Ankara'ya hosgeldiniz or my totally exceptional turkey vacation

It is Sunday morning ten to seven o'clock. Granted very, very early on vacation, but I'm invited to a SAAB meeting. There is no ifs and buts! I'm on my way through the gardens of our hotel, past palm trees and huge Boucanville plants - just gorgeous here. My phone vibrates: "Morning. I stand in front of the hotel: o) ". Perfect, I think and put a tooth. It was settled at seven.

In front of the hotel is a beautiful dark blue 9-5 AERO. Wow, a great car in very good condition. Warm welcome with Ersil and then it starts. We drive on the D400 the expressway between Alanya and Antalya -> only flying is more beautiful! The nearly 120km literally fly by. No comparison to the usual transfer buses or rental cars. In Manavgat there is still a delicious breakfast with Börek and Cay. Full and invigorated, it goes back on the highway in the direction of Antalya Airport.

Welcome on board

Check-in and flight are straightforward and punctual, so we land in Ankara later this morning. The capital is expecting us with pleasant 28 degrees in sunny weather. As soon as we are standing in front of the airport building, the 9-5 sports suit with Levent already drives. Again, the welcome is warm and thanks to German - English - Turkish language skills, there is soon an animated conversation. It goes in the direction of Golbashi, which is located about 30km south of Ankara. There is a lake the Logan Gölü with several restaurants on terraces above the lake. There are several rallies in downtown Ankara this morning, so we drive around the center on the western ring road. With up to 200 km / h, it goes on the almost autoleere and three-lane ealglatte highway. Ready for Takeoff!

Shortly before our destination, a short stop at one of the countless gas stations. In the adjacent car wash is - yes I hardly believe my eyes !! - a beautiful red 9000 with Swiss registration in one of the washing boxes. Mustafa usually works in our neighboring country and is currently on vacation & visiting his family home. Perfect!!! It is my personal companion and translator all the rest of the day. Cok tesekkürler Mustafa!

We meet Adil and his son in a great 9.3II AERO. Together we continue in the direction of the meeting point. On the way we pick up the 900 convertible from Adil. Later it will turn out that today, at this meeting, two of these rather rare companions come together in near-perfect condition and perfect looks. Both convertibles were certainly on the band together, because according to VIN they are only 25 numbers apart !!! SAAB history stops. Made in Finland - driven in Turkey.

Overall, 26 SAAB met at this meeting. In addition to the two already mentioned 900 convertibles and a chic 900 Combi Coupe, there are still beautiful 9000er (the most beautiful is of course the RED !!), several 9-3 II front and facelift and some 9-5 I and of course Tunc, with his motorbike especially for the meeting from Istanbul drove off ... Here are car mechanics, actors, engineers, teachers or entrepreneurs ... a colorful mix as every meeting with us in Germany. After the usual set up for joint photo shoots and overflight with a drone, we run into the nearby restaurant.

From here you have a beautiful view of the lake and the wide landscape. We sit together and talk about our cars, how we looked for them, found and bought them & of course also about special features or curiosities. I tell something about the SAAB scene and meeting in Germany ...

Lots of SAAB Talk in English, German and Turkish. No matter where you are in the world, SAAB drivers make you feel at home and in good hands. Many thanks for your kind reception, the warm conversations and your kind hospitality ...

Oops how time flies. It's already afternoon and gradually the first ones are watching the clock and slowly the first of the newly won friends say goodbye. Pity!!! We start back towards Ankara in the convertible from Adil. Just wonderful !!!!

At his home, we switch to his 9-3 III and head towards the airport. We keep on the way to a delicious snack. Now the streets are a bit emptier and we drive across Ankara to Esenboğa to the airport. Ankara is truly a beautiful city - I would like to come back, but this time with my family and more time !!!

The return flight to Antalya starts after the first announced delay then spontaneously but on time, which requires us a short but fierce sprint to the gate. Just made it -> four minutes before departure, we sit in our seats ... After a relaxed three quarters of an hour, which I use to tap the first thoughts and designs for this report in the tablet, we land in Aksu / Antalya. The D400 is now almost without cars and we can drive comfortably but quickly on the way home ... At ten we are back at the hotel. This will certainly not be the last meeting with the SAAB friends in Turkey !!!

Hoşçakal ve gelecek sefere görüşürüz.

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  • 24. August 2018 at 11: 26 AM

    What a story! ! !

    Joie de vivre and SAAB pure. The very best reading pleasure. Thanks also for the great pictures ...

    I happened to be in a Turkish supermarket this morning. I had no idea about this article and I would think of SAAB with lamb, milk flatbread, yoghurt sauce, salads with turkey peppers and delicious pastes ...

    But that's exactly what I'll think about today when I'm on the grill! An ingenious article. One wishes, one would have been there! God is great and he certainly drives a SAAB ...

  • 24. August 2018 at 12: 04 PM

    Thus, an all-round successful holiday with a delicacy of the extra class. That's probably not right back. On vacation a Saab meeting .... Brilliant! Wonderfully written and great to read.

  • 27. August 2018 at 10: 31 AM

    Great written, I can feel it right. Turkey is a great, hospitable country with very nice people.

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