SAAB dates September 2018

In a few days, Tom is back from vacation, and the summer break on the blog is over. At the latest starting from next Monday we start with new articles from the Saab world. Before that comes the "Saabian" diary for the month of September.

Saab 9-X Air Concept 2008
Saab 9-X Air Concept 2008. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

The "September photo" shows the beautiful tail of the 9-X Air Concept from the year 2008. Unfortunately, never realized, after all, the lightbar at 9-5 NG became a reality. The Saab logo on the rear replaced the 9-3 Griffin with the griffin and was also used on the 9-5 NG.


Stammtisch Münster

We always meet on the first Monday of the month at 19.30 clock, in the Pizzeria Lido, at the Germania brewery 4 in 48159 Münster


Stammtisch Cologne-Bonn

We hereby invite all interested Saab drivers to the Stammtisch meeting! We always meet on the first Thursday of each month from 19.00h at the ASADO Restaurant & Bar, Baumschulenweg in 51107 Köln-Königsforst

The steak restaurant is conveniently located on the A3, exit Königsforst.

New meeting place: Gasthaus Scheiderhöhe, Scheiderhoher Str. 49, 53797 Lohmar

As usual, the journey is via the BAB A3, coming from the direction of Cologne exit Rösrath and coming from Frankfurt exit Lohmar Nord. Then there are about 5 minutes to the meeting place. Parking spaces reserved for SAAB drivers are available on site.


SAAB friends Erftkreis

Club night every first Friday of the month from 19 pm in the Landgasthaus Schlösser, to the 1 in 50171 Kerpen


Stammtisch Ostwestfalen Lippe

We meet every second Saturday of the month 15: 00 clock in the restaurant Bartholdskrug, Hellweg 6 in 33813 Oerlinghausen

Stammtisch Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein

We meet on Saturday, the 08. September 2018 from 19.00 clock im LUSTIS Industriestr. 10


Stammtisch Stuttgart

PLAN CHANGE !!! We meet for hood diving, parking-grilling on the Alb.

  • What: Saab camp fire
  • Wann: 14.09.2018 on Friday as of 18: 30 / 19: 00h
  • Where: A barbecue area in the triangle between Westerheim, Zainingen and Feldstetten.

is good, if firewood is brought by all, who brings nothing has to go search in the forest ... ..
In addition, do not forget seating ... (folding chair or beer crate + folding table) Everyone brings food and drink: that means he brings his own chair, table, crockery u. Cutlery, food (it can be grilled at the fireplace), drinking etc. with and what else you need individually.

If you have questions I can be contacted at Whatsapp / SMS-Number + 49 172 8502696.

Here a good old-fashioned directions: From Westerheim exit in the direction of Feldstetten.Rechts turn into the Pfaehlerweg after Egelsee-Heuberg (small Straessle) .Am tennis court and sewage treatment plant over the road to. The fireplace is then just before Hofgut u. Chapel Egelsee, right on the edge of the forest right on the road. Or for Navi: about 300 meter distance to Egelsee Hof, Egelsee 3, 72589 Westerheim; Stuttgarter come highway-free the fastest via Metzingen-Bad Urach there.

Request for feedback who would like to come.


SAAB Stammtisch Markgräflerland

Appointment: 15.09.2018 at 19.30 pm

Place: OLD SPITAL, main street 78, 79379 Müllheim


SAAB friends Saxony - autumn exit

Meanwhile no pure "Saxon" exit for a long time. Many Thuringians, Saxon-Anhaltians, Berlin-Brandenburgers and Lower-Saxons also drive with tradition.

The poll is already over, with the 16.09.2018 ahead of schedule. Please note this appointment accordingly in the calendar. The meeting point and start of the tour is the parking lot of the Netto Markt or Fristo beverage market in Pulsnitz, Dresdner Straße 39. Ends the excursion in Senftenberg. Due to the very positive response of the last picnic, we found a very interesting place for the lunch break. Please let us know what you want to contribute to the picnic. A generous meadow area is available, which we can use completely for picnics and for rumbling of the children. A snack is also available so that it can of course be used. The return journey can then be made via the A13 (connection point in Ruhland). Now we wish you all a nice and relaxing holiday season. Greetings from Kamenz Gebhard and Katrin


Stammtisch Osnabrück

Our regulars' table is as usual on every 3.Monday in the month from 19.00 clock. Gasthaus "Busch" in Atter, Eikesberg 51 in 49076 Osnabrück


Stammtisch Rhein - Ruhr

We meet at each 3. Tuesday from 19: 30 pm a month at the Hotel & Restaurant "Am Kreuz", Ernestinenstrasse 116 in 45141 Essen


Stammtisch Rostock

meets mostly on the last Monday of the month in the brewery house "Zum alten Fritz", Warnowufer 65 in 18057 Rostock


Stammtisch Heidelberg / Weinheim

The meeting point is always the Lindbergh at City Airport Mannheim, Seckenheimer Landstrasse 170 last Thursday in the "odd" months from 19: 00 clock


Stammtisch SAAB Friends Lippe / Niederrhein

we meet every last Friday of the month 19: 00 o'clock. The new address is: "Fährhaus" (Cafe - Restaurant - Events) Marwick 26, in 46487 Wesel - Bislich, Tel. 02859 / 9010276,

SAAB meeting OWL

Here is the date for September on 28.9 at 19: 30 we meet in Bielefeld

Here to watch:

Table is reserved. I have to call in the week before the exact number of people.

your Olaf


Do you have a regular meeting, a club night, a meeting or a Saab event planned?

We like to publish! Please send your Saab appointment to: appointment (sa)

4 thoughts too "SAAB dates September 2018"

  • 14. August 2018 at 5: 40 PM

    What a picture! Time again ...

    The rear of the study reminds me a little of an Alfa, which actually existed. I already see a few parallels between the brands anyway. Unfortunately, the fact that station wagons were neglected last (SAAB) or currently neglected (Alfa). Let's see if with Alfa soon the next European disappears ...

    But away with the gloomy thoughts! I am already looking forward to the end of the holiday break and new words about SAAB!

  • 14. August 2018 at 8: 14 PM

    The continuous light strip is being sold today by Porsche as a new design line. Macan and the new Panamera have it. Also Mercedes EQA and EQC and Audi e - Tron and A8 have it.
    Everyone forgot that the Aero X already had 2006. Pity!!!

    • 14. August 2018 at 10: 10 PM

      For the (mentioned in the comment) circumstance, that other old wine in new hoses sell, I gave a thumbs up.

      But if you want to be fair, you have to admit that a continuous band is a very old and holey hat. At least one passive band (red cat's eyes between the taillights) was already very popular in the 1990 years. And not only at SAAB ...

      So why should 21. Century not all possible manufacturers can resort to it? However, that it is marketed as an innovation and original invention of its own, however, annoys indeed.

  • 15. August 2018 at 11: 41 AM

    If anyone should be in the area, on the 15 September there will be a Saab meeting in Jedovnice, 30km from Brno in the Czech Republic.

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