On the way to the Saab Zone

Starting on Friday, Kiel will turn into the hottest Saab-Zone in Germany! The invasion of 9-5 NG and 9-4x is imminent. Like so many other participants who do not live around the corner, I already pack my bags today and start heading north.

Saab Zone

We have the best weather, a lot of international Saab fans and two great days ahead of us. The Rally Plates finished yesterday, a last-minute heartbeat finale. Your design is even better than the pictures, I am more than satisfied.

After my 9-5 NG is sold (I'll see him and his new owner at Pilots wanted again), this time I start in the 9-3 Aero. For a brief moment, I thought about chartering a common car at my preferred car rental. Then came an email from Jochen, whose co-driver I am, whether he should pick me up - for him a detour of many miles and just a great gesture! But I just feel like driving myself with the analogue Saab and on the abundant 620 kilometers.

It will be quiet on the blog. Sometime in the next week, when I am regenerated and my voice has weathered the days in the Saab Zone well, comes a travelogue. For all, who are not in Kiel, there is our current Instagram Account. Mark and I feed him with photos, so pure Saab fever!

A good and safe journey to Kiel for all participants and friends! See you at Pilots wanted 2018!

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  • 7. June 2018 at 10: 49 AM

    The design of the Plates is really cool. The cockpit too. All NG pilots have fun!

  • 7. June 2018 at 4: 51 PM

    Enjoy these two days, Tom, as well as all other participants. Am with my thoughts. Next meal I hope to come back to Kiel.
    Have fun.

    • 8. June 2018 at 7: 54 AM

      Thank you! We already miss you today!

  • 10. June 2018 at 8: 54 AM

    Good morning!

    Habs did not manage to say goodbye on Saturday personally (or just to chat a bit longer)!
    I want to thank you as a "pig" again for the nice event (including delicious food)!
    Was a nice experience for me! 🙂

    ... and of course it was great to see so many "new Saabs" in one place!
    (Surely the old "Porsche-Lambo-Ferrari-AstomMartin-excursion troupe from HH" in the center of Kiel was a bit jealous) 😉 😉

    • 11. June 2018 at 10: 56 AM

      Thank you! Great that you were there! As for the Porsche-Lambo-Ferrari-AstonMartin faction: we have the more exclusive vehicles!

      • 11. June 2018 at 11: 10 AM

        Yes, it was fun (even though we were the "last" at the start and, of course, promptly behaved as "newbies"). 😉

        Only I would not think I'll do another such "short Saturday trip" (was already / still "tired" when arriving). 😉
        Almost 10 hours at the wheel and about 14 hours on the road are a bit much.
        ... then maybe in the future but also prefer two days.

      • 11. June 2018 at 10: 16 PM

        Yes, at the same time exclusive and yet suitable for everyday use.

        Very difficult to top ...

  • 18. June 2018 at 3: 35 PM

    I was on vacation at the time ... so Kiel was not possible 🙁.
    As a nice "compensation" I had a friendly SAAB NG 9-5 "meeting" at a tank in Flensburg. The driver was friendly. and nice (what else 😉), just came from Kiel (maintenance) and was on the way back to Munich. It was "only 1 SAAB 9-5", but the joy for this event in Kiel blazed up immediately! 🙂 The course in Kiel was also great accordingly, as could be read.
    Class that we "non-participants" are so well informed about the blog !!!

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