone treatment.

What's next? Next, the driver's seat has to become a saddler. A little thing that needs to be sewn so that we have the 9-5 in the state we want. Then it goes Frankfurt to work on more things. At the latest in the autumn, with fresh TÜV and AU, we should then leave the station wagon.

Paul was actually a very good idea. Rebuilding an old, neglected Saab, writing about it, driving it as a project car and finally selling it was something that could have given the brand more life. A statement for sustainability, for Swedish cars, and for a functioning spare parts supply. But it will stay with this one action. We have neither the time, nor the budget to start a new project. After more than 7 years of dedicated blog and a big pack of love for the brand, we've arrived in reality.

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    My Saab center has been offering ozone treatments for several years, I could have made contact, then buying the device would not have been necessary ... Good luck!

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      I don't understand this comment. The reason for the purchase is plausible in the article ...

      Why should you spend about ONE ozone treatment about as much as your own device and any number of ozone treatments on Paul or other cars?

      Where is the difference between this device purchase and that of torque wrenches, battery chargers, vacuum cleaners, polishing machines or any other tools and equipment that most of us have in the basement, garage or workroom?

      Yes, of course, you can always have everything done. But that is 1. neither financially nor in terms of time. Why bring a car away and pick it up when the job can be done faster, more conveniently and cheaper on your own farm? And 2. is it also fun to do something yourself ...

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    I also wondered what Paul was up to. The 95 station wagon is simply timelessly beautiful (I have to write, of course, I'm driving the third one), and the rims are the icing on the cake. I'm curious what you've come up with for his “departure”.

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    A great project and successful, I think. With Paul you have repeatedly shown what an old SAAB can be or become again and how it works. For example, just with ozone.

    Successful too, because the challenge was high. In other words, Paul was a maximum of flowery. A slouchy everyday SAAB, too young for a classic and too old and used up to make a heartache. A car that seemed to be blocking both ways. The back in the everyday life and to a lover vehicle. Apparently. Because now he is doing well! The proof that you can make something out of every SAAB has worked perfectly.

    I have always understood the project as an example and to animate others. It does not surprise me that it will not be repeated. A successful degree is just a degree. And is not every SAAB now a small or larger project? In that sense, the bloggers have enough others.

    Chic Paul will hopefully find a good home. Long may the Adonis live!

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    Paul has become really chic! The rims look extremely good on the car! The work was worth it. Too bad that there will be no new project car.
    The main thing is to continue with the blog ... !!!

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    My friend Workshop foreman also advised me to “ozone therapy” on my current vehicle.
    And lo and behold, it has worked sustainably (!). 🙂 The smells have not been an issue for nearly 2 years.
    PAUL was / is a brilliant idea! 🙂 It's good that it is passed on for “a good cause”!
    This is impressive, and speaks for the blog u. his supporters in the background !!!

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    Brilliant, Paul is alive! I think the project is great! Too bad that there will be no Paul II. Is probably the sad reality we have to face.

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    Hello, drive also a Paul (the name like).
    With my I was lucky with smell.
    But I had to weld the rear wheel arches for rust holes.
    Year of construction 2002 and no rust, I had him cheap before 2 years with a new replacement engine.
    Good luck for your Paul.
    Greetings Klaus

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      Paul has luck in terms of rust. Something on the surface where the paint was missing. Otherwise very little, a really good substance. A sign of good quality in old Swedish steel!

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