Instagram action! We want your Saab photos!

In former times car brands distributed printed leaflets about their dealers. That's long gone! What matters is the virtual world! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blogs dominate; Information is obtained digitally and no longer analog. That opens up opportunities, especially in our case.

Saab on Instagram

Saab, I've written about it before, had a very strong digital presence. This has suffered, with the setting of many blogs, in recent years. Analyzing the situation through Google Trends, the search volume around the brand has dropped dramatically in 5 years.

What we can do to change that, and what is the basis of our photo campaign, is quite simple:

Let's flood Instagram with Saab photos!

Hardly any other platform is developing as dynamically as Instagram. To maximize the reach, without the hassle and sacrifice of privacy, Instagram is perfect for us. We want lots and lots of Saab photos of our readers to show how alive and fascinating the little Swedish brand is.

Send us your Saab photos! If we bundle our creativity, we show how alive the brand is! The action has no limits. Each reader may send as many as he likes, saabige pictures. Daily, weekly, or just once. Living with Saab, everyday life with the family, the life partner, children or the dog - and with the Swedish car.

The action starts today and will run as long as we all have fun with it. Anne from the blog crew has agreed to ours Instagram account to feed with the Saab pictures! When the community gets involved, we set a digital exclamation point for our cult brand. Mark, the blog crew and me - we are looking forward to great Saab photos!

We have set up a special email address for Anne:

instagram (at)

Important note: By submitting the pictures, the sender agrees to the publication on our Instagram account. He assures that the pictures are his intellectual property and that we are allowed to show them on our Instagram account free of charge and for an indefinite period. When publishing, we will name at most the first name, but never the full name of the sender.

12 thoughts too "Instagram action! We want your Saab photos!"

  • Great action, I'm in!

  • Great!!

  • I am a bit intimidated by the size of one or the other SAAB collection or by the quality of some (reader) photos, which were also already seen here, a bit ...

    ... Nevertheless, I'll see if I can find something in my own photo library that I also dare to send.

    Great action! ! !

    If I understand correctly, then Tom is traveling professionally digitally. Fascinating, how he always manages to create a critical distance and to take unprejudiced perspectives. The digital is used so far and welcomes (eg with this action), as far as it seems useful and appropriate.
    Conversely, it is also questioned or even criticized on the blog as often as where it is set up, seems superfluous or even harmful ...

    You first have to get this balancing act done - especially under this occupational status. Hats off! Here writes and works a critical and independent spirit. Dignified, the SAAB-Spirit can hardly be represented today ...

    ... If I may say so? Who am I to judge that? ? ?

    Well, a very personal opinion and a personal praise just ...

    • One thought of the action is that we do not just want the perfect photo. Everyday life, which is rarely perfect, counts. So please pictures of Saabs, like with rough edges, and just as life is. So Herbert, just courage 😉

  • I follow the hashtag "#saab" since my Instagram login
    This is by no means boring on Instagram.
    Is it not possible to participate in the promotion with your own Insta account and "hashtagging" or is it relevant that you send the posts?

    • Our idea behind it is that the Saabblog Instagram account will only grow your own Saab story through the community. Everyday, fascinating, surprising, just like life. And evolved in some direction that no one can predict.

  • Very nice idea, there is certainly a lot of beautiful out. Thank you for this new action on the blog.

  • A great idea and a few pictures are already shipped 🙂

  • Then I'll go into the depths of my average picture archive and see what's going on these days ...

  • Have just flooded your e-mail address with 5 Mails plus photos ....

    Great idea, have fun implementing 😉

  • Reminds me of the photo wall action in Trollhättan years ago ... Does the wall still exist, does it know who?

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