Saab Inside Number 10 is here!

A small anniversary: ​​The 10. Issue of the Saab customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH is here! Members of the Saab Service Club were already able to enjoy the digital edition last Friday.

Saab Inside issue number 10 is here!
Saab Inside issue number 10 is here!

In May 2014 went the 1. Edition at the start. A customer magazine, finally again, after several years without Saab magazine. Behind every Saab Inside are many saab-enthusiastic people who take care of the content. But the real responsibility - and most of the work - is borne by Mrs. Gürel von Orio Germany. With each new issue, she grew more into her role as "editor-in-chief." She takes care of the interaction with the agency, printing, layout, shipping. At this point from my side a heartfelt thank you!

Printed copies of the Saab Inside number 10 at Orio partners

In the beginning, Saab Inside was a digital magazine. There were few prints of the first numbers, and only for a handpicked circle. This has changed, also because there was a great demand from customers and partners. The Special issue 9 / 2018 was first printed with a gigantic edition of 15.000 copies and distributed to partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And the issue number 10 is also available in large, printed edition. Notebooks have been sent free of charge to the Orio / Saab partners in the last few days.

Issue number 10 is a review of Saab's activities this year. About the successful Saab events at Saab Bredlow, dealership Himberg and Lafrentz in Kiel is reported. The team Wagenheimer with its sporty Saab activities takes some place, the appearance of Orio at the Automechanika and the troll rally of the Saab friends Erftkreis are some of the other contents.

For the first time, the editorial staff was faced with a luxury problem when creating the Saab Inside. A lot of topics, and suddenly too little space in the magazine. This was new and is proof of how many Saab activities 2018 has. The question of whether one cuts or omits texts - or extends the issue by a few pages - was decided with a heavy heart with a reduction. The magazine, a free magazine financed by Orio, would otherwise have become too extensive and expensive.

Issue number 11 is scheduled for Spring 2019, so the Saab story continues. And as always, members of the Saab Service Clubs get their edition exclusively in advance. Membership and registration are free.

6 thoughts too "Saab Inside Number 10 is here!"

  • 7. November 2018 at 3: 25 PM

    These doubly distorted chrome goggles (a photo of a photo) on the cover looks damn sexy - wider and flatter than natural ...

    One immediately thinks of a large (SAAB-9-5) coupe, that it could have been in this design and with this muzzle. And I would have liked it better than an A7 or what else could come to mind as a competitor ...

    The chrome glasses was indeed just a transitional design. Supposedly only a design embarrassment of SAAB. A life-support measure for the old 9-5, which should bridge the new 9-3 design and the 9-5 NG. In short, it was just a transitional solution and meant to be one ...

    But what a solution! ! !

    The photo of the Saab Inside cover makes quite casually, how much untapped potential in this front / in this design also has set.

  • 7. November 2018 at 7: 44 PM

    Thanks a lot to Orio for the cool and informative SaabInside!

  • 7. November 2018 at 7: 47 PM

    Finally, sometimes a chrome frame on the first page .. A super car I drive 2008 9 -5 from Frankfurt directly from the Saab branch. So far except end pot and inspection no defects (78000 km)

  • 7. November 2018 at 8: 47 PM

    Was with me already at the beginning of last week after the wheel change at the FSW in the car

  • 8. November 2018 at 10: 28 AM

    My chrome glasses have always polarized me: how ugly - crazy cool.
    Here in D I tended to the first opinion. A stay in S, with at that time "masses" of 9-5, changed my view sustainable! With every SAAB that met me then with the chrome glasses, I reconciled myself with the design. At the end of the holiday it was clear: what a cool design!
    H.Hürsch says it clearly: What potential has put in this front!
    So: take good care of the chrome glasses!
    Continue much driving pleasure with it!

  • 10. November 2018 at 5: 41 PM

    Last FR at Saab Service and what's up? The current Saab Inside, a perfect timing since the same evening was the Saabstammtisch! Ergo, 11 copies arrested and distributed to colleagues 😉

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