Pre-orderable NEVS 9-3 electric car in China

In China it is now possible to place a pre-order online for the NEVS 9-3 EV. The first electric car from NEVS is offered for sale for the equivalent of around € 21.600,00. As usual, details are only available to a very limited extent.

The NEVS 9-3 electric car can be pre-ordered
The NEVS 9-3 electric car can be preordered now.

The production version of the NEVS 9-3 EV closely resembles the Saab 9-3 sedan that 2003 appeared on the market. Surprises are missing, in the interior many details of the great facelift of 2007 / 08 have been taken over. The cockpit of the electric car is now completely digital, the multimedia unit has already been spotted in pilot series models. New is the moderate revision of the center console, which now also receives two USB ports and a start / stop button.

The technical data have basically been public for years: The power of the electric motor is specified as 130 KW and a torque of 280 Nm. The capacity of the battery is 45 kWh, the range should be 355 kilometers. The range is not very meaningful because it is unclear under which test cycle the data was determined. The 17 ″ tires listed in the data sheet are unusual for an electric car because they are inefficient. The weight should be 1.700 kilograms, the acceleration from 0 to 50 km / h can be achieved in 5,5 seconds. The top speed will be 140 km / h.

Questions about the NEVS 9-3 electric car

Thus, the electric car from NEVS is far from the performance of a Saab 9-3 Aero, which was once issued as a benchmark. Also unclear are many other details. There is no press release on this subject from NEVS online portal to order is the only source of information so far. It is also not clear whether NEVS has already started production. The plant in Tianjin was recently only reported as almost finished. In addition, it is not known via which channels the distribution should run.

Will NEVS sell online or through partners in China, will the electric cars go to private individuals? Originally, the 9-3 EV was to be deployed as a fleet solution for military, government and transport services. It certainly seems that an export to Europe is not planned. In the past there was talk of a small-lot production in Trollhättan, but you can not hear that anymore.

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  • That's right, “ATU” was good.
    But “small series in Trollhättan” were also good ...
    or “the moment” ...

    I always thought that we had a (final) small series of 9-3 sedans from Trollhättan long ago - it was history and after all this car was still called SAAB. Years later, where does a “grace of the hour” suddenly come from?

    Old cheese in small series and old wine in NEVZ tubes that are exclusively maintained by ATU. What a (sad) vision for a European-German SAAB legacy! Tristesse very, very difficult to beat ...

    When will we finally learn to accept the demise of the brand and cherish the SAAB heritage?

  • ... at least a sign of life! It is clearly missing an exclamation mark, even if it is just a component where you are different (better) than the e-competition. For cities with surrounding traffic, more acceleration would be good, but range and speed are okay.
    I would find small series exciting, but would (contrary to my usual buying habit) only lease an electric car. This could be particularly successful in the vicinity of Norway, possibly paired with an additional bio-ethanol heater or bio-ethanol turbine with an afterburner for recharging electricity as an option for long-distance drivers. I think that the trolls would make something out of it again… .., well and convertible and / or station wagon would be nice,… a shame-it's NEVS and not SAAB!

  • ATU ... that was good. They are not even able to properly balance four tires and then they should look after an e-vehicle?

  • Yes, we overlapped each other (see below).

    I still don't understand the driving performance. Almost 100 years ago there were e-cars that fully exploited the positive properties of e-motors - acceleration on the flat and inclines that were difficult or impossible to achieve with petrol at the time. Corresponding films can be found online ...

    But even in a contemporary comparison to other e-cars, the performance of the NEVZ remains a mystery to me. Is this forward-looking or at least competitive?

  • PS III.

    The 170 KW in the article are wrong. The car has (according to papers) 130 KW (177 PS) ...

    But that should also be enough. It's an electric car. They actually go off well because of the peculiarities of an electric motor. Just from 0 to 50. The NEVZ, however, is not. NEVZ has to do something differently than other manufacturers. Worse! What is this exactly? Translation? Transmission? Software? How does the power get to the wheels and why doesn't it get onto the road? Something is wrong with the box. Or with the data ...

  • They are 130 KW. In the first version of 170 KW was the speech, that was not true. I have corrected the mistake meanwhile.

  • I've been living with e-mobility for a while now. If the 9-3 would give it to the mentioned price, then that would be unrivaled. For this you get here only some small car with less range.
    I would buy that, at least it still looks a bit like Saab. The range is sufficient, the space is great. Acceleration, etc. I don't care much about it. You will be able to “swim along” with the thing. Everything else is contrary to the sense of e-mobility.

  • The driving performance is a mystery ...

    170 KW (231 PS) are not small. An 9-5 NG 2.0T, one of the last and youngest SAABs, had less (220 PS) at home and was not that easy either. The 280 Nm of the NEVZ has outbid the NG as maximum torque, but one must not forget that electric motors know only a single torque and offer over the entire speed range.

    So here 280 Nm from the state away. From one revolutions per minute! That's a lot better than a 9-5 NG 2,0T, you might think. Hybrids and EVs are not without reason known for their good acceleration values. But here at this NEVZ is a little different than other cars. Completely different. Why is that? Does anyone know more?

    5,5 seconds from 0 to 50 shake even relatively flabby burners with significantly less power and less torque quite easily from the sleeve. Typically, they then need more 7 or 8 seconds from 50 to 100. So 12,5 to 13,5 seconds in total.

    If the information is correct (170 KW, 280 Nm, 5,5 sec from 0 to 50 Km / h), then NEVZ must have done something fundamentally wrong! But what? And why? What did NEVZ build there?

    Just so that there are no misunderstandings. I don't want to hang myself at the top speed (140 km / h). No, this is limited for a number of EVs and hybrids. The technical necessity (range of the EVs) or the good intention (common sense and environmental protection of the hybrids) make sense to me. What does not make sense to me at all is that a vehicle with this performance data is reluctant to even reach any speed quickly ...

    Yes, what's that supposed to mean? And what do you have to do (wrongly) to slow down 170 KW and a high-torque electric motor like this? I just don't get it ...

    PS II.
    I am grateful for any advice and technical explanations.

  • 3 years ago as a station wagon at a reasonable price - that would definitely have found buyers in Europe. Today? Probably not. It's a shame about the lost opportunity.

  • The objections are justified. At least they shine so long ...

    ... until you have thought about it again.

    A Final Turbo Edition is something completely different than THE car, as THE SAAB of the future. Expectations are met in the turbo as a tribute to the past. Precisely because the design is known and turned backwards. The hood? For free!

    But the standards for a retrospectively oriented final edition cannot possibly be applied to EVs that should embody a future-oriented claim ...

    This EV could have brought SAAB before the bankruptcy on the market. Where is the performance of NEVZ? Where are added value and progress? I see administration and recovery of a legacy (not to say a corpse litter). No more. Unfortunately.

  • NEVS should seize the opportunity and not lose sight of small series in Trollhättan - I am firmly convinced that there are good sales opportunities. In addition to my two SAABs from 2002 and 2011, the shown 9.3 EV would be a good option for trips in the Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg region - an extensive test drive would of course be mandatory for this project.

    Despite small changes in the external appearance, I think the lines are still very harmonious and successful.

    ATU and, under certain conditions, remaining SAAB partners could possibly be obtained for the service.

    Let's see what the future holds - I'm very excited to see how things will ultimately develop.

  • A misunderstanding? Did Jojo perhaps mean a tesla looks 10 times better although it costs “only” 3-4 times more than a NEVS 93, didn't he? - - -

    Personally, I was also happy for ten seconds, but then realized that this joy was only due to the fact that you could (theoretically) buy something new that looks like a Saab 93 - and that of nostalgia and vague hope on the fact that this could perhaps be the beginning of a further development that would lead to being able to buy a new Saab again at some point or that the Saab “genetics” might not be completely dead ...

    Unfortunately it is! After the brief nostalgic joy, the NEVS appears to me like a zombie, made of dead parts that have been deeply frozen for seven years and zero further developed, without a “soul” - not to mention technical or design innovations!

    How did the Saab designers in the past - despite or perhaps because of the long model lifetimes - always manage to completely modernize the model with a few ingenious changes in facelifts and adapt the design to the times or even the coming years. See, for example, the few recent changes from the 93 to the 2011 Griffin version. B. the convertible is m. E. still very topical and the most beautiful modern convertible that can be seen on our streets. (and technically, for example, the engines were also very much improved).

    In seven years, m. E. Every dork screw an electric motor (with underground power) plus batteries into an old body of the 93, install two USB ports and thus create a “zombie”. (A bit exaggerated and polemical, of course.) Perhaps there will be a really good development one day, at the moment I just find it sad and embarrassing!

    Have a nice weekend with all Saab friends!

  • What you forget is that the hood had to be pulled up to meet current pedestrian protection requirements. The original 9 3 did not have that when it appeared in 2002 yet. Anyone who has seen the red 9-3 Turbo from the 2017 festival in the Saab Museum knows that this design fits in well with the higher bonnet.

    Maybe the Cadillac BLS in Turkey soon lives on as an e-car, hopefully we'll read about it here soon.

  • When reading this post, the following text came to my mind:

    "Fear Blossom, that's the name of the last, perhaps desperate, often glorious blossoming of an old tree before it dies." This is how a discussion of Martin Walser's novel Angstblüte begins. At Amazon, it says to the book: "Fear Blossom is what nature has threatened plants given. As death approaches, the vital juices rise again, the most beautiful glow is produced. "

  • True. Completely true. I'd even say it looks a 100 times better. In total that makes a 9-3 NEVZ 300 to 400 times better than a Tesla, right? At least a 300 to 400 times worth the money, right?

    Let me guess, who payed for your comment: "Uhm ..."

    Now, this is really getting ridiculous. If I was admin here, there was never any NEVZ-post again. You guys have spoiled it completely. And if this goes on, what do you think I'm gonna do? Buying a NEVZ 9-3?

    Hell no! I'd rather stop reading here and would sell my SAAB. Get the hell smarter or just keep out! ! !

  • yes, the prestanda could have been better, but you get what you pay for.
    you want to get 3-4 nevs 9-3 for 1 tesla, and it looks 10 times better.

  • YEAH, and they forgot not just about that ...

    This car has balls of steel too. Or even of depleted uranium? Whatever, it sure is heavy and acceleration or max. speed are similar to a modern tank. Maybe it was designed to knock down the Great Wall of China?

    We'll see ...

  • they forget to mention that it got phoenix platform!

  • Thanks for the information. It's nice to hear from NEVS after a long time. Of course, that does not satisfy all of us, but we should not completely give up hope.

  • What Tesla can, NEVS has long been, probably thought / copied in the Far East.
    Collect money for an “object of desire”.
    When the desired object is then at the door remains (as always) unclear. 🙁
    What I found so elegant and timeless in the SAAB 9-3 sight from the front up to now has been perfectly designed ...
    In my opinion, no new SAAB "replacement" is created, rather destroyed.
    With the price, I think more:
    impressive, for so much space and, if it's true, the range. No luxury offer, rather for the el. Mass mobility thought / planned.
    Buying stimulus? No thanks.

  • Well observed. The design is a disaster.

  • I think NEVS is missing the money to start production and now hope for many performances. Find it weak, however, what is there after 7 years as a finished product.

  • The car falls into two parts ...

    There are the front and bonnet, which with their beading and several “floors” suggest a highly potent engine under the bonnet that would not have found a place without this design ...

    You almost feel reminded of the air grabbers of just 50 year old US muscle cars.

    And at least from the A-pillar Grandpa comes then from the 1990iger years, which has to offer shortly before C-pillar and rear window, of course, a hat rack for the wobbly and toilet paper roll in the interior.

    Shame about the good genes and the interior, which is very reminiscent of SAAB. Unfortunately, all I can see is the corruption of what SAAB could have been today. But I certainly do not see a contemporary SAAB.

    The Phoenix would have been from 5,5-0 or even 100 in 110 seconds. Not at 50 ...

  • I find the NEVS 9-3 exciting. Outwardly still recognizable as Saab, but with performance below a Tesla or BMW-i level that I know. But only at half or even quarter price. Affordable electromobility in a beautiful package. Of course there would have to be a reasonably passable sales network and a somewhat more trustworthy communication from NEVS ...

  • I'm skeptical. Trust in NEVS = 0!

  • Well, I'm curious what will become of the project ...

  • That reads exciting! But unfortunately you will have to wait and see. If there was a way to buy such a car, I would be there! The ideal second car for us.

  • I like the car so much that I have saved the pictures in a SAAB \ NEVS folder.
    The fact that the performance is not as great as with the gasoline engines ... well ... is not a Tesla either.


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