Saab classifieds, new features!

After the successful start of our Saab classifieds category, we have, as promised, added new functions. Because the classifieds should be simple and easy to understand for every advertiser to manage. In addition, there are functions to mark an item as sold or to list it again.

Saab classifieds

Mark article as sold

After a successful sale you can delete an article. However, it is advisable to keep the item online and mark it as sold. Should the potential buyer change his mind, all that needs to be done is to remove the “Sold” mark.

Mark article as sold

And that is how it works:

In the advertisement management on the right side of the respective article the button “Sold”Click. The article is now marked as sold, by clicking on the now appearing button “For Sale”Can be released for sale again if necessary. After the 30 day offer period, the item will be automatically deleted from the ads. However, it remains visible in the personal ad management and can be reset at any time.

Reset unsold items

Unsold articles do not have to be re-entered, they can be advertised as often as they wish for further 30 days.

Reset the article

And that is how it works:

In the advertisement management on the right side of the respective article on the “More”Click button. Another functionality appears on the left side "Renew Ad”. With just one click, the display can be reset for a further 30 days.

Of course, the Saab classified ads are free and will remain so. More accurate than on the blog, right on the pulse of the Saab community, you can not place your sales ad or his application. The classifieds are open to any private advertiser offering or searching for spare parts or vehicles.

We have more functionalities in the planning that we will be incorporating in the coming weeks. For technical questions, the blog team is of course available.

Another little teaser ...

It will be worth watching the Saab classifieds in the coming days. The blog team has received a donation of some used Saab rims. We pass this on to the community. For a small, symbolic amount that goes to the Saab Friends Saxony's cash register and helps finance the trips. More about that in the coming days!

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