MySaabCar - New app from Orio

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk on the blog about sustainability and living with aging cars. A look at the immediate future comes from Orio, where everything is done to keep the vehicles on the road as long as possible. The new app can be an answer to the question of how to keep analog vehicles attractive in the digital age.

MySaabCar app from Orio

Last week Orio launched the “My Saab Car” app in Sweden. With the app, available for Android and iOS systems, Saab owners can save and manage all relevant data of their vehicles. Service functions, such as a video chat, can be linked to an Orio specialist on request in order to receive rapid help in the event of problems or to forward them to the next contractual partner. In the future, the workshop can be booked online, a reminder function indicates TÜV appointments, winter tire changes or service intervals.

New app - for the time being only for SwedenThe app was extensively tested before it was released. A team of around 400 Swedish users was involved in the beta phase. At Orio, they are confident that they have developed an app with added value. “My Saab Car” is a big step into the present. Why should Saab drivers forego something that has been standard in new cars for a long time? Why shouldn't the service be digital if the vehicles remain analog? Saab Service, the bond between Orio, partners and customers is brought to a contemporary level.

This could result in added value for Saab owners, a strengthening of Orio's contractual partners, and possibly a high level of acceptance, especially among young Saab drivers. Could, because there is still a little uncertainty. We would have liked to test the app, but we can't. At the moment “My Saab Car” is only activated for Sweden. All other markets have to wait. At the moment we do not know whether there will be an introduction in Germany.

MySaabCar - analog cars in the digital age

According to KBA, 01.01.2018 Saabs were on the road in Germany on 46.719. A much smaller group of potential users than in Sweden. Is it worth adapting an app for this small group and activating service structures? The possible internationalization of “My Saab Car” would be a challenge that will certainly also depend on user acceptance in Sweden.

But she also has to do with psychology. Because she could show Saab drivers that someone is taking care of her and escort her into the digital age. It would be a pity to miss this great opportunity. A brand can live even without producing new cars.

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  • @Franken Troll,

    DSpecial is a pretty stupid name. For a Daniel who reads and writes here, who is apparently no longer 18 and seems to have more than a little SAAB experience, that may not really fit. I really hope that you are mistaken ...

    Otherwise I wouldn't understand what that is about. You don't have to read and comment here if it's beneath your own dignity. Whatever the dignity of a DSpecial, it seems to be rather very and very special ...

  • @Herbert Hürsch Not sure, but a strong guess. I read this for months and read the comments in the forum. It's a question for Daniel aka DSpecial. Maybe he confesses color, if I'm wrong I'm sorry.

  • For sure? Certainly?

    I can seldom and never unreservedly agree with the comments. But there were also those who suggested that Daniel / presumably “DSpecial” is firstly a SAAB driver himself and secondly has a certain amount of experience with certain models ...

    I think that criticism and “basic moods” that all SAAB drivers should be part of the opinion. When the point has been reached that I can no longer take it and I can't think of a good answer, then it is probably time to say goodbye to my SAABs ...

    Personally, I am still very far from that. Hopefully most of the readers and drivers feel the same way. Otherwise it would be rather sad ...

  • Daniel, aren't you the one who's so beautiful in the Saab forum under “DSpecial”…. finds? I've looked at your comments and you write about the cars too. That fits 100%! Please spare the blog from your negative mood, and if you are already raising the mood elsewhere, then stay consistent and stay away.

    @ Tom: Please remove this troll from the blog. Thank you!

  • @Daniel,

    black and white is never more ...

    We can probably assume that the creation of the App Orio has not completely paralyzed and other things happened in parallel. Maybe even the app was largely left to an intern in Orio PR? Do we know that?

    Digital natives can often work miracles in just a few simple steps. And maybe the intern drives a SAAB and just as many of his buddies?

    Who does that hurt? And where is the damage?

  • Between doing nothing and a nonsensical app, there is still a lot to do ...

  • Exactly, and it's also worth it "little group" take care of. The alternative: do nothing and wait until the last person turns off the light?

  • That's right, but that's a German perspective ...

    The app is Swedish. It is functionally reduced and the creation was simple. SAAB is much more present in Sweden than in ours. Cars have always been driven there for a long time. There are several SAABs passed on to the offspring. Even a more or less small target group must be reached.

    Maybe the app is the better, more up-to-date and cheaper way to do that for years to come? What would be the alternative? Postal delivery of print media Orio News and personal cover letter on A4 to Digital Natives? Facebook?

    The longer I think about it, the more meaningful the app seems to me. Also and especially against the background of the target group!

    But that does not change my opinion about missing functions or the distribution model in D. Orio has to move in his own interest and that of all SAAB riders even further, to correct the set course at times. Standing bearing means collision at some point. Unless both objects move away from each other. Also not good.

    The step (the app) is okay. Hopefully it was just the first of many ...

  • Which “younger target group” does Orio want to address? The Saab target group is already quite manageable. There is simply no young target group at Saab. The few under 40 or 18 year olds who want a driver's license and a Saab because the family has always driven Saab are more of a “group”.

  • These are all constructive ideas and thoughts. The criticism of comments is also understandable. The fundamental question seems to me to be a completely different one ...

    Orio is currently not at all interested in ideas for an app in their sense. As already written, I would immediately applaud “an app that would unreservedly bring added value to every driver and owner of a SAAB”.

    And as Tom wrote, Orio of course offers this service "not as a Saab self-help group, but to strengthen its own sales network."

    But what does “natural” mean? The sales model and sales trend are known. You don't have to be a prophet to foresee its finiteness. Even today, and for some time now, even Orio's exclusive sales partners (the ex-Saab dealers) are also switching to other suppliers - for example because Orio cannot replace a rusted through muffler, but the police and TÜV do not care about such bottlenecks.

    Also, more and more SAAB drivers put their hands on their cars for a variety of reasons. How useful is it for Orio to leave the drivers on the left?
    How sensible is it to court the increasingly treacherous ex-traders unilaterally exclusively with apps and an exclusive sales model?

    I think that's exactly what and nothing else is the fundamental issue. And first and foremost is the answer to this question. Only second are the requirements and the ideas for an app that would have to implement this answer meaningful.

    For example, I would immediately order a new engine cover from Orio if it were available. Silence Post with some ex-dealer, 2 hours of driving back and forth and 100% surcharge but I have no desire and it would probably not up to date - especially as any dork could snap the engine cover.

    But as I said, if this app brings joy to some drivers and appeals to the young, then it has already served a good purpose. And I have nothing against Orio either ...

  • Thanks for the comment, because I think so too.

    Saab is practically non-existent as a brand on the market, people complain about a lack of spare parts supply (which is understandable), ORIO as one of the few who are still active here continues to try to react (also) to the falling sales with new ideas ... and what's coming ... negative comments about why something doesn't work or is necessary.

    If you are not interested in such an APP, you do not need to install it ... just as everyone can eliminate the (possibly) bad spare parts situation for themselves. Submit SAAB and buy any commonplace porridge.

    If any "SAAB dealer" does not reply to a request in a timely manner, then in the future his business model will surely "siphon off" as something in the manageable scene gets around. The ORIO currently "only" has designed a small APP, the time just reminds of the next TÜV is certainly not the ultimate blast, but at least a first step. And no, I also have a direct line to my service and will surely arrange the next service appointment in a personal conversation. But what if "my" on-site service partner no longer exists? Here the APP could still show me remaining SAAB partners.
    Therefore, I will - as soon as accessible - install the small APP, alone to show a SAABverbundenheit.

    How about times instead of "whining" with constructive ideas, what such an APP would make sense / should make? And now please do not comment again that all operating parameters of eg an analogue SAAB 99 should be displayed. Although???? 😉
    Just a few half-baked ideas:
    - Long missing spare part available again in stock
    - Parts for "my" car can be ordered online for an inspection (yes, yes, the dealer does it himself 😉
    - Evaluate a demand query for a part that is currently not available and if a certain quantity is reached, ORIO will suddenly produce it.
    - ...
    Off to the keys and more suggestions please.
    Always thought SAAB drivers know no pain when it comes to the brand ... only people who only drive SAAB, I'm not so sure 😉

    Wish you all a pleasant holiday.

  • If I read the sometimes negative comments, then I'm very surprised. Where are we? In a Saab biotope, where nothing moves since 2011's lights went out? Circumstances in the world are changing rapidly, dates are booked online, problem solving in chat discussed. The Saab workshops will have to rethink, otherwise Saab in 10 years only nostalgia for old men.
    Orio prepares for the future, trying to transform the business model. The app is a start, a start. And it's a good thing that you are addressing the problems now!

  • Thank you very much for the flowers! Fits like a poke that MZ in the meantime had to admit that hackers have deducted identities in FB 50.000.000 (!). Ad against unknown was asked.

    You could comment and shake your head, but you don't have to. The incident goes without saying, or at least it should be for everyone ...

    Against this background, I also come to the conclusion that a My-SAAB-Car-App from Orio is not that stupid. It is always better than opening an FB group with the same or a similar function. For many that would unfortunately be an obvious thought ...

    I do not need them, but it's still good that Orio is using the app rather own and independent ways of testing, as the digital play instinct of SAAB drivers and their data in the hands of MZ and FB to lay. Orio alone deserves respect with the app test.

  • PS This is the official ORIO appearance in the UK, not a third party, and it is sent to end customers (in UK) ...

  • Herbert Hürsch,

    I'll join you one more time (and I've saved your analysis on FB success and the self-esteem that has been enthusiastically received as a reference for me).

    In the hope, at this point not to break the unwritten blog rules (Tom?), Here is my tip for a "direct" ORIO relationship, if no one is present with ORIO contract AND idea, as with me:

    If you have private contacts in England, you can get almost everything ORIO has at "". This also works for parts of Scandinavia, but I just couldn't find the address again….

  • If I wanted all of that, I would buy an up-to-date plastic computer - either from southern Germany or from the Mittelland Canal - and demonstrate to my better half that exhaust flap and resonator sounds only come into their own with flashing, beeping, vibrating and push messages.

    What speaks against it: A new mobility assistant I get in the flatrate only after three years, the cellphone is synonymous but after one!

    / Irony Off /
    Whether one wins with an app in relevant number Millennials who are willing to invest, I dare to doubt: who wants to participate in full networking and always the latest mass hype is wrong with (Saab) Youngtimern, technically, this is hardly implement / finance ,
    Those who enjoy the opposite: especially relatively timeless value and technical individuality, come to Saab without an app, as long as Saab is presented to him.

    Only my 2 cents!

    (Was today in my Saab workshop: engine change including revision of the replacement engine, full restoration or annual service were the current tasks, none of the car was under 250 tkm.)

  • Maybe I'm too old personally or just too different ...

    I'm not that old yet. However, if this app gives pleasure to one or more SAAB drivers, then it has served its purpose. If she even promotes the offspring, then she is again significantly better and pleased me too.

  • If something like that is built up, then it has to be hewn out immediately and be important for the customer. I do not need a digital calendar.

    Orio should eg. enable a function like eSID, hot if I want to change something in the eSID this should be possible via app.

    Via the Dogle the system can be monitored and new functions can be stored on the vehicle.

    Assuming the system recognizes that the last climate check is 3 years ago, this must be automatically suggested to the user, if I have too little tire pressure, this must be communicated to the customer, if the alarm was triggered I would like a push, I want the Programming auxiliary heating via app or remote start, I would like to get information about consumption, km-power, driving time, auto-condition, oil condition, error codes, push-message when I run away from the car and not closed, news are informed in the app , the app must be fully integrated into the system, then help, a diary (unfortunately) does not need it.

  • Thumbs up versus Alexa and many other things you write ...

    The deer tuning makes me a little sad. But I can also understand it. I only learned here on the blog that you could very well use a 9-5 NG 2.0T as a switch in Germany ...

    Hirsch himself presents it differently on his own page. For whatever reason ...

    Unfortunately, this realization came too late to buy the NG. It was just too attractive an offer to wait for this question to be clarified ...

    Anyway, my crammed chrome goggles (2.0t) is a completely different car since the upgrade. I can highly recommend. If your (ex) SAAB dealer fails on this point, I would try to get around it.

    I would contact the Swiss directly / email me and ask for an upgrade for the vehicle in question. Likewise, who in my area would be willing and qualified to install it.

  • Of course, Orio does not offer this service as a Saab self-help group, but to strengthen its own sales network. The service environment is also changing rapidly, and at Saab / Orio time cannot and must not stand still. A younger target group will see such an app as completely normal and unspectacular - and take it for granted.

  • What should the APP bring? The answer of my SAAB dealer for deer tuning I am still waiting today, despite repeated personal calls. My network is made by the SAAB-Stammtisch with personal contacts, a SAABAlexa I do not need, when I have to TÜV I see the rear license plate.

  • Hallo,
    I have a telephone and I can speak.
    What should an App?

  • Personally, I don't care at all ...

    Yes, an app is great, fun and so on, but what does it mean?

    In the end, the only thing that counts is whether you get all the parts, how you get them, where and under what conditions you get them ...

    Concerning these questions, it was stated here that Orio would not sell to private individuals. So, what advantage would I have as a private person installing an Orio app?

    Already today, the trusted ex-SAAB dealer reminds me of the next MOT, the next service via email or SMS and claims with relish that (if at all) only he has access to the parts that I may need for a long time , maybe or probably need ...

    With all the sympathy for the ex-dealer structure and the maintenance of competence, but I think that's not okay. For a long time now, one or another ex-dealer has created a second or third pillar or has taken his leave of the SAAB topic altogether.

    I would immediately applaud an app that would unreservedly bring added value to every driver and owner of a SAAB. But unfortunately I can't see the announcement of such an app in the article ...

    The description of the app seems to me as if the app was programmed solely as a homage to the ex-dealers. Driver and owner remain secondary. But maybe I am wrong? It would please me!

  • Cool, then in the future the nearest Saab workshop will no longer have to tell me that they cannot help me with my problem due to a lack of spare parts. That’s what the app does ... welcome to the digital future.

  • I would certainly like to test / use the app ...

  • I would also be happy to install the app u used

  • Please make sure! Strong idea, thanks to Orio!

  • Hi,

    The APP should definitely be made available to all SAAB drivers. That would be a strong sign of Orio for Orio and the brand SAAB. Will have mode is on!

    Greetings from Erik


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