Swedcarforum must not die!

We don't get any good news from Austria! The operator of the Swedcarforum plans to go offline at the end of the month. This would make another Saab forum disappear. The brand is increasingly losing its digital presence. It becomes more and more invisible.


Do i understand? Yes, I can understand the motives of those responsible 100%. The situation is not easy, even for the blog. Mark and I have been discussing the immediate future of the project for weeks, so far without finding a solution. The community is shrinking - and with it the number of visitors to the website. On the other hand, the effort remains the same or increases. In addition, the GDPR has tightened the requirements and the risk for many private pages and blogs.

A brand loses its digital presence

No friendly environment for a small brand that no longer produces cars. In the year 2011 one could still be proud of the international, digital presence of Saab. Dedicated blogs and forums existed for almost all major markets, a kind of underground marketing, staged by fans for fans. The movement, which had its roots in Steven Wade's blog idea, was dynamic and knew no bounds. She was unique, typically Saab. And today? It is (almost) over.

Gradually, the bloggers went offline, forums disappeared. There is not much left. Understandable! There is a lack of basic requirements. New cars that you could discuss in forums or write about the bloggers. Much more devastating, you miss every perspective and imagination. Companies that could provide impulses are obviously busy with other things. Trollhättan have had theories on the assembly line since 6 years, but no serious future. The Saab AB fights in all sorts of fields, from a renewed entry into the automotive world has long been out of the question. The development of share price the past few months speaks volumes. And Orio Sweden seems to be preoccupied with reorganization and a future as a logistician in order to remain profitable.

A future for Swedcarforum.at?

All of this is not good because any small forum and blog that goes offline is a lost presence with immediate effects. Of course there are alternatives. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer platforms. But they are also data octopuses who create dependencies and take a lot and give nothing back. Should the Swedcarforum.at be over? Maybe it's just over, the time of the small Saab forums and blogs? Or does the sympathetic, independent forum from Austria still have a chance? The operator will keep the platform open until July 31. That is how long there is an opportunity to find a succession plan.

This is an urgent appeal to the community, workshops, family tables, clubs. Maybe a network can save the forum. Or a generational change, a chance for young fans. A new beginning, which is a challenge and which could set fresh impulses. Austria has a lively Saab scene. Small, fine and agile. It would be a shame if the opportunity to continue would be unused.

The Saab drivers have it in hand. It is her brand. Doing instead of moaning is in demand. The blog crew gladly forwards inquiries to the operator of Swedcarforum.at.

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  • but at least Saabs fall for Saabfahrer, and then especially

  • Unfortunately alzu true!

    Greetings from the East.

  • Oh yes, there are (regional differences) ...

    And on holiday trips every SAAB driver could be affected by regional differences. No matter how rosy and walking the situation at home in the (West German) urban center. My chrome goggles SC have already returned 200 Km piggyback through the new federal states a few years ago.

    At the resort (Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), which I have not quite reached, or in the vicinity there would have been no workshop (more). At least that's what they said to me on the phone when I called the service number from the protection letter.

    I also think that's credible. In the new federal states, SAAB has no tradition that goes back beyond GM. Opel dealers in particular have sold a few SAABs there. The employee on the service phone seemed to me to make an honest effort, but couldn't find anyone who still felt responsible for repairs ...

    Yesterday SAAB sold and quasi set the service tomorrow. Big cinema. Thanks GM! ! !

    As I said, SAAB goes in everyday life. But everything is not always smooth anymore. And everyday life with a SAAB is also different than with a brand new mass product. The everyday life (and vacation trips) with a SAAB are more like a brand new and suitable for everyday use exotics. Like a Bentley.

    But their drivers don't let that stop them either. But you should know what you are getting yourself into if you want to drive something special or something different than your personal daily driver ...

    Cheaper, more suitable for everyday life and in a positive sense less excited exotics than SAABs, there is probably not. The status of the exotic, however, there is nothing to gloss over. A complete service network in the farthest corners of the world and exoticism are mutually exclusive. That's how it is.

  • Ui, a 9-3I is sometimes a bad roster again ... front suspension struts and rear wheel arches, especially a convertible. There really isn't anyone who doesn't rust, sooner or later. If you don't find any rust there, it is essential to conserve! The sills on the 9-5I are also such a construction site, especially the models with the sill panels. Whoever has it downstairs is often surprised very badly. Even if everything looks good or just slightly affected from the outside. All of the B2X5 engines already have some weak points such as the problem with the oil carbon or the incorrectly designed crankcase ventilation. Saab has brought out updates almost every year, but they haven't really brought much. Only from MY05? I mean, the part was completely redesigned.

  • I have full understanding!
    Everything changes, even if it occasionally means a real loss.
    The sad-beautiful would be that you can go with waving flags, as active as to this day is the participation on saabblog.net (also and especially because of your writing skills).

  • Welcome to the forum! And yes, it's like Tom says:

    It is still possible to drive Saab in everyday life. I've never owned a car other than Saab, my daily driver has been an indestructible 14 with 902 + tkm on 300 since 932 years, my partner has been on the 06 MY6 since XNUMX years (almost: electrics).

    From my own point of view, I rather doubt that a newer Saab is the more reliable: 9000er, 902 from MY96 and 931er could represent the peak of durability at Saab, at Daimler this was for example already the end of the 80er or middle of 90er the case ,

    Have fun with the 931 CV!

  • Well, to be honest you have to admit that not everything is available immediately, what you might want or, in case of doubt, even urgently need ...

    Service and wear on the younger ones usually work without any problems. But at least some of the injuries and repairs require a creative interim solution.

    Since chrome glasses are repaired with hot glue, because the glasses frame is available at least temporarily only for one and unfortunately only the wrong side. Why the fixed points of the glasses are broken at all, remains a mystery. Also with the engine cover under the hood. Also broken plastic, also not
    available and temporarily released with cable ties. Never burdened or even touched either yourself ...

    An early aging of the plastic? Handling errors in the SAAB service of trust? I do not know and I do not want to blame neither SAAB nor its service partners. But now I know about bottlenecks!

    The same with actuators for the tank lock. To continue driving (the tank was closed and almost empty), the defective one is simply removed, but not replaced at first.

    There are bottlenecks and they are already there. However, my personal experience is also positive.
    I continue to move my SAAB in everyday life. The interim solutions have all worked. missing person
    Parts were eventually reproduced sooner or later. You can keep your SAAB in original condition or even improve it. But not always immediately. Sometimes it takes patience and trust. In the meantime, however, the (former) SAAB service partners are tearing their arms and legs out.

    They know about the desire for everyday suitability and deliver it. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum. But unfortunately more and more interim solutions. You should already know that if you want to get involved with a SAAB as an everyday vehicle ...

    I still consider this way as passable and walk it myself. One should already know the stones on the way, I think. The more consciously someone decides on a SAAB, the better it is for me.
    Also a form of sustainability….

    In short: a SAAB as an everyday vehicle? Yes it works! It still works. But it also works a little differently than with the neighbour's latest company or leasing car ...

  • I also don't know why you shouldn't drive a young SAAB in everyday life. I move a 9-3 II SC every day, my workshop is within walking distance, two other SAAB workshops in 15 minutes. I have never had spare parts problems or long downtimes. Every day I meet several Saabs as daily drivers through all years of construction. This is what it looks like in the north between Hamburg and Kiel - there are also regional differences.

  • Against the thought is not objectionable. I am currently driving with an 9-3 I and 9k in everyday life. So that works great even with no longer young vehicles. And even against the 9-3 II is nothing to say. Robust technology and without hassles.

  • Fortunately, this now coincides with the perception that I have gained in the past few weeks while browsing various forums and blogs. The only bad thing is that the thought of buying a Saab for everyday life is just getting stuck ...

  • No, it does not look bad. But many things do not get better. Of course, it's the classics that suffer. There are hardly any reproductions, and many are running out. But: For other brands, it does not look better, and still build really cars 😉 Daimler, for example, just steams its legendary parts availability for young and classic cars dramatically. And among the Italians is traditionally country below. Lancia theme drivers are jealous of our 9k spare parts supply. So we complain at a comparatively high level.

  • Since I have not pursued the Saab replacement part of the last few years, I just ask the trivial question: it really looks so bad, especially for the newer models like a 9-3 from MY08 or 9-5 NG? Or is the bottleneck rather for the older models such as the 900er?

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  • Complete agreement. That's exactly how it will happen. Unless Orio controls it as soon as possible.

    Otherwise some SAABs will soon be abandoned due to the spare parts situation, end up on the slaughterhouse and Orio has to shrink even more “healthily”. A real vicious circle threatens ...

    The remaining SAAB drivers are happy with a laughing and a crying eye about every used “organ donation”, cheer every dead SAAB because it keeps their own, and at the same time mourn the accelerating disappearance of the brand.

    But do not worry about tank ventilation. The AU only refers to exhaust fumes. All other
    Evaporations of a vehicle play to my knowledge in technical acceptances irrelevant.
    And so even this rather gloomy comment finds an optimistic ending.

  • So love, live, suffer! XD

  • The creeping disintegration of the Saab brand and its presence on the street and in the network continues inexorably.
    And unfortunately, no white rider is in sight of how the Empire beats back!

    Driving Saab means looking forward to the great, individual cars, but also means suffering from unacceptability and to make a considerable financial effort. Just ask yourself, how long is that good?

  • The extent to which Saab can still be used as a collector's vehicle in the future depends on the spare parts situation. Unfortunately it looks very gloomy there. I currently have a defective activated charcoal canister for the tank ventilation on my 901. The part is of course no longer new and the used parts are on average over 25 years old. I've now disconnected the part ... The engine doesn't care, it runs just as well without the whole system. Just stupid, I shouldn't pass the AU in two years, because the car now has poorer emissions. Without a small to medium-sized private parts warehouse, things will get really bitter in the future.
    Unfortunately, this will mean that more and more Saabs will be slaughtered, even if they still had a future as a moving car.

  • Thank you so much! I have to admit that I keep looking for a Saab 9-3 II SC that I can use every day ...

  • That's right, the SAAB landscape is changing ...

    And she just does it. It does not matter if we find that bad. One should put up with it for a while and make the best out of it. But what is that?

    Of course, a convertible is not a commercial vehicle per se. The builds rather Scania. However, there are still many SAAB cars under 100.000 or 150.000 Km mileage. Also station wagons with roof rails and some also with AHK.

    What I mean to say is that the assessment of what is considered more or less bad will probably be very individual. There are still a lot of SAAB on the road who, from the perspective of their own, should actually still be good daily drivers (“commercial vehicles”). It is really bad when the network of possible workshops thins out, the supply of wear and tear or spare parts shows gaps and the costs of maintenance explode.

    There is a certain amount of frustration and corresponding comments preprogrammed. Not every SAAB is a true collector's item, a classic or classic car, a pure fun object. But that's where SAAB's future will be.
    Unfortunately only there ...

    Anyone who has already arrived (for example with a convertible) is on the safe side.
    Congratulations to the SAAB so and good time.

  • I'm writing my first comment on this page now. I have been back in the SAAB world since 9 years SAAB abstinence. For just over a week, an 9-3 I Convertible is at my house and I enjoy every tour just in this weather. I am amazed at how young this vehicle feels and how many people turn around on the road after this vehicle.
    I have long considered whether I should get the SAAB or eg a Volvo C70. The decision in favor of the SAAB has fallen because of the community. In contrast to a few other blogs or forums, there is sound knowledge and experience. It's the fantastic work of people like Tom, who has rekindled my enthusiasm for the brand.
    At the same time I have to say that the SAAB is a recreational vehicle for me. No commercial vehicle. For this I have a Volvo, which has no life due to lack of parts. I can not allow myself that.
    But is it so bad when the SAAB landscape changes? The fact that vehicles are scrapped because they have reached their end of life through daily use can only be postponed by good care, but ultimately can not be prevented. And so the stock will eventually settle to a certain level.
    My only wish is that the community should continue to support itself with words and deeds so that this unique brand is not forgotten.

  • If you can not or do not want to screw yourself as the Saab owner of a younger model like 9-3 (from 2003), then you need specialized workshops. If the road is too far away, or if the number of FSHs continues to narrow, it is difficult to maintain the driving readiness of such a younger model. This is less true to the classic cars like Saab 96, 99, 900 and 9000. But the first 9-3 and 9-5 generations are mostly used by the owners nowadays until the end of the TUV.

    As a daily driver for a non-helicopter Saab therefore hardly suitable. An interesting new car has just been introduced, which I would definitely consider a successor to a Saab 9000. The new Peugeot 508 sedan has a hatchback with large flap and front-wheel drive. The following 508 station wagon looks just as great.

  • I drive (and we as a “family” have always been driving), among other things, extra Saab in order not to “attract attention”. 😉

  • Yes, the community is growing in a way ...

    However, the number of drivers can no longer grow per se. That would require an increasing number of vehicles. The growth is therefore limited to a segmented growing together. At the same time and inevitably a shrinkage and an aging process ...

    The number of young and old-timers naturally increases from year to year. The SAABs are getting older. The number of lovers and enthusiasts may also increase and that's nice. In absolute terms, however, the number of SAABs and SAAB drivers is gradually decreasing. Yes, what else?

    I share the experiences described. The supply of spare parts is not always complete. “An ordinary inspection” quickly becomes a game of patience. And woe, there is also a minor repair to be carried out during the inspection ...

    So it's no wonder, just a logical consequence that more and more SAABs are in the hands of fewer and fewer drivers. The downtimes grow and the inventory shrinks. So it's good if you have more than one SAAB in the yard. Someone will already be ready to drive ...

    But that's exactly what I mean, the number of owners and drivers drops even faster than the number of registered and ready-to-drive SAABs. And the fewer people share an interest, the closer they should get together.

    The fewer blogs, clubs or forums there are, the more concentrated the knowledge is, the more concentrated are the options to find the necessary knowledge or to trade parts with each other.

    Also the possibilities to get together, be it for family tables, exits or an online talk, grow with a consolidation. I see this as an opportunity for a shrinking community with more and more lovers and fewer and fewer everyday vehicles.

    As I said, according to the motto: SAABs United.

  • It is also due to the time required by an older vehicle.
    People are getting lazy and impatient.
    Many drive Saab just for the sake of attracting attention. But not the feeling that the car brings.
    These people look stupid when greeted.
    Others change to mainstream new cars for time reasons.
    The identity of Saab is fading. But also because the group does not care about the legacy of its automotive past.
    It really makes me mad to read how great the new Saab war toys are selling all over the world. And for the ex car division is not a euro. The museum sells its treasures in private hands, there is no official merchandising material just null.
    It's not just the fault of the Saab owners who forget the brand, but also the Saab AB.

    My Opinion

  • I'm a “daily driver” (with my “ship”).
    That was - when I bought the 2011'er in 2014 - planned for at least another 6-8 years.

    For that reason alone I regret every "disappearance" of Saab blogs, forums or workshops.
    At least I hope that everything will then become a bit “centered / concentrated”, but that “the rest” can continue to exist with commitment (and, for example, the remaining workshops can live from it!)!

  • I can also confirm the observation. The classic segment is growing, albeit at a low level. At the same time, the “daily driver” segment is currently losing many vehicles. The exceptions are 9-5 NG and 9-4x. They're enthusiast vehicles right from the start.

  • I'll be there a little longer. After more than 7 years of blogging, and thus 7 years without a free Sunday, the desire for more free time is growing. Mark and I are working on a good “solution”, maybe there will be a generation change here too.

  • I think you have to differentiate something. Above all, drivers who drive a newer model and have to go to a repair shop for repairs are less likely. Since you need a Tech2 for a lot and also just more electronics is available, a forum can not help to the extent such as 901 and 9000. This is also reflected in the number of posts and users. With the older models, the community grows more than it gets smaller. There are people who drive since 30 years Saab but since 25 years no FSH seen from the inside (Help = Forum).
    It is just difficult to move a vehicle in everyday life with which you should actually go to FSH, but the lifetimes may be, then eternal because parts are not available (I'm experiencing just with my 9-3III, an ordinary inspection leads to almost a week Failure because parts are not available). I stop our Volvo the evening before the appointment and pick him up 24h later. Since you have to be capable of suffering as a Saab driver.
    Can I therefore understand if some of 9-5I, 9-3II / III switch to another brand.

  • Basically I do too, but there is also “a lot” in the word “diversity” ...

    But there are fewer and fewer SAABs. The number of SAAB drivers seems to be falling again much faster. The remaining SAABs become coveted objects. Many a SAAB driver now has more vehicles than he or she can move ...
    Despite increasing mileage and increasing age, prices stagnate instead of falling. Sometimes they even rise ...

    I see a consolidation of the internet presence as an opportunity for more common ground. We are already “lonely”. At least compared to drivers from other brands. There are some who soon have to fear that they will be arrested as a participant in an unannounced demonstration / that they have violated the ban on gathering ...

  • I agree with you both, our blogger Tom and Herbert Hürsch.

    1. Diversity brings variety, makes the digital Saab experience alive, as everyone writes differently, sets other priorities. That is certainly true for the Saab blogs.

    2. Centralizing the forums, however, is the best thing that can happen in my opinion: the forums remain active despite declining Saab stocks, questions are answered quickly, problems solved competently. There is hardly anything sadder than a forum full of concentrated knowledge, in which nobody is more active, the simple questions of beginners remain unanswered, and where one has to reckon at any time with a total loss of all contributions.

    In that sense, Tom, please stay with us a little (or forever), even if it gets lonelier!

  • That's right, but ...

    ... then please replace every “blog” in my comment with “forum”.

  • There is usually a big difference between a blog and a forum

  • Digital Presence ???
    I prefer physical, material presence (spare parts) !!!
    Greetings Klaus

  • yes, it is getting more and more difficult, the more I and many others appreciate your work. !!!! But we are also sticking to the brand, our Saab fleet continues to grow….

  • Usually I agree with Tom ...

    Not today.

    The fewer blogs and the more comprehensive and centralized the remaining ones develop, the better it is for all friends of the brand. True to the motto: SAABs United.

    At least in my opinion, it doesn't need more than one blog per language area. This is then as lively as possible, has more readers and also reader contributions or comments. Appointments would then also be cross-border and SAAB friends would come together even more easily ...

    The best possible use of the domain “Swedcarforum.at” would then, in my opinion, be simply a vote among their readers as to where the forwarding should be switched, to whom data should be passed ...

  • I could not have found a better word, thanks Tom!
    As a permanent blog reader and technical admin of Swedcarforum, I sincerely wish that someone finds one and keeps the community alive even if we can not stand it any longer.
    The blog team I wish a lot of perseverance and patience. You are doing a great thing and can be proud! THANK YOU!!

  • Sooner or later the brand will only be found in old / youngtimer forums as a small column below that is when a brand disappears and only a few crazy people hold the flag up! Saab greetings


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