Saab family reunion in Kiel

Saturday afternoon. Kiel, near the Baltic Sea. Out of town, a pack of sports cars battling Hamburg traffic through the dense traffic. Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, a new Alpine A110 (!), A few Audi R8. On the opposite lane: Saab. A handsome number of 9-5 NG sedans, sports cars and 9-4x.

Saab 9-5 NG in Merlot Red and Viggen Blue
Saab 9-5 NG in Merlot Red and Viggen Blue

What is funnier? Definitely exclusive are the Saabs, which are on their way through the city center. The 9-4x has only one low, 3-digit number worldwide. Significantly rarer is the 9-5 NG sports estate, of which only the pre-series vehicles exist. To be honest: A Porsche, Maserati or Lamborghini, on the other hand, is off the peg. The Alpine Not. But that is still very new.

The Saab family meets

Everything started the day before. From lunchtime, the yard of the Saab center began to fill up. Vehicles from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and other countries. Pilots wanted is something like a family reunion. An extended family, spread over many countries, meets every two years. Many participants are already in 3. Time. You know each other, you talk, you do not just talk about cars. Many acquaintances have created friendships and lasting contacts. Saab connects, and even newcomers quickly get in touch and are integrated.

In terms of vehicles, everything is represented, from the basic model to the fully equipped aero. Regardless of whether linear with diesel and halogen light, or V6 XWD. Almost all Saab are in a neat annual or almost new car condition. A highlight of Pilots wanted 2018 were certainly the two newly built 9-5s from the Lafrentz crew. Once in the classy "Merlotröd ”and once in the sporty“ Viggen blue ”. Both colors that unfortunately never existed in the series. And both 9-5 in new car condition. This aroused some desires among the fans. There were already serious inquiries for newly built vehicles during the event. Rebuilt, or better than ex works, is possible. Swedish individuality for a high 5-digit amount.

In the evening, the Saab family met at Gosch on the keel line. The Saab Dinner took place in the best sunshine on the Kieler Flaniermeile. The delegations of Orio Germany and the Switzerland. The former officially because it showed its presence with a stand. Second privately and out of pure Saab passion on site. The mood was relaxed, there were nice conversations, and in the evening in the hotel the party continued with beer and other drinks and talked a lot about Saab ...

After breakfast at the dealership, it was on Saturday on the track. Almost 120 kilometers, and I was co-pilot with Jochen in his 9-5 Aero XWD. A very well maintained Saab, one does not notice his 162.000 kilometers at all. The Drive-Sense works like the first day, the interior is almost new. So Saab driving is fun, even if the roadbook occasionally allowed interpretation options and we drove a few extra kilometers. The route was as always great, rural region, coast and city center alternated, it was not boring for a moment. Unfortunately, the meeting ended after the exit and then coffee and cake way too fast. Now we have to wait another two years for Pilot's wanted 2020.

And one more thing: The 9-4x fit well into the 9-5 family and made the event even more exciting. Maybe you should schedule them at upcoming meetings?

Saab family

I no longer drive a 9-5 NG, it has been sold and I met my ex-car and its new owner in Kiel. I think the Saab has come into good hands, everything fits. So we went back south in the 9-3 Aero, which also acted as a taxi for Max and Felix. your transatlanticist stayed for maintenance in Kiel and will be picked up in a few days. In the height of Hanover we overtake a beautiful, well-kept Saab 9-5 OG. As a greeting, there are turn signals left, turn signal right, it continues.

A few miles later I discover the 9-5 in the rearview mirror. He stalks, overtakes, and the pair in the 9-5 with Hanover plate waving excited. Both are happy as the snow kings. We wave back, have fun. Family reunion at Tempo 160 on the highway.

That too is Saab.

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    … Everything has been said about the cars, but who the hell does the Biomega SAAB bike belong to? Is probably just as rare as the 9-4x

    • blank

      I suspect it belongs to a Swedish participant

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    Great report, as always with Tom. I'll be back next time.

    The blue of the cover picture, is that the Viggen blue? I would like to see it in full splendor, sure looks great!

    I would like to have mine dark-green metallic, but do not trust me. With the original color glacier silver he looks great too.

    • blank

      I would not dare that either!

      And it's not pink. Silver suits him very, very well. Just don't repaint without necessity! Just not ...

      Cosmetics and foil maybe who needs it. For a good paint job without a speed camera, however, the vehicle must be completely dismantled and the body must be completely bare. Otherwise you have a two-tone car ...

      This effort may well be worthwhile 30 to 40 years after the EZ. Previously, the losses * and the effort just too high, the benefits too low.

      * No workshop in the world can do this without frictional losses. Clips break, threads are cured and the same more ...

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    The bright orange also looks great on the 9-5. And “Lightning Blue” is still a great color!

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    that must hurt! Tom seems to me hard. So freshly separated and then a reunion with this beauty.

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    Thanks for the photos, I hope until 2020 comes into our fleet 9 5NG, then I can be there.

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    We were there for the first time and it was great!
    To meet a lot of SAAB crazy people, great cars, rarities, incredibly nice people, great organization and a nice program ... And get a working lightbar installed ...
    A successful family reunion - many thanks to the Lafrentz family!

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    It was really a successful event. Many nice people, interesting conversations and great Saabs. I am pleased to have been there and hope that 2020 works again. Our flight home was overshadowed only by short-term fuel shortage, so we had to drive the last few miles to the gas station in the lee of a bus.

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      I hope that at least you had enough liquid on board .. 🙂

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    I felt in good hands with my “Mexican Swede” between all the chic 9-5 NGs! 🙂

    And we noticed that with the “possibilities of interpretation” at the latest at the “mill”…. We were kind enough to hang onto the beautiful “blues” for the rest of the tour! 😉

    Unfortunately, on the way back (and also on the way there) we had no “friendly” contact with our favorite brand - apparently not a single one was there. 🙁

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    Thanks Tom for the report and for the beautiful pictures. The 9-5 NG is a beautiful car and for me the new cars built today still casually in the shade. Just great!

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