NEVS 9-3 EV 2018 (Video)

Production of the NEVS 9-3 EV is to start in Tianjin at the end of the year. Finally - after the appointment has always been postponed! A video of the concept cars at CES 2017 was published on YouTube by Chinese bloggers as an introduction to the first electric car from NEVS. A closer look should be worth it because we can take a look inside.

NEVS 9-3 Sedan Concept CES ASIA 2017
NEVS 9-3 Sedan Concept CES ASIA 2017. Photo Credit: NEVS

As a reminder: 60% of the NEVS 9-3 EV should have been newly developed. The rest is based on the Saab 9-3, which came on the market before 16 years ago. Clear to recognize as Saab is the body. The hockey stick on the C-pillar makes identification easy. Under NEVS direction, the Saab heritage has been revised several times internally. A design ended up in the museum, we'll probably never see any other suggestions.

The current form comes from an Asian team working primarily for KIA and Hyundai. It was designed in a short time, Swedish designers did not come to the fore. And you can see that. Especially in the interior, of which there is no download in the NEVS database. Maybe you want to keep the interior of the concept car away from the public. There are plenty of reasons for this.

The interior is a blend of leather and Alcantara. An unfortunate mix, barbarously baroque and by no means discreet. Too much of everything. In Swedish, there is the fine word Lagom. A direct one Übersetzung does not exist, but a Saab was always Lagom. Balanced, the right measure, with a dose of style. Never provocative or embarrassing. The 9-3 EV Concept is not Lagom, and the company will eventually have to make a decision what it stands for. Would it like to be a Swedish manufacturer, because the headquarters are still in the Stallbacka, or does it want to be another Chinese electric car brand without any history and no face?

Old dashboard, huge display

Regardless of this, the mix of leather and Alcantara will not go into series production. Cheaper materials are to be assumed, because the price of the EV is said to be aggressive. The large display on the center console is more realistic and far more exciting. The available space and the dashboard, which has hardly changed in its basic form, were used optimally. The trend to accommodate the largest possible displays in the car has its origins in China. Without mega displays and fully virtual cockpits, no manufacturer has a chance with the Chinese audience.

Huge display: NEVS 9-3 Concept interior.
Huge display: NEVS 9-3 Concept interior. Source: Youtube

Attentive observers will also find that the air outlets for air conditioning and ventilation no longer have the typical appearance. They have been with us since the old Saab 900 days with evolutionary design over the 9000 and 9-3 up to the 9-5 NG. Just awesome, easy to use and just can't be improved. Patented by Saab, now replaced with a trivial design that could have been in any other car in the world.

When the NEVS electric car goes into series production in November or December after a long delay, it will be a 2019 model year. How many vehicles will be built in 2018 is unclear. The 9-3 sedan will begin. It is still not certain whether it will even come to that. The company's difficulties have still not been resolved, everything remains in the balance.

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  • Thanks for the video,… it's already exciting to see the small changed details such as exterior mirrors as a camera with an interior display. I find the visitor funny who gets in and out with a backpack on his back .. ;-)

    Old body ??, ... what do you think of the Lincoln and Ford that drive through NY as a taxi, on a frame, I experienced the advantage of an old construction a year ago in the 9-7x, or Fiat that combined the old Mazda convertible Rebuilt Fiat, surely it's as old as the 9-3. Some things are just good ...

  • The 'NEVS' logo above the dashboard is so not very Saab, discretion was their by word, NOT ram it in your face….

    At least Tesla actually make some cars while absorbing tonnes of Cash …… .Doh !!

  • If you see the dynamics of other Chinese EV manufacturers, then this "infusion" is really not a competitive breakthrough. It is well known that notchback sedans are very popular in the Asian and US consumer regions. Why the platform of the 9-3 was then used is not clear to me. You could have taken a Honda Accord or a Kia Oprima. Many batteries also fit in there.

  • The title of the video says, "NEVS (SAAB)" ...

    Pretty blatantly! ! !

    But thanks to the blog anyway. So you stay in the picture. In addition, this voluntary exposure of NEVS is very instructive. So you're still not a private label. Aha ...

    Also visually NEVS is nothing better than copying SAAB and worsen it. The tail is clearly based on the 9-5 NG, without even approaching.

    Old wine in new hoses is awful. But that's a mess of old wine. No, that's no wine!
    This is rice schnapps with water. But the box is probably not intended for the European market.

    So what's the point Let them do what they want ...

  • Somehow it all looks like corpse littering. It remains to be seen if NEVS can even start production and sell. That's nothing for me.

  • Also interesting are the inside camera mirrors

  • Nice EVs, I want one, but when?

  • Hello Tom and Team,
    I ask you in earnest: what does this vehicle have to do with SAAB and the Saab Spirit we are so attached to?
    Nevertheless, many thanks for the report, which we all listened to fascinating, if only because of the language ;-)

    • Developed in Trollhättan, based on a Saab platform. That should be enough reasons to follow events as a chronicler.

  • What's under the hood? So far, the bonnet has never been opened and the centerpiece has never been shown! Is there any 'first' image material for this?

    • Not until today. NEVS leaves the hood down. On our last visit we were only allowed to watch 2016, but not take pictures.

  • That was also my first thought, NEVS tinkering so long on the old SAAB design, just embarrassing.
    Sad that after we are allowed to advertise with the SAAB Spirit ...

  • No offense against our old saws, but those who make out 2018 or 19 with a skeleton from the year 2002. I can not take this seriously any more, it's just amusing and entertaining.


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