Saab Instagram Photo of the month of October

It's time! We are going to award a Saab Instagram photo for the first time. And we pack, as promised, for the first time a Saab surprise package for the photographer. The picture of the month comes from reader Ken-Daniel. And if I'm not mistaken, then our Saab package goes to the beautiful neighboring Austria.

Saab Instagram Photo of the month of October
Saab Instagram Photo of the month of October

Dear Ken-Daniel, thank you for your submission. And we hope, like all other readers, on many more beautiful Saab photos. Because our action continues, and from now on we pack Saab surprise packages every month. While stocks last.

The Saab Instagram photo of the month comes from Austria.

What's in our first package? We send Ken-Daniel a Saab picture from the year 1996. A Saab Rarity, as found only in the factory or in the branches. Our picture was for many years in the factory in Frankfurt-Fechenheim. The picture shows the then quite new Saab 900 II convertible. For years, the small Swedish brand had the highest percentage of convertibles sold in the model range. Or casually formulated: Saab, that was once a convertible brand.

1996 was accordingly proud of the 900 II Convertible. The roof opened automatically in 30 seconds, a strong announcement at that time. Convertibles from Saab were a synonym for comfort and luxury, coupled with Swedish solidity and safety - a very special mix. In the package we pack some more Saab trifles. A keychain, a Saab pin and some blog stickers and ... Provided image, key chain and pin of Saab Service Frankfurt.

After the package is in front of the package. The blog crew has fun pack the pack, hopefully the readers will enjoy our action and the element of surprise. Since the 1. November we are new, all pictures published in the current month are there. Because of course we are putting together another surprise package in December. Promise: It will be something completely different.

Excluded from the action are, as always, members of the blog crew. Their pictures are, for understandable reasons, not awarded. Also invited are all readers who enjoy Saab and the Instagram Have action.

As we know, we have set up a special email address for Anne and the action:

instagram (at)

We are looking forward to a lot of Saab picture material! Send us your most beautiful photos!

And: Please send the photos individually by email, not as a download.

Important note:

By submitting the pictures, the sender agrees to the publication on our Instagram account. He assures that the pictures are his intellectual property and that we have them free of charge and indefinitely on ours Instagram account may show. When publishing, we will name at most the first name, but never the full name of the sender.

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  • 5. November 2018 at 1: 21 PM

    Very nice shot of Ken-Daniel. Wonderful, once again so many Saabs - different ages and also some rare specimens - to see like a sparkling pearl necklace in atmospheric scenery! Can you ask where this landscape is located? I would also like to take part in such an exit.

    All participants and Saab fans always good trip and many more beautiful exits! 🙂

    • 7. November 2018 at 7: 39 PM

      The photo comes from the autumn departure of the SAAB friends Saxony, which took place a few weeks ago. Since it went from near Dresden roughly towards Senftenberg / Hoyerswerda.

      • 7. November 2018 at 8: 42 PM

        Thank you for the answer and info! 🙂

  • 5. November 2018 at 5: 49 PM

    Nice that you do such actions and then consistently pulls through! Thank you!

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