The Harz calls ...

Sunday morning, 8: 00 clock. For normal mortal car owners an unusually early time to get up and usually I would also be in bed - and not on the A7 heading south. But with 25 degrees the summer comes up again and the good weather wants to be used again. And so the Harz calls for a small but fine private Saab meeting.

The resin calls
The resin calls. Meeting of young Saab drivers in the Harz

So it's early with the 9000 in the direction of resin. Thanks to various construction sites, the Saab is slowly rolling towards the Elbtunnel, with 70 km / h the Saab is floating in traffic, passing construction site after construction site. But after about 40 Km, the Elbtunnel is crossed and the last construction site is behind us, the Saab finally has free rein. The Golfs, SUVs from Audi and the family carriages from the Bavarian region quickly disappear in the rearview mirror.

The 9000 sets off, the A7 rushes down towards Hanover and the Saab shows its true side. At the same time, the others are also on their way to Saabs and so we come together for today's meeting from various federal states. Whether Lower Saxony, Hamburg or Bremen, also from Brandenburg and even from Hesse come the Saabs this Sunday. With a total of 660 km for the return trip, Justus' 9-3 has the furthest distance, which is what I call its commitment to the brand!

Finally, three hours later, we arrived at the meeting point, a reservoir in Langelsheim that was heavily marked by summer. After arrival we quickly find out, it doesn't get any more individual in the parking lot today, the Saabs are immediately noticeable. At the parking lot there is the first chat about the cars. From 900i to 9-5 Aero to 9-3 Sportcombi, all major younger models of the brand are represented today. When the first little hunger arises, the Swedish convoy with a 9-3 sport combi at the top in formation flight sets off on the winding roads towards the village.

A few kilometers further on, a parking lot for RV's and day trippers finally stops. The cars are parked chronologically after the year of construction and Spezi and grill sausage is further talk shop. Of course, apart from own cars, it's also about the brand, the reasons for the downfall and what NEVS has done so far, the electric mobility itself and, of course, how we came to make and model. Because the special thing about this meeting are not only the cars but also their drivers, who have taken their driving test partially when it has long been no new cars and the end was sealed in Trollhättan long ago.

After plenty of many saabigen talks it comes back to the starting point of the meeting shortly before the end. And the Saab's cause a stir again! Many of the excursionists remain slightly surprised, one or the other is even happy about the quirky Schwedenkonvoi, as it slowly rolls into the parking lot and looking in the far corner with some bubbling turbo engines parking.

Quickly one or two cold drinks / coffee as a refreshment for the sometimes 300 km long return trips, then it's back to home. In the parking lot it becomes clear that we will meet again in spring - as the starting signal for the season and the upcoming Saab Festival. We want to travel to the latter together with a kind of road trip. And even though unfortunately not everyone could be there this Sunday, the meeting impressively showed that the Saab Spirit, whether young or old, is more relevant than ever 7 years later!

And as befits "young" Saab drivers, the trip was of course comprehensively recorded for posterity. Justus has let the camera run in a few moments and a small video on his Youtube channel uploaded. From selbigem finds off the blog again and again interesting video content on Saab. With the photos of the meeting, we also participated in the Instagram campaign from the blog, all Saabs can there, but also on the profiles of Justus, Julius and Niels can be assessed in the form of additional images.

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    Too bad, would also like to have been there. We also go to the festival in June. House is already booked by 3-10.6

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      Then you see yourself at the latest in Trollhättan!

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    Thanks to Justus!

    Very appetizing video. Very good sound. Everything: at the rear of the turbo, HG music or the comments ...

    Speaking of appetite, what would have been better than watching the video was just taking part? Then you would have been able to have a say, laugh along and bite into a sausage in between. Or seen more happy faces from SAAB drivers ...

    If it should be a marketing trick that Jan_HH writes about it, but you can not see it in the video, then he has succeeded brilliantly. The feeling of or the fear of failure is a very, very strong driving force. Anyone who does not just want to be hungry for appetite, but also wants to be satisfied, must therefore join in. Yes, what else? Brilliant.

    Good article, good video. Excellent complement to each other. Thanks to both of you. It doesn't get any better! SAABs and their drivers are livelier and happier than some new cars and their lousy occupants ...

    This is documented truth in word and motion pictures!

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      I notice we should announce the next meeting beforehand so that you can all come too, the good sound does not actually come from a 900 sucker from a turbo.
      Many thanks to Jan for writing!

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        I only now understood that the meeting was private ...
        Therefore my enthusiastic ramblings of your supposed marketing. But when the next one is announced, I was not sooooo wrong 😉

        The sucker sounds great. Original pots? A nice Bil! ! !

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          Without pots 😉 a pipe to the rear not more.

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            That explains everything!

            And yet I can't get rid of the feeling that the older they are, the better the cars sound. Even if they have all the original pots ...

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      Thank you very much for your feedback !

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    Very nice story!
    ... and there is no such thing as “too young” for Saabs either !! 😉

    ... with the beginning of the video, however, I would probably have been “more careful” ... 😉

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      Well, I think in retrospect also 😀 Well now it is so online

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    Good idea! Great SAAB cinema!
    The SAAB heart beats faster ...
    Thank you.

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    It's nice to see that there are young people who care for the brand enthusiastically. Unfortunately I didn't succeed with my two ...

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    I would like to have been there.

    Please let me know next time

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    Wonderful! Such meetings. Make me very jealous!

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