Picture Gallery. Pilots wanted 2018!

An addendum from the sunny days in Kiel. With a record attendance, the international Saab 9-5 NG meeting took place at 8. and 9. June. As guests for the first time Saab 9-4x riders were there, a combination that fit very well. And we bloggers had a lot of fun, too.

City highway! Saab rules!

The Kiel 9-5 NG meeting takes place in alternation with the pre-tour to the Saab Festival in Sweden every two years. While a major change is in the planning for the pre-tour 2019, the 9-5 NG event for 2020 is already well underway.

Have fun with the many saabigen pictures from the north!


6 thoughts on "Picture Gallery. Pilots wanted 2018!"

  • Very nice vehicles and very nice colors! And unfortunately no room for a 9-5 II in 4 cars.

  • Which pictures…! I can only join in and wish I was there.

  • Terrific beautiful views!
    Great colors! Right eye catcher! Thanks to the photographer! 🙂

  • The wine red and the Viggen blue, what beautiful vehicles! Considering that in the basics are soon 10 years old, then you can see what a big litter that is, respectively was!

  • Enviable! Very beautiful pictures. That was certainly a great event. The last picture with the wine red, a force.
    Is it known how much 9.5 exists in Germany?

    • ... and how much 9-4 exactly in Germany I would also find interesting. 😉
      (according to http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?t=30063 yes allegedly nine)

      By the way, my optical highlights on Saturday were the super beautiful blue 9-5 NG and also something the “SAABINA”.

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