Saab classifieds: Cheap rims for the readers

This is my last post - before the summer break! I say goodbye on vacation, the blog remains interesting even without my intervention. Mark, now back from his vacation, feeds the classifieds section with used Saab rims at the lowest price.

Saab rimsBehind our action is as always a small Saab story. The Mobilforum group, which was very close to Saab in its early days, has become an important partner for BMWCadillac, Corvette, Chevrolet, Infiniti and MINI, However, the small Swedish brand is still close to the heart of the owners, service for vehicles from Saab is still offered.

When moving to a new building in Dresden-Kesselsdorf, we had been given a larger item of used rims and other things. We were allowed to pick her up as a donation and a nice gesture for the blog, to which one still feels connected. We sell the Saab rims, which are with minor or major traces of use, for a symbolic amount of 20,00 € apiece. The money raised by the action remains in the region and the community. It benefits completely the Saab friends Saxony.

Both complete sets and individual pieces of the different rims are available. This includes designs that have long been no longer available from Orio. They are ideal as an inexpensive supply in the event that a rim has been destroyed and it is no longer repairable. The delivery takes place in any desired number, as long as stocks last. Collection at the Freiberg / Brand-Erbisdorf location is desired, shipping is possible on request.

Mark has now washed the rims, photographed and stored on pallets. Tomorrow he starts listing in ours Saab classifieds Market.

I say goodbye to the summer break. With Saab, but without a blog. Quite inactive, the crew does not stay in the background. Our classifieds market gets new features, our in-house printing works on a saabigen mystery for the fans. Only this much: We are planning a new reader campaign for the next few months, which as usual will be rewarded with a small thank-you. Previously, there were the almost legendary Saab board folders with exclusive blocks to each published article.

This time, it's going to be something completely different. You can be curious!

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  • good holidays and many ideas for the blog! 🙂

  • Vacation?
    Come to the north, where the sun z. Seems so safe and lush at the moment! The SAAB is used to extreme temperatures ... 😉, people get used to it, slows down ..., makes (and can also) siesta! 🙂
    Have a good rest, with SAAB, family and children and cones ...
    (note the order ... 😉)
    Thanks for the previous engagement!
    The tension on new stories remains ...

  • Good, relaxing and exciting holiday!

  • Thank you for your commitment and much fun on holiday!

  • Dir Tom and the whole family a wonderful holiday and good drive with the Saab. Do it as always exciting.

  • Have a nice holiday Tom !!!!! 🙂

    ... We currently have “holiday weather”. yes, but here (unfortunately) in the flat north too ... I can run away almost earlier here (currently 29,8 ° C in the office). 😉 ;-(

  • Dear Tom! Wish you a relaxing holiday!

  • Forget: nice holiday!

  • Very good idea !
    I'm still looking for 18 inch rims SAAB 9-5 .. I'll check it out tomorrow!

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