NEVS receives license of MIIT

Good news for NEVS has not been that many in recent months. They have rarity value, but here comes one. The NEVS subsidiary National New Energy Vehicle Co.Ltd. received the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) production license this week.

NEVS receives license of MIIT
NEVS 9-3 EV. Picture: NEVS

An important step for NEVS, because without a license there is no production. The licenses for the production of electric cars in China are coveted - and limited. The Chinese administration limits itself to a few companies. Instead of many small manufacturers, some of which operate only at the provincial level, companies now rely on a few but internationally competitive companies. The license can make some changes to the positive for NEVS. The financing of the company should be easier with the receipt of the production permit.

NEVS receives the 10. License of MIIT

So far, only nine domestic manufacturers have been licensed by the MIIT and the NDRC. These are BAIC BJEV, YUDO AUTO, JMEV, ZHIDOU, Changjiang EV, Qiantu Motor, Hozon Auto, Chery New Energy and Jinkang New Energy. NEVS is the 10. Brand, which receives the green light from both authorities.

As usual, there is no official press release. Chinese and local Swedish media report about it, with reference to NEVS or MIIT. NEVS itself reported the event on Facebook.

Completion of the Tianjin plant is expected by the end of the year. Then the production could start. An interesting answer to the question would be what will happen to the previous, non-binding orders. Are they still valid? 270.000 electric cars have been reported as ordered by various customers in the past, but this is a while ago.

If NEVS really starts manufacturing in January 2019, then you have missed your own target again. Because actually you wanted to start production in this quarter. Even if NEVS brings the 9-3 EV to market, and the odds have now improved, it is unlikely that large volumes will be forthcoming. The lack of availability of batteries, among which many startups suffer, should also limit the possible number of units at NEVS. Own battery production, already considered in the past, would be an advantage.

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  • "A swallow does not make a summer" ...
    NEVS has lost its euphoria!

  • All automakers are working on electric vehicles and they have much more equity than NEVS, so I do not think NEVS will sell a lot of electric cars.
    Ne marketing department seems to be probably not to give, the website has long received no update.
    Let's see how long that is still good with NEVS.

    • Since when did something go well with NEVS? So far, this was rather a chronology of bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps ....

  • I see no chance for NEVS. Too much time has passed, nothing has happened.

  • The 10 licensees do not read me like a who-who-who of automotive engineering ...

    The provincial level is the one. The national level something different. China is big enough to enable growth and profits for 10 brands, with no need for export.

    That was the case in the European automotive industry. After WW II a lot was possible in many nations. SAAB and Volvo have remained almost independent of exports for at least two decades. They have grown solely on national and all-Scandinavian demand. A tiny market was big enough ...

    Anyone who seriously believes that he could (and soon) buy a new SAAB car and that this would then come from China, in my opinion, understood nothing. European customers enjoy about as much priority at NEVZ as cockroaches in a kitchen or a crop on the neck.

    And who knows what a NEVZ is in 10 or 20 years? What does this (Chinese) brand then have to do with a (Swedish) SAAB? My interest in NEVZ has already gone out.

    Recent comments here and the free flight of thumbs (very much in favor of NEVZ) also raise the question of whether there is a professional-commercial influence on the opinion? Suddenly, commentators appear that have never been heard about SAAB. In more or less good English, they pay homage to Brand (NEVZ) and Model (9-3 EV). And in an unprecedented number that would not generate a single post on the subject of SAAB, the thumbs suddenly fly wildly up and down, depending on whether a comment shows approval for or skepticism towards NEVZ ...

    For a SAAB blog, I find it very remarkable (and suspicious) that a brand other than SAAB lets the emotions go higher than SAAB itself ...

    • Well Herbert, that's the world. The "new" commentators are generally unique. They are usually filtered automatically, only a fraction appears on the blog.
      As far as the 10 select brands are concerned, BAIC and Chery are already big numbers, and the rest is barely known to me either.

      • Yes, that's how the world is ...

        That was not a criticism of the blog. No, that's great, fun and you're doing a great job. Thanks a million for everything.

        What annoys me is rather a lack of awareness (stupid new German for lack of awareness) on the part of readers and commentators. Not everything can be filtered automatically. However, when Indian commentators (2 comments and 40 thumbs up for 0,99 $) help a Chinese car to better its standing, that's still better than the current US president.

        What surprises me is that this blog is a target for NEVZ at all. It has apparently been decided that the European market and production in Trollhättan are not part of the business model. As the only valid explanation remains probably only the reach of this blog: Beyond The Great Wall of China 😉

  • Strange that The production has not started in Thn, where they do not need any license and evrything is ready to go?

    • Used to be ready to go ...

      Did not NEVZ ship major parts of the production line out of Thn?

    • Excluding the production line ......

  • A big success for NEVS but we will not have to expect here in Europe that these cars will be produced for export. This production is only for China.

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