Saab 4433801 stories

80 and 90er cars often suffer from electronics problems. When a brand from the Cologne area, the wiring harnesses dissolve. At a Bavarian supplier, electronic defects drive the driver crazy. Saab has relatively little to do with it. What else can you expect from a manufacturer who paid homage to the redundancy, and preferred to use 2 instead of just a single bulb in turn signals and taillights?

4433810 in the 9000 relay box
4433810 in the 9000 relay box

A Saab 9000 or an early 9-5 are relatively easy - except for a few trifles. It started with Paul, our project Saab. Heading towards the hangar, at an advanced hour on the highway, the high beam is on. Aha, I think, the 4433801 module. I had that, months earlier, already at the 9000.

There it was exchanged for a used part, the 9000 behaves inconspicuously since then. With the intention to take a new relay on my next visit to Frankfurt, I turn off the Saab in the hangar.

A few days later. We have visitors. As a greeting, he tells me that the lights are on in the carport of a Saab. Light? Saab? Actually impossible. It's Anna who makes the sunny day even brighter. Light switch on, light switch off. Ignition on, ignition off. No reaction.

The 9000 is stubborn. So bonnet open, relay box open. The 4433801 module is extremely hot! Not good. What could have happened if you had not noticed the defect in time? I do not even think about it. Relay out, the lights go out. Insert again, the magic starts again.

Well, now I have two Saabs without high beam. Time to act.

Original and replica Saab 4433801 relay
Original and replica Saab 4433801 relay

4433801 = replica or original?

Orio has leftovers of the original stock in stock. They cost around 80,00 € and are certainly worth their money. Since I do not come to Frankfurt in the next few days, but want to move the 9000 at night, I search for Skandix. There one offers replicas for half the price. Normally, I always prefer Saab-Original, but the case is acute. Skandix delivers extremely timely, that's crucial this time.

The next day the two 4433801 relays are there. They visibly flatter than the original parts, fit perfectly in the relay box. Striking: Above a designation was ground down. What was originally imprinted? Volvo maybe? Everything is possible. The relays have been working for weeks, and if they keep 10 instead of 20 years, they've earned their money.

The replica has less height than the original
The replica has less height than the original

Anna now flies through the night without any problems. The high beam that the H1 headlight puts on the road is downright sensational for an 20 year old car. By now it's getting hotter every day. Temperatures are rising to more than 30 degrees. How does the aged, Scandinavian lady beat herself in European extreme summer?

Every car is as reliable as its owner. And if you ignore things, it will take your revenge at the wrong time. The Saab has a surprise for me, and chooses a really hot day for it.

Sequel follows…

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  • Each his personal plague ...

    Tom, since you really have a serious 4433801 epidemic, 3 identical components from different vehicles (/ model years?) Sick.

    So should we stock up on 4433801 (all with vehicles using this relay)?

    I think no, and I also mean that you, Tom, did not mean that ..!

    It's an example of how unfair the distribution of randomness is: the headlight wiper motors from Bosch all fall out (all? No, only most, I have one (!) Healthy 24 year old). Relay 4433801 on two vehicles with a total of ~ 560 tkm original without problem. The DI cassette should be in the trunk as a replacement ..: for me ~ 140 tkm without a problem.
    (No quotes from the blog or from Tom, but from the relevant forums).

    But show on one of my YS3D for me and the previous owner, the front wishbones a pretty reliable wear point at ~ 60 tkm ... normal? No, the body is straight, the driving style different, that's (m) a plague! in addition to the so far all 2 years rotting exhaust system (now Hirsch-V2A) ...

    Nice that the 4433801 error was so easy to solve with you, even if the hot relay leaves a queasy feeling with the light and ignition switched off. I'm looking forward to more electrical stories from YS3C to YS3E .. !!!

    Greetings from the deep west

  • Four million four hundred and thirteen thousand one hundred and eight hundred SAAB stories ...

    "Sequel follows …"

    Is this a promise? Was this the prelude (story #1) with Cliffhanger? Great! There are four million three hundred and thirteen thousand and eight hundred SAAB stories to look forward to ...

    But joking aside, I'm looking forward to the sequel. The note ("[...] chooses a really hot day") leaves much room for speculation. Cooling circuit, windows, air conditioning, etc. ...

    What happens after the relay?

    Even this article makes you hungry for an 9000, even though it is about a problem. If all the problems were always so easy and cheap to solve, all our SAABs would last forever!

  • Take holder or complete box from a slaughterhouse. But I do not just imagine.

  • I also drive with the Skandix replicas. I am satisfied so far.

  • The holder for the light relay does not snap on me, what can you do there

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