Orio holds his own in a difficult environment

Orio, our Saab Original Spare Parts supplier, is asserting itself in a difficult environment. The market situation is characterized by tough competition. In addition, sales of Saab spare parts are falling sharply. Unexpectedly, this does not happen, because the Saab stock is continuously shrinking.

Orio asserts himself in a difficult environment

It's shrinking slowly and not as dramatically as expected. In addition, those responsible in Nyköping have done a lot to keep the company on course.

Decline in sales of around 20%

The waning Saab stock leaves its mark on the balance sheets. In the second quarter 2018 went the Revenues by more than 20% back, The business with original Saab spare parts is declining, the new business areas can not absorb the decline. Because with the offers for other brands Orio meets a competitive market with strong competitors. The company still remains in the black, the restructuring measures of the past have a positive effect. After all, the logistics sector developed positively and has been one of the hopefuls for the Nyköping location in recent months.

Orio loses Opel as a customer

Unfortunately, an unpleasant news seldom comes alone. Was on 15. August still saw the logistics sector as the future for Orio, so came with a message 5 days after an unexpected surprise. Orio AB was previously responsible as a logistics partner for the distribution of Opel spare parts in Sweden and Denmark. With the sale of the Opel brand to PSA also changes the organizational structure, the French sent a notice to Sweden.

To the 1. November 2018 runs Opel's After Sales Distribution over PSA channels, and Orio loses a lot Volume, 36 employees at the historic Saab site in Nyköping need to find another job.

Orio will continue to compete in a highly competitive market. Against this background, it is somewhat surprising that in the Orio-exclusive Saab business some positions are vacated without necessity. Again and again, parts that are important to Saab and that are available from the competitor are not available or are being dropped off. The Swedes must be careful that third parties do not take more and more of their core competence.

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  • @ Stephen H.

    my (11 years) had a new final pot this year. The roof antenna looks gammlig and I should probably swap times synonymous. Since the plastic is blooming. Otherwise he is doing well. That an 9-5 would spoil excessively fast, I can not say.

    I have no experience with a 902. But I had a 11-9 I (EZ 3) for 1998 years. For me this is more or less a 902. Confusingly similar and SAAB's last and most recent hatchback. Quasi a 902 point 5 ...

    At that I could find no tendency to bum. Also, I have not stayed with this once. When TÜV (which was just new after 11 years), there was never the slightest defect, although in addition to the prescribed service never something was done on the box. If nobody had driven me into the rear (total economic loss), I would have very, very like to keep it.

    Basically, I would not let myself go crazy. As Tom already wrote, just drive to the test. And of course, look thoroughly and pay attention to the history. What else should go wrong? The economic risk with a used one (which one can also sell again) is small.

  • Absolutely correct. Sometimes it just needs 2 or 3 source, if Orio can not deliver anything. You should not break everything, or write. Everything works well for the age of the cars.

  • After all, there was “then everything” ...

    An 902 is at least 20 years old. Since you can see the supply even then positive, if not all parts come on Orio. The main thing is there. The comment is too negative for me.

  • The late should still be quite useful? Do the 9-5 OG also crack?

  • Personally, I would not count on it.
    Own experience. Sad but true.
    So I ordered everything from skandix.
    And my saab partners have already said that they can never say when what comes and then order in advance.
    That will not work

  • All of them are hopelessly barking away (902)

  • 902 and 9-5 OG are two completely different characters. Best to drive both to the rehearsal and then decide what your Saab heart says.
    And if you take an 902, then a copy as late as possible, the drive more comfortable.

  • Thanks for the positive comment. I'm looking for a suitable car. Preferably 902. I just love the shape. Or rather 9-5 OG as a station wagon? Unfortunately, mostly only with high mileages to find.

  • In general:

    I am counting six answers from the author here. I think he's responding to as many comments and commentators. And all of this on a voluntary basis without office or dignity ...

    At least the office and the dignity (however honorable they may be) are unofficial. I would simply like to express my thanks:

    Thanks, that's really a cool blog. Each post is a pleasure, informative or both. Thank you!

  • I can only support Tom's statement.

    There is no reason, as a “not yet Saab driver”, to fail because of the workshop question. Courage ...

    Even SAAB cooked only with water. Maybe better than other kitchens, but still. At the latest when the saddler, the dent doctor, the painter or anywhere else, then anyway all brands are together in the yard. Even the very best Saab workshop does not do that for itself.

    And for all other questions, a car has four wheels and the engine needs fuel and oil. The absolute specialist and the simply good person differ on very few questions. Mostly they are electrical or electronic in nature ...

    There is specialized knowledge, but it is limited and rarely required. Courage, Saab is really fun ...

  • Not in principle. I hold the balancing act between a freelance workshop in the neighborhood of our hangar, and the Saab partners. This works very well, also through the 4 eye principle. What the one workshop does not see, or where the wealth of experience due to a lack of specialization is not available, covers the other workshop.

  • As a “not yet Saab driver”, ask me how overwhelmed an independent workshop is with repairing vehicles?

  • Do not panic, CIM will be back! There are, according to my information, only a delivery gap which unfortunately is not so small.

  • The argument (economic efficiency) makes sense immediately and there is probably nothing to be shaken about ...

    The used car prices for all 9-5 are in the basement - especially if they don't have chrome glasses and high mileage. The low current value makes the desire for inexpensive and also for used parts grow ...

    Butchered cattle bring in more in total than a whole cow. And yet (or precisely because of that) I have my doubts that everyone (or “most”) 9-5 on the slaughterhouse could not be saved ...

    As a rule, they are in a much better position than many a 900 I convertible. No wonder, because they are younger. Nevertheless, the convertibles are lovingly welded and rebuilt over a number of years. The 9-5 is probably just too young, too cheap and often underestimated ...

    Therefore, only very little will be left in the end.

  • Yes, the CIM is a BIG problem and should unfortunately quickly decimate the Saab 9-3 inventory. Without CIM (with the exception of Skandix, no longer available in Europe), nothing works and no daily driver can wait for “sometime”. And these parts often break.

    Thank you for the great report.

  • Several Saab workshops slaughter 9-5 OG. This keeps other 9-5 low-cost alive. It must be said that many butchers look visually good, but when looking under the plate have a cruel condition. Sadly most of them are not.

  • I know a small industrial estate on which no less than 5 (!) 9-5 SC (all without face lifting) are cattle for slaughter ...

    All without visible reason. Accidental damage? Not to be seen! Interior? All with leather, chic and well preserved.

    However, parts and cables are increasingly missing here and there, where something has been removed. Logically, because it is indeed slaughter cattle. Organ donor just.

    Since Paul has been very lucky. And the more 9-5 disappear, the more valuable it will be.

  • Your comment speaks to me from the soul.

    You hardly dare to say that! Everyone agrees here that you want to maintain and support competence (the ex-SAAB dealers) and the supply of spare parts (as original as possible). Gladly also a bit against economic reason and provided with certain surcharges. But also not indefinitely against all reason ...

    That would be no longer in the sense of the creators and designers of these beautiful automobiles. In my opinion, SAABs have always been thought and constructed to a certain extent in the ecological and economic interests of the end customer as well as society as a whole.

    For some former (SAAB) partners that seems to pass either right or left of the rear part ...
    There are houses in third (!) Generation. And some things have a pricing policy that speaks a very clear, extremely selfish and completely unworldly language.

    I am not (any longer) willing to generously finance the cruises of grandparents and the grandson's Maserati with an oil change on a used car. What else does this have to do with SAAB? What about sustainability?

    It must be clear to every ex-dealer (or to be clear as soon as possible) that SAAB is not a growth market. Therefore SAAB drivers can not satisfy the growing prosperity demands of growing families. And even if we could, I do not want that. No, not so!

  • For some years, I've been watching this with the markups. It happens unfortunately, but in my opinion the exception.

    As for the fun products, Orio understood that. Something is happening, and the readers may be positive.

  • In my impression, the surcharges on the part of the dealers also depend on them. I cannot complain about “my” SAAB center in the northeast.

  • Well spoken!
    I have to agree with BORA on all counts.
    Often the same experiences made with the workshop.
    At the beginning of this year, I changed the 'screwdriver' (still Saab connected) and hope for improvement. First talks were very positive.
    I can not break my 9-5. Satisfaction is too big; I would miss something. Therefore, I will commission an overhaul of the engine later this year, after over 300.000 kilometers. Unreason? Maybe, but also sustainable. In addition, I find the model (first series) still timelessly beautiful.
    The thought-provoking with the garments, so merchandising, is great. I could still remember that the T-shirts and printed cups at that time went very well with the Saab dealer.
    Tom, “Thanks for the report” and for Orio: “Good luck for the future!”.

  • Hello friends…
    It is among other things the price policy of the workshops, which causes for the disappearance of the mark on the streets.
    The surcharges of partly over 100% on the original parts make such a car in times of extensive warranty and service for new cars, especially for Asians, uneconomic to unsustainable.
    If I need a control unit, which at Orio zBsp. 500 € but costs me to be charged by the workshop about 1000 €, passes sometime the fun of such a car. At the working hour of about 100 € no one says something. But why such horrendous serves? At some point, such a workshop should sometimes get my neck full, I think.

    Example bushings ... Rear bushings bought for around € 25 each. Paid for work € 200. What did a SAAB specialist workshop want: € 600-700.

    In the best case scenario, it becomes a total hobby and the SAAB ends up in the garage. But that's not what the car is designed for. It belongs on the street ...

    Orio should also sell over the Internet to private customers. I would suggest that you build a kind of club. Annually zBsp. 20 €. For this you get a SAAB Orio membership card with number and thus the access. In addition, there should be every year some fun products such as jackets, key chains, cups, etc. Partially as freebies, partial to buy.

    So you have the feeling to be a member of a special cause and has advantages as a SAAB fan.

    More than a car ...

    In this sense….


  • The strongest registrations had Saab D in the late 90er and early 00er years had. Later, the approvals declined rapidly. Therefore, the 9-5 OG slowly disappears from the streetscape.

  • Orio does a good job, you have to say that. Sure, there are always open construction sites, and apparently there are more lately. My Saab friend has problems with the CIM for the 9-3 II. Delivery time = at some point. But I have confidence that it will be better again.

  • You can already see them, but rarely. I have the impression that there is a strong north-south divide.

  • Why is it that you see so few first-generation 9-5s? Personally, I would always prefer a 902 - but only because I like the classic hatchback so much.

  • There are very positive trends in the community when it comes to youngtimers and classics. The bloodletting at 9-5 OG and 9-3 II - III is unfortunately still high.

  • The company Orio gave me the confidence to look for a first Saab for me.
    I hope that the company offers me the opportunity, a model like my favorite 902
    to be able to drive plus in 2018 and not to portray the purchase of an automobile from a “dead” manufacturer as an absurd idea. I would love to fulfill my dream of the Saab. I would like to support Orio then.

  • Thanks Tom for this updated status report. I think it is all the more important that if possible no Saab goes into the press. As a community, it should be possible for us to achieve the maintenance / scrapping rate at Porsche level in the medium term ...

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