Per Gillbrands racing boat will be auctioned!

Whoever drove to work on a nice summer's day with a classic Saab 900 or 9000 might have a smile on their face at the end of the ride. That could also be due to the legendary turbo engines. They are really fun and every Saab ride to enjoy.

For auction. Per Gillbrands racing boat. Photo: Bilweb

Per Gillbrand was considered to be the leader behind the Saab Turbo development. Turbo Pelle, as he was affectionately known by his friends, was interested in all types of locomotion. Engines were his great passion, which he pursued until his death in 2016.

Typical of the versatility of the great engineer is his racing boat, which is now being auctioned in Sweden. It is a single piece that is powered by a modified Saab turbo engine. In conjunction with an injection system from the Porsche 928 and a charge air cooler, the engine delivers 300 PS. He makes the speedboat supposedly 85 knot fast. It probably originated in the 80 years. Last year, it was briefly exhibited at the Saab Bil Museum, now it is at Bilweb auctioned.

The auction ends today, the price is not high yet. For those quick to decide, the unique opportunity to purchase a piece of Swedish history.

How about a Monte Carlo?

In addition to Per Gillbrands racing boat another Saab history auctioned off. A beautiful Monte Carlo 850who has nothing to do with Turbo Pelle. The history is not quite verifiable, but the car is almost consistently in a beautiful original condition with a patina and normal signs of wear. It comes from Jämtland, where it spent most of its automobile existence with a family.

Saab Monte Carlo 850. Photo: Bilweb

The classic Monte Carlos are wanted, even if they have no race history like this one. Technically, it was restored, the original condition with all traces of use was preserved. This is rare and to be welcomed, because the world is unfortunately full of over-restored specimens of automotive classics. This auction ends today, in the middle of the Swedish summer hole. One may be curious about the result.


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    85 knots are over 157 km / h ...

    Turbo-Pelle was faster with that thing than he would have ever been allowed to do with a SAAB on Sweden's public roads. A very nice toy, this SAAB turbo boat ...

    More than a toy and at home on long journeys? Probably not.

    Apart from the purest and most unreasonable pleasure in speed (for a person without luggage and only on smooth water), this boat has rather little to offer. So it's about the nautical opposite of what SAAB brought to the streets in terms of corporate philosophy and everyday life.

    The info (thanks) I still find interesting. But I also understand that the SAAB Museum has no keen interest in the boat. A car engine in a boat is nothing special in Sweden.

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        That will be it!

        That's how the (young) Swedes are. The winters are long and there is a certain national pride.
        YouTube is full of really crazy SAAB and Volvo stories. There SAABs and old Volvos shoot
        sometimes impossible to catch up over the quarter mile every American, every German, every V8 and many an Italian with 12 cylinders ...

        Always with turbo, of course! Sometimes over 1000 hp are brought out of a 2 liter four-cylinder. And many a patriot of Sweden attaches great importance to the fact that all of this has to be achieved with "original parts" ...

        If I understand correctly, then younger pistons from the 2,5 liter Volvo 5-cylinder diesels coincidentally (?) Also fit exactly into the 2,0 or 3,0 liter gasoline engines of the 4 or 6-cylinder classic cars 2 or 3 liters ...
        The younger diesel pistons probably hold out much more. And then the mail goes off. Of course with a turbo!

        Then it goes under 8 seconds to more than 270 Km / h. And then the quarter mile is long over again.
        Swedish classic cars blow everything that accidentally dares to come to this country and wants to take on the Vikings ...

        Loosely based on the Asterix authors: "They're crazy, the Swedes!" You just have to love them! Yes what else?
        They have always been positively batty. There will never be anything like it again. Nothing like one of the
        younger SAABs and nothing like one of the older Volvos ... ´

        It was great, we all preserve as much as possible of this European cultural heritage. And as for me, I do not need 1000 PS or more. SAABs and Volvos in their original condition are cool enough.
        In any case, it is worth preserving! Just my two cents ...

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    at least the BOOT would, in my view, be a lasting enrichment of the museum. It's interesting what the men from SAAB fabricated. Thank you for the report and a sunny day.
    ERIC 900

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      That was my first thought too. It probably fails because of the difficult space and storage conditions of the museum. Part of the stock is outsourced to NEVS because there is a shortage of space.

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