Pilots wanted 2018 - the program

In exactly one week it will happen! Pilots wanted 2018, the big Saab 9-5 NG and 9-4x meeting in Kiel, starts - with a record participation of fans and vehicles of the Swedish cult brand. It should be tight on the premises, because there have never been so many vehicles. The team of the Saab center, the Lafrentz family and the bloggers are looking forward to seeing them again with friends and fans.

Pilots wanted 2018 program

Orio Germany is there

On board is a team of Orio Germany, During the entire event, which starts on Friday, employees of our supplier for Saab Original Parts will answer the questions of the visitors. Questions about Saab, the technology, deliverability and the other plans of Orio are answered, and of course the Saab-Talk should not be neglected.

The program

Pilots wanted 2018 program

Fish or not?

The traditional Saab Dinner takes place on Friday at Gosch on the keel line. The focus of the gastronomy is on freshly caught fish. But of course we also thought of those who are not necessarily into seafood. Gosch offers two dishes as an alternative to our request:

Proposal I:

Ceasar's salad with fried chicken strips and baguette

Proposal II:

Pasta in mushroom cream with roasted beef strips

Our request: If you prefer an alternative dish among the participants, please contact the Saab Center team with your menu request by Monday. Mail: info (ät) saabkiel.de.


6 thoughts on "Pilots wanted 2018 - the program"

  • Maybe you can check with the Orio representatives what they think in terms of the partial replica for older Saab (so everything before 1998, especially 901 u 9k)? There are gaps in safety-relevant components which are available as aftermarket parts only in insufficient quality.

  • We are already looking forward ...

  • I wish all participants wonderful days in Kiel and look forward to great pictures and reports ... ..

  • What a shame, a shame, ... we were there at the first one and had a lot of fun, but unfortunately there is not enough time. Have fun everyone!

  • All SAABians a great event in super good external conditions!
    Looking forward to the subsequent report here in the blog! 🙂
    I'm absent for the meeting in Skagen ...

  • Hello.

    Nice! I'm looking forward to "you"! and Saturday
    (my passenger and the "music coordinator" in the back seat too)

    Weather seems to be getting good too (and luckily not as hot as it is today)! 🙂

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