A billion dollar deal is stopped

An overview of the current Saab news in brief. Saab Team Wagenheimer continues rallying and expanding. And also the Orio Germany boss reaches into the steering wheel. Skandix completes the offer with more classic parts, and a billion dollar deal is stopped.

Espresso rally
Porsche and Saab 96 at the Espresso Rally. Image: Robert Wagenheimer

Saabs are less on the streets, but in historic motorsport, the brand remains very present. This is mainly due to the commitment of some enthusiasts. Team Wagenheimer, the inofficial Orio Germany factory team, remains busy. At the Bodensee Klassik in May, Robert and Gerd landed in the 96 on 66 rank of 170 participants. A respectable result. The ratings of the participants were very close, the level of the event was high.

Sensationally good for the Saab team on the Espresso rally, The Saab 96, this time with Robert and daughter Victoria, and later also their friend Konstantin on the road book, drove 80 participants on the 3. Place ahead. The green 96 was in the crowd of Porsches, Alfas and BMW's an eye-catcher and enriched the starting field.

And because the season is going well and it is fun to drive a Saab classic, the Wagenheimer team is rolling to the autumn 10 Lakes Classic with two vehicles at the start. The 96 is piloted by Victoria and Konstantin, in 99 Robert and co-driver Orio CEO Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher test their rally fortune. That could be exciting.

Skandix manufactures

Where there is a demand, there is production. There is good news! Blog supporters Skandix continues to be very active and has reissued several parts for Saab classics and youngtimers. For the 900 are tank straps made of stainless steel available again. Also back in the program trim for the doors of the 900 and parts of the sill panel for 9-3 I and 900 II.

A billion dollar deal is stopped

Then there is the startup NEVS in Trollhättan. Since the Saab factories have been occupied, I have been bravely doing the chronicler's duty. With waning enthusiasm, because announcements usually have no consequences. And it's not that nothing has happened in the past few days. The laying of the foundation stone for a new plant in Shanghai, the speech of the NEVS founder at a conference in Stockholm, the announcement of new collaborations.

That was already registered, only presence I wanted to give NEVS no more on the blog. Readers who regularly follow developments in Trollhätten might remember the entry of GSR Capital into NEVS. A thing that could have had the potential to break through. Because the first review revealed only positive facts. And especially the fact that GSR for one billion US dollars the battery production of Nissan had seemed auspicious.

I was wrong. Electric car startup plus own battery manufacturing, that was fine. Unfortunately, the Chinese did not owe that amount Nissan stopped now the sale. Incidentally, it is also GSR Capital, which is to finance the construction of the new factory in Shanghai. After the new building in Tianjin is already facing financial problems, the next big question mark appears at NEVS.

5 thoughts on "A billion dollar deal is stopped"

  • Nevs cultivates the saab heritage in one point.
    Again and again a drama and although you have died several times you just live a little further. Just stupid that they have never offered a real product.

  • The 96 is truly an eye-catcher! Nice vehicle, nice color ...

    In general, I miss a number of colors that were very Vogue, with current vehicles.
    They are all black, red or white. Or just metallic. But that is not the same as a nice paint.

  • It is definitely the correct reaction to give NEVS less space on the blog. At some point, it's good, but I would not completely depend on the topic. There is too much drama in it 😉

    And also THANK YOU to Skandix! Please continue like that!

  • For years “hot air” from NEVS…, impressive that someone still wants to give them money.
    Hot air quickly bursts the ideas 😉
    We'll see…

    The commitment of Fa. SKANDIX is impressive! Keep it up! Thank you.

  • I've never been a friend of NEVS, but it's always exciting what happens or not.
    Exciting is also what will in the future from the factory in Trollhättan.

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