An 40 anniversary, a man, a car.

1978 was a long time ago. 40 years, to be exact. But then Saab made a name for itself with a little innovation that is common knowledge today. If you ask yourself how you could survive as a small manufacturer for so long, then you will find an answer in the many larger or smaller ideas.

Previously Saab 900. He also had an interior air filter
Previously Saab 900. He also had an interior air filter. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

An 40 anniversary

As an example, the automatic seat heating would be. Or as simple things as an inner handle to close the tailgate or an interior air filter. The particle-tight interior air filter introduced Saab already in the year 1978. The Swedes described themselves as the first manufacturer who installed an air filter against pollen, soot and particulate matter for the interior as standard in a family sedan. An 40 anniversary that almost passed us by.

Air filters for the interiors are standard today. And, in the course of the discussion on emissions, a current topic even 40 years later. How clean is the air in a Saab 9-3? An important question that we investigated. The topic comes in detail in the next few days on the blog.

JP Schuhmacher at the 10 Lakes Rally
JP Schuhmacher at the 10 Lakes Rally. Picture: R. Wagenheimer

A man rides a rally

People who work in the auto industry are said to have gasoline in their blood. That may almost always be true. In the case of Orio Germany boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, it is certainly true. Orio unfortunately does not have its own tradition or rally department - but with Team Wagenheimer it is a kind of unofficial German works team.

Meanwhile, the rally virus has jumped in the Wagenheimers in the next generation, therefore, you can find more often with two Saabs at events. The 10 Lakes Classic Rally At the end of the season Robert Wagenheimer competed with co-driver Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher in the 96, Victoria Wagenheimer and Konstantin Friedrichs piloted the 99. The result for 135 participants was impressive. The team in 96 took place 8 of the ranking, the 99 drove ahead to rank 48.

A car from 27

There aren't many Saab 9-5 NG sports suits in this world. Only 27 to be precise, but these cars are amazing. A 9-5 NG Kombi Linear TTID4 has been for sale at Saab Suchomel for a few days. The world's only station wagon in laser red and a pre-production car. It has, and this is one of the astonishing features, already 203.000 kilometers on the clock. I still remember the nervousness at Saab when I was given the keys to a 2011-9 NG sports suit in autumn 5. Be careful, pre-series, handcrafted, delicate, not fully developed. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. The Saab at Suchomel stands for the opposite.

A lot of Saab pre-series in October 2011 in Trollhättan
A lot of Saab pre-series in October 2011 in Trollhättan.

The other amazing thing is the price. The owner introduces himself € 64.000. What seems expensive, and where one or the other reader could be prone to cardiac arrhythmias. Because "new", and with 200.000 kilometers less, the 9-5 was much cheaper at the KVD auction.

But it is a Saab. One of only 27 and maybe the dream of one or the other reader. And what is money? Only printed paper, totally overrated. Pictures of the station wagon are available

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    PS: When I was excited about the 9-5 NG SC, I forgot to thank Tom for the very interesting info on the Saab innovations and the pioneering and thought-leadership in so many technical innovations!

    I didn't know that Saab already had cabin filters 40 years ago and is very impressive. I still remember exactly that in the 80s or 90s there was an investigation into which road users are most exposed to exhaust fumes - pedestrians, cyclists or (maybe not) the drivers who sit warm and dry behind the wheel? At the time (after getting my driver's license from the mid-80s to my first Saab 2003) I was crazy about VW brand loyalty and quite appalled by the result, as I was exposed to the highest emissions in my - of course filter-free - Polos and Golfs (new cars!) was!

    Well, then I just rode my bike more ... 😉

    Happy weekend for all Saab fans! 🙂

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    The 9-5NG Combis are a dream, was allowed to see the black and red live several times.

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    What I noticed here, as also recently with the special US 9-5: A sales policy that probably only works at Saab: We are talking about vehicles that were partly unique in their delivery condition, partly not intended for regular sales. But what do the owners do? Parts are swapped wildly, upgraded to other equipment levels, etc. I think that for other makes this would be a point for a significant reduction in value.
    I just imagine how I paint another hat for the lady in the Picasso portrait ... because I like it better. Not that I disapprove of that in relation to the Saab, it just amazes me.

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    I have the impression that the 9-5 NG station wagons are getting more and more expensive. Good investment, what a return!

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    It's cool that this rare pearl (the NG SC) of the automotive industry has already shown a good 200.000 km flag instead of waiting for its own increase in value instead of being preserved in an air-conditioned "locker" and UV-protected. That is real SAAB spirit.

    And what would it have been to not drive him? Maybe 20-25.000 € more? So much loss of value sets mass produced in the course of the unwound kilometers on the floor.

    Despite intensive use, there is even an increase in value here. SAAB-driving for free. And what a. Just awesome.

    I think it's good and right when the “auctioned” courage of a SAAB lover pays off. I missed him back then. But I would never have dared hope that the treasures could go away so cheaply. A misjudgment ...

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      I almost forgot the (unofficial) factory team from Orio Germany about the 9-5 NG SC (sorry, but it's my dream car) ...

      Also very cool. So much commitment and enthusiasm make you wonder and hope. Since the spare parts supply is probably in very committed hands. Recently, the air conditioning for a 9000 and the compressor of sands here were the subject.

      I would imagine that in the course of the bankruptcy, one or the other suppliers (such as Sanden) has been forced to search for new and own distribution channels. That it is not so easy for Orio to offer a complete range of new and (exclusive?) Contracts and distributors?

      SAAB Spirit is apparently present. OK then!

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      A beautiful car - especially in the great laser red (which I never liked for the convertible, but just looks great with Combis!). Great increase in value, it is an absolute rarity. I am happy about this development for all Saab fans and the “soul” of the brand. But I can't help it, it always makes me sad and wistful that such wonderful cars will never be built again (which is of course the reason for this increase in value). Why did it have to happen like that? We all know the history of sad wrong decisions, the unspeakable behavior of GM and the incomprehensible behavior of the Swedish state. Everything could have turned out differently and the fantastic 9-5 NG SC would certainly have played its part in maintaining Saab. But considerations like "would have, etc." are pointless and always make me sad ...

      It remains only: Let us all take good care of our treasures and cherish and care for them !!


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