On the way to the Saab Zone

Starting on Friday, Kiel will turn into the hottest Saab-Zone in Germany! The invasion of 9-5 NG and 9-4x is imminent. Like so many other participants who do not live around the corner, I already pack my bags today and start heading north.

Saab Zone

We have the best weather, lots of international Saab fans and two great days ahead of us. The rally plates were finished yesterday, a heartbeat finale at the last minute. Your design is even better than on the pictures, I am more than satisfied.

After my 9-5 NG is sold (I'll see him and his new owner again at Pilots wanted), this time I start in the 9-3 Aero. For a brief minute I thought of charter a common car from my preferred rental company. Then I received an email from Jochen, whose co-driver I am, asking if he should pick me up - for him a detour of many kilometers and simply a great gesture! But I just want to drive the analog Saab myself and do the 620 kilometers.

It will be quiet on the blog. Sometime in the next week, when I'm regenerated and my voice has survived the days in the Saab zone well, a travelogue will come. For everyone who is not in Kiel there is our current one Instagram Account. Mark and I feed him with photos, so pure Saab fever!

A good and safe journey to Kiel for all participants and friends! See you at Pilots wanted 2018!

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  • blank

    At the time I was on vacation ... so Kiel was not possible 🙁.
    As a nice “compensation” I had a friendly SAAB NG 9-5 “encounter” at a gas station in Flensburg. The driver was friendly. and nice (what else 😉), just came from Kiel (maintenance) and was on the way back to Munich. It was “only 1 SAAB 9-5”, but the joy for this event in Kiel flared up immediately! 🙂 The course in Kiel was great, as you can read.
    Great that we “non-participants” are so well informed about the blog!

  • Good morning!

    Didn't even manage to say goodbye personally on Saturday (or even just “chat” a little longer)!
    As a “newbie” I want to thank you again for the nice event (including delicious food)!
    Was a nice experience for me! 🙂

    ... and of course it was great to see so many “new Saabs” in one place!
    (The old “Porsche-Lambo-Ferrari-AstomMartin-excursion group from HH” in the center of Kiel was certainly a bit jealous) 😉 😉

    • Thank you! Great that you were there! As for the Porsche-Lambo-Ferrari-AstonMartin faction: we have the more exclusive vehicles!

      • Yes, it was fun (even though we were the “last” at the start and of course promptly got lost quite quickly as “newbies”). 😉

        But I don't think I would do a "short Saturday trip" again (I was already/still "tired" when I arrived). 😉
        Almost 10 hours at the wheel and about 14 hours on the road are a bit much.
        ... then maybe two days in the future.

      • blank

        Yes, at the same time exclusive and yet suitable for everyday use.

        Hard to beat ...

  • Enjoy these two days, Tom, as well as all other participants. Am with my thoughts. Next meal I hope to come back to Kiel.
    Have fun.

    • Thank you! We already miss you today!

  • blank

    The design of the Plates is really cool. The cockpit too. All NG pilots have fun!

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