Saab history from 1968 to 1998. Saab 99,90 & 900

Saab literature is rare and every new publication is something of a small sensation. Motorbuchverlag has shown courage and, together with author Martin Gollnick, has launched a book on the small series from Trollhättan. 30 years of Saab - from 1968 to 1998 - are described on 96 pages.

A new Saab book
Saab book by Martin Gollnick

The easiest way to get an idea about a book would be to go to a bookstore. During my schooldays, in a Franconian town, the way from high school to boarding school almost always led through a well-stocked bookseller. At lunchtime the rooms were full of students, the shops were splendid, the bookstore was a fixture in our students.

Past. Today you buy books over the Internet, the first insight into a book is taken over the Web. Exactly there could be the problem for the publisher, because the first, digital insight does not keep what the book promises. The images shown have been seen somewhere, which is no wonder, because they come from the GM archive. So boredom? Nothing new?

Please do not, because the new book by Martin Gollnick is worth the second look. The pages at the beginning are really somewhat unmotivated imaged, but a little later one begins to close the book in his heart. Because it has many strengths. There are the many contemporary brochures of Saab that contain real rarities. Special models, color plates, you dive into a bygone era. And one is amazed at what the Göta Älv was doing every year in terms of improvements and innovations. Real news that you could feel and grab. No software updates and apps, but a continuous maturity process that impresses even 30 years later.

The path leads the reader to 99 II through 900, 90, 900. The challenge for the author is to compress key information on 96 pages without being bored or misleading relevant facts. Gollnik succeeds very well. In one or two places, such as positioning the Saab 90 on the market, a little more text might have been appropriate. But this is a petty scribble from someone who has never tried such a project.

In the end, my conclusion is clearly positive. Almost every page is fun, the little book is one that you will not only pick up once and then put on the bookshelf. It is also worth reading because the Saab and Porsche driving author maintains his own perspective. In the chapter on the 900 II, on pages 88 and 89, you come across a sentence that explains the 900 II anew. It comes unexpectedly, could be mine, and is surprisingly different.

Why buy? Saab literature is scarce, often only available in antiquarian fashion, and it is a pleasure to get a book in a modern, contemporary layout. The historical brochures, which alternate with the text, are another argument. And between the lines you can feel that Saab is not just a brand for the author. 12,95 € are small money for a nice book about a big brand. Available (with a bit of luck) from the local bookseller, online at Book publisher, and the well-known portals.

Let's hope that the Paul Pietsch publishers and Martin Gollnik will continue to have the courage to niche in the future. A book about the big Saabs, from the 9000 to the 9-5 NG, would be exciting. Maybe the Saab Community may hope?

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  • Ordered! 🙂
    Thanks for the hint!

  • Ordered today. Anticipation……..
    Thanks Tom!

  • Support your local dealer! ! !

    I always buy all the books from the little bookseller around the corner. That's easy and "with luck" has nothing to do. Although he almost never has what I want, he can order all books available on the German market - from one day to the next ...

    And there you get your book then free shipping, when it suits you best.

    That's like the SAAB service. It would be stupid if the bookstore around the corner did not exist anymore. This is far more than an order center. In the search for fancy birthday gifts, one is well advised and gets something that also matches the taste and personality of the birthday man, child or woman.

    Good analogue service 1.0 and expertise are irreplaceable - with SAAB and books! ! !

  • I should buy soon, so I can inform myself more about the old ones

  • Nice book for SAAB and other car interested. I saw the book a few years ago in the Technik Museum Speyer and of course I bought it immediately (1st edition 2008)

  • But it was still a great tip for all who have not!

  • I've owned the book for a long time. The first edition was 2008. Author, publisher and content are the same only the cover picture shows a 99GL from behind.
    In the evaluation of the book, I fully agree with you Tom.

  • I already bought it from the Saab Club Nederland at the 41st Troll Rally ... and read more than half of it. Can only agree with Tom.
    Cooper One

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