Saab Instagram Action - it works!

In the beginning, the team was a bit uncertain about the Instagram idea. What if the community does not join in and lets us stand in the rain without photos? Our concerns were completely unfounded. From the start we received many ingenious Saab pictures.

Saab Instagram Action

As we had hoped, there were many different motives. Photos from everyday life with the Swedish cult brand, and photos that are so ingenious and high quality that we take the hat off! One or the other reader has understood what we are all about: depicting the Saab life; Show that the brand really has a breath and that it is not dead.

Show that we are still here!

That's why we're happy that there are Saab drivers who send us photos and take part in their Saab life. With the help of all readers and friends of the brand, a digital, lively Saab collage is created online. In a better way we can not show presence.

Of course we hope and believe that there will be more submissions. For one, Anne does not yet have all the Saab photos Instagram Uploaded, even if she uses almost every free minute. And that does a lot of fun ... On the other hand, we are counting on more photos, more participation, which should become a constant flow.

As we know, we have set up a special email address for Anne and the action:

instagram (at)

We are looking forward to a lot of Saab picture material!

Important note: By submitting the pictures, the sender agrees to the publication on our Instagram account. He assures that the pictures are his intellectual property and that we are allowed to show them on our Instagram account free of charge and for an indefinite period. When publishing, we will name at most the first name, but never the full name of the sender.

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  • 6. September 2018 at 10: 43 AM

    There are really wonderful pictures, I look in every day! The action will whet your appetite for SAAB!

    • 6. September 2018 at 11: 53 AM

      I feel the same way! The pictures arouse desires ...

  • 6. September 2018 at 12: 18 PM

    My Dick ship was allowed to serve a few weeks ago as a "taxi" for the "bridegroom parents" (father is over 2m long!) One of my friends and the bride's mother.
    They were very excited about the "space and entry". 🙂

    Let's see if I finally get a few pictures of it this weekend (and maybe then may pass on here).

    • 6. September 2018 at 1: 01 PM

      We would be glad!

  • 9. September 2018 at 1: 44 AM

    Just send a picture of my first power monster ...

  • 9. September 2018 at 10: 18 PM

    I just looked in for the first time ...

    Great pictures, cool action! That's fun. Also very well tagged. Many, many thanks to the blog team! ! !

    She should be permanently on the "Frontpage". Both, the e-mail address for submissions and the link to watch, should always be present at the very front, I think. What is the best way / the best possible implementation, I am already uncertain. It's just wishful thinking, just an idea ...

    • 11. September 2018 at 10: 47 PM

      Excuse my "ignorance of computer science", but where should this link be "watchable"?

      • 12. September 2018 at 11: 36 AM

        Ideally, always omnipresent on the home page of this blog. So at least I wanted to understand my suggestion ...

        Currently the link can be found a bit hidden at the top of this article. Just click on the light gray word "Instagram" and you can see a lot of SAAB.

      • 12. September 2018 at 12: 01 PM


        At the top (in the header) and at the bottom (in the footer) you will always find a link on the right side of each page. It's the 3. Icon (between the Twitter-bird and You-Tube) and should be a camera ...

        Just click and you're on Instagram with SAAB.

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