Storm clouds over Linköping

In the middle of the swedish summer hole storm clouds are rising over Linköping. And Justus feeds his Saab video channel with new material. He restores a classic 900, which should be ready by the fall. Has he not planned too much? In addition: show Sweden flag. We borrow a nice idea from Volvo. The Saab short messages at a glance:

Tradition: Saab 21, Saab 92 and 9-5.
Tradition: Saab 21, Saab 92 and 9-5.

In the era of Donald Trump, almost all defense companies are doing really well. The world is getting ready Boeing Shareholders, for example, have been pleased with 12%'s impressive share price gains in the last 65 months. But there are exceptions. A small Swedish defense company called Saab is not getting anywhere. Instead of price gains, there are losses, and now there are job cuts and hiring freezes.

What is going on in Sweden? The drama started a year ago. Since then, strict guidelines for arms exports apply. In principle, since the summer 2017 only exports to friendly, peaceful states are possible. A setback for Saab AB, which has been booming for years. Add to that the weakness of the aircraft division. Although the Gripen E is a top product and maintenance more favorable than the competitors. But he sells badly. From the big business with India was nothing, Croatia preferred to install the installment purchase 12 used F16 from Israel, the deal with Switzerland is uncertain.

That it is probably not good for the Saab AB, you could read in spring 2018 in Swedish newspapers. At that time, members of the Wallenberg clan separated from larger private-owned Saab shares. However, the family still owns their shares held via the foundation and the investor.

Up to 1.300 employees and consultants should go now. The company should be so lean and efficient. From one Return to the automotive business, actually intended for 2017, has long been out of the question. The company has other worries.

Saab Video Channel. The Saab 900 project

With his Youtube video channel Justus took us on his trip to Sweden. For weeks he is back in Germany, now finally his Saab 900 project is on. A nice classic with red interior. A Vollturbo Coupe, which has two problems. The rust nibbles sustainably on the body, and the Saab was bought with a potential engine failure. What is not quite clear, but quite possible.

All this does not keep Justus from ambitious goals. In autumn, the old Saab Turbo is ready and ready for a trip to Switzerland. Can he do that? The first part of the 900 project is now online.

Nice detail: Sweden flag at the Volvo XC40
Nice detail: Sweden flag at the Volvo XC40.

Show Sweden flag!

A funny idea that would suit any Saab. Volvo, meanwhile detail-in love as never before, showed with the first copies of the XC40 a small Sweden flag on the fender. Unfortunately, the flags were not in free sale, I thought anyway.

Stephan Individual makes it possible, the flag is now in the Online-Shop available. A nice detail that points to the origin of our vehicles. It fits in well with the 9-3 II, 9-5 OG, and 900 OG in the gap between bonnet and fender. However: Waschstrassen-suitable it is not.

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    Perfect thank you! Also for your blog!
    Warm greetings

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    Tom, is not there a chance to re-produce the fat yellow elk on a yellow background in the same posture as Ferrari's cavallo rampante? I saw it a long time ago in Sweden and I liked the idea very much. Maybe you could additionally miss him a perm?

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      Not sure, but have not the Volvo people on their vehicles already?

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        That stimulates. it was a buzzing old white Volvo, but have the exclusive? On the web some drive around with Volvo inscription, but also without. Just thought it would be a fitting commemorative sticker for the great time when Sweden could still cars.

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          There are these with blog supporters Skandix Elche without Volvo logo. We do not have to produce that.

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    @ Michael.
    It's just a little reverie!

    However, after WWII, the market was much more difficult than today. There were a lot more brands. Many peculiarities and different character of automobiles. On the other hand, today's standard porridge is really easy to take out of the race if you bring a good car to the market that is really different.

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    Hopefully someone at AB will come back to the idea that was found in the ten-year-old 1946-47. And builds a new product division.

    Under the old motto: We build aviators for the road! 🙂

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      How about more civil, safe, driverless transport objects? The market for the street is rather oversaturated.

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        As a SAAB enthusiast, do you really want to buy a car from another manufacturer? Most vehicles have plenty of quirks - apart from fraudulent software and the like.

        The view of things that Eric has is already correct - let's see whether the SAAB AB does not oversleep good opportunities again.

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    I am pleased when a manufacturer of war material is in financial difficulties, even if it is called Saab. Yes, I know, defensive weapons from a neutral country, but if that were the case, the more restrictive Swedish laws would have no impact on the company's success.

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      But that does not matter.
      Even the war technology market is hotly contested.
      This is about millions and billions.
      And the one suffering is the other's joy.
      Customers buy more from the USA or Russia. No one in Germany can overtake us in the small arms market anyway.

      Everything is about war!
      It's a great pity that people are so forgetful. The last one is not even 100 years ago! 🙁

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      I like pacifist lines of thought per se ...

      I am most worried about the growing power, the growing political influence and the financial dictates of the big arms companies. Just think of Thomas de Maizière and the Eurocopter.

      Maizière let himself be led through the ring on the nose ring of Airbus. Maybe he also got a suitcase?

      SAAB goes through quite easily as an opponent. A small AB that can deliver good products at defined prices.
      The world won't get any better when SAAB disappears. On the contrary, the large corporations could then appear even bolder. I am more scared of this scenario than that I could see progress and a step towards a peaceful world in it ...

      The more competition the large corporations have, the better. May SAAB be preserved.

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        Quite up to date: The (Brexit-) English consider the alliance with the Saab AB to produce an alternative successor to the Eurofighter beyond the previous armament partners.

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          Interesting. Exciting. The man is on the subject and in the picture ...

          Thank you for the info!

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    Does anyone know why Saab AB has withdrawn from the competition for the replacement of Belgian F16 aircraft?
    At that time F35, Saab Flu E and the Eurofighter were in the game but Saab AB has withdrawn so that now there are only two companies to join.
    Too bad because this flu E would be highly appreciated.

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    Hi Tom,

    is there at least something positive to report about the successor company to the SAAB automotive division? But this question is probably superfluous - it would have been reported then.

    • blank

      No. Nothing at all. The next few months should be exciting. Then we will see if the 9-3 EV goes into production, or if NEVS fails again.

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    A pity, the Swedish flag are already gone 🙁

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      We did not expect such a rush on the Sweden flag.
      Supplies are on the way.


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        Next time we warn you before we publish 😉

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    A mixed weekly start.

    Great that the week starts with SAAB and a contribution. Thank you!
    I also need a flag like that. And the photo with SAAB 21 and 92 is great ...

    It represents a departure, growth and several good years that have joined. This is the starting signal for many innovations that SAAB has launched in the air and onto the road.

    Sadly, however, that the SAAB AB is now being overtaken by politics. And I do not mean a restrictive policy on arms exports. No, that's good and right!

    I find the billions in German-European waste of taxpayers' money for armaments projects and procurement far worse. There were quite a few press comments from journalistic weirding experts who spoke out against the Eurofighter and for the procurement of SAABs.

    Who knows how much money went to whom? And what for? The costly result is considered inferior ...
    Europe would be well advised to get the small but fine Swedish forge.
    If not for the street, then at least for the air.

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    Showing the flag is good. I have a black “wall sticker” on the rear window on each of my Saab, in the form of a silhouette of the Saab 2000! Looks really cool.

    Wall decal Saab 2000 airplane wall sticker on ebay (have no relationship to the shop 🙂)

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