Saab 9000 and the EDU

As the days get hotter, the thermometer climbs above 35 degrees. High summer in Germany, and the 9000 is doing really well. While significantly younger vehicles give up in the heat, the old Swedish lady seems unimpressed. That changes on a Saturday afternoon ...

Saab 9000 cockpit with new EDU
Saab 9000 cockpit with new EDU

Older cars are no less reliable than modern vehicles. Actually, on the contrary, because they communicate with us before it gets serious. You just have to understand them. Since Anna is in my possession, she has a small problem. The EDU (Electronic display unit) in the dashboard falls off now and then. So every two or three months it stays black at the start. A slight hand edge hit on the lid of the dashboard usually helps, the haunt is over. Not the fine way to deal with a Swedish lady. But quite a few Saab 9k riders hold this like me, and most of the time it works.

EDU = prehistoric networking in the Saab 9000

Until this Saturday in midsummer. We start at the Saab hangar in the direction of home, and the EDU remains dark. Sustainable, and the famous hand-edge stroke does not help. The thing is not pleasant, because over the years the EDU has become a kind of prehistoric networking hub over the 9000. It controls the automatic air conditioning plus fan on the radiator and is thus responsible for the thermal health of the engine.

It gets hot in the interior. Very hot even, an unacclimated 9000 is barely mobile in summer. I'm sweating - but I'm much more concerned about the engine. Highway, midsummer, no cooling. That can go bad. I stop - stop the engine - wait a few minutes. The EDU flickers for a few seconds. Then: darkness. Several curses, a sweaty T-shirt and half a dozen hand edge strikes later the Saab runs again.

The climate cools, the engine moves in the thermally healthy area. Another shocking moment later on the A3, when the mice cinema turns out to be short. A blow, very gently, and on it goes. After this experience, it is enough for me. A solution must be there, thrills do not have to be.

EDU operation at Saab Frankfurt
EDU operation at Saab Frankfurt

A few days later, at Saab Service Frankfurt. Anna gets a new, used EDU, and a new onboard computer. The old EDU was never really bright, which I always pushed to the age. In reality, prehistoric networking also struck here. The brightness sensor of the on-board computer also controls the brightness of the EDU. And the sensor has been broken for ages.

After a few hours of waiting, Anna is ready for the start. Saab Service Frankfurt has done excellent work for little money. The Mice Cinema lights reliably, the on-board computer logs in with the Saab logo at the start. Predigitale animation, I just love it ... The Swedish lady makes no more ticks.

I think ... But the summer is not over yet ...

Temperatures above 30 degrees are everyday, and I thought I was well equipped with the 9k. Older cars are no less reliable than modern vehicles, I wrote at the beginning of the article. And of course one suspects, if one moves an old car over a longer period, also its weaknesses. The Saab will strike again in the heat of the day. With one difference: This time he does not surprise me. I am prepared. Seriously. Sequel follows.

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  • Only a few bloodstains are missing on the blue cloth. Maybe 2 or 3 surgical cutlery in the picture and this OP would look pretty scary finally. I look forward to the sequel.

  • Final paragraph has not been translated right.

    Therefore, check that the radiator fan resistance (attached to the inner fan cover) is correct. This mistake is common. Can be rewired and bypassed, but then the fan runs faster

  • From experiences, to old 9000 I had, needed a new thermostat, as it was not fully open & caused the engine run hot.

    9000's should always have anti-freeze topped up regularly in the radiator, as they are subject to blowing a head gasket otherwise (mainly earlier models).

    So check that the radiator fan is on the right track, have a habit of failing. If this is done, it is still controlled by the thermostat temp.

  • Still a good trip, a great Saab,

  • A similar problem I had with my 9.3er convertible with automatic. After parking and a previously completely trouble-free ride, the vehicle said no sound when trying to restart. Out of despair I have always done everything possible eg. Ignition off, vehicle re-locked, brake applied, automatic selector lever switched on and so on. Suddenly he jumped unexpectedly easy again. This happened about twice a month and whenever you did not need it. In the workshop before, I have let search the error, but without success. As the Saab jumped in principle reliable and easy. I was cursing so many times and hardly dared to park the car in explosive places. Finally, the workshop then recognized the mistake. A defective shift position sensor gave me the unwanted adrenaline rushes ... I'm looking forward to your sequel!

  • Wonderful to read. My 9-3 convertible also had its shortcomings. One by one, I had them fixed. Somehow this just belongs to a Saab. Just like in the past my Moto Guzzi motorcycles grew with the Saab with all its quirks and spleens to heart. I am looking forward to the sequel.

  • Simply delicious! I can really feel the desperation when it gets hotter! Now wait impatiently for the sequel.

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