Saab Aero X and NEVS Saab Turbo Prototype

I am always happy when a company discovers Saab. It gets really exciting when a new supplier of model cars rushes to the topic and starts with real exotics. The niche in the niche, so to speak, has discovered DNA collectibles for itself. A young company from Switzerland that is internationally positioned.

NEVS 9-3 prototype and Aero X.
NEVS 9-3 prototype and Aero X.

The DNA Collectibles is managed by the Confederation; is produced in the People's Republic of China, and international shipping is via Hong Kong. A global division of labor is now considered normal, miniatures travel around the globe until they reach the receiver. Nevertheless, I was very excited when I got the Aero X and the NEVS 9-3 Turbo prototype on the table.

NEVS Saab Turbo Prototype

The models are made of resin, and they are not exactly cheap. With around 52,00 €, the NEVS 9-3 Turbo prototype plays in 1: 43 in the higher price league. Since one already has a certain expectation. It will not disappoint, and those who have a sense of the small things in life, who comes at unpacking at his expense.

The miniatures are elaborate and safely packed. After a transport packaging you come across a bag made of fabric with product tag and DNA logo. The bag should also serve to clean the miniature, a small, nice detail on the edge. The NEVS prototype comes in a Plexiglas display case and is fixed on a Plexiglas plate. Color and details match the original that is parked in the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. The proportions are exactly executed, the miniature is very consistent. It makes you hungry for the original, and I'm sorry that NEVS did not have the courage and the means to produce it. Inside, the Saab logo on the navigation system emblazoned; it gives pleasure to look at the NEVS Saab turbo. The love of detail and the will to perfection are visible and perceptible.

DNA Collectibles Aero X

Another caliber is the Aero X. DNA Collectibles delivers it in the scale 1: 18 - a representative miniature. Like the models in 1: 43, the Aero X comes packed in a complex way. However, he is not sent in a Pexiglas showcase, but travels on a double executed Plexiglas plate. Unpacking is also a pleasure here, the Aero X does not disappoint. It costs 157,00 € - and offers some dream car potential for the money.

Shape, scale and details are correct. The Lightbar at the rear is ingenious, the Brembo brakes are executed in detail, the view through the panoramic roof like. One more word: it is not easy to reproduce the interior and the special materials used by Saab. Who knows the original, will agree with me. DNA Collectibles tries that - and does it well. The Aero X is an eye-catcher for the desk, the showcase or any collection.

Two miniatures from Saab, I like both. They are dream cars that were never to be bought and never will be. As the third Saab, which I have not looked at, the Swiss deliver the 9-3 Viggen as a convertible. All vehicles are strictly limited and the consecutive number is noted on the base plate.

Dream cars for the showcase

The quest for perfection and exclusivity can be felt in the miniatures. The prices are in line with the requirements of DNA Collectibles. However, if you strive for perfection, you must also put up with criticism. The headlights of the Aero X could be a little bit more colored to match the original. And the Saab logo on the multimedia system of the NEVS Turbo prototype sits at the edge of a millimeter at an angle. This is Mäkelei on a very high level. The NEVS prototype and the Saab Aero X are, like the originals, dream cars. In this case for the showcase.

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  • Black Froday and Cyber ​​Monday gave 50% to the two DNA models

  • Although expensive, but Saab story you can put in the showcase

  • To all who are interested and to whom the original price of DNA collectibles was too high:
    the model of the Aero-X is on today's "Black Friday" for half (CHF 89,50 + shipping + possibly tax / customs) to have, I paid a few days ago twice that. Personally, I can not say anything about the quality, it has not arrived from Hong Kong yet.

  • Thanks Elmar!
    A happy Saab relationship is now nothing in the way ...

    Greetings Jan

  • Hello JanV,

    Poster and canvas are available again.


  • Customs and VAT come, depending on the country, of course, when shipping from Hong Kong.

  • Tom, many thanks for this advice!

    I already missed the Saab model story poster of ORIO about Stephan-Individual, because I simply took too long to make a decision (at the first look at the page posters and canvas were still available), my partner scolded me in hindsight ...

    I just ordered the Aero-X for the night-time from Honkong, now I get a (miniature) Saab Aero-X for Christmas !!! He is the only car in front of and next to which I felt that I could take photos at the Saab Museum two dozen times ...

    Keep Saabing

  • All you need to do, is dream ......

    Put your model Saab under your pillow at Xmas, pray hard, and on 25th December a real one stands outside your home ....

    We can all hope ... .. !!

  • The 2. view:

    The interior of the 9-3 Turbo is the sheer madness of detail ...
    One to 43 is just twice as big as the thumbnails of HO railroad cars (1: 87).

    It is fascinating what is possible in this size and nice that it is implemented for SAAB. The "criticism" of a crooked lettering on a display in the vehicle interior is truly "Mäkelei on a very high level".

    Now I'm curious to see which other SAAB model is being worked on and to what scale.
    Very cool that the blog also reports on miniaturized (SAAB) delights.

  • Hello Tom, € 52 and € 157 okay. But what about the shipping costs, customs fees, etc.?

  • Thanks Tom, for this information. Will see direct because this prototype looks very good. Maybe I have a NEVS model between all Saab models :).

  • Sorry, but at Griffin Models the standards are often wrong. The 9-5 NG SC is also borderline goodwill and as much as I am pleased about the engagement, I am so annoyed every time I bought another one (for really expensive money).

  • DNA Collectibles is working on another Saab model. You can stay excited 😉

  • Hello Tom ... that was not nice now. I'm reading Aero X, company, production ... order already internally, clarify a suitable financing budget with my bank ... and then have to read ... only in 1: 18. Cry.
    Okay, if I wait a few more years and pour it diligently, there should be a lot more out of it. Or?
    Where can I buy the baby version? Did I miss a link because of all the anticipation?

  • Cool ...

    But what to take? The SC or rather the 900 Enduro or even the 96SS or just all?
    That would not be a cheap pleasure. But thanks for the info!

    What is the 96SS doing today? Years ago, there was a very delicious article about this insane project to turn one of the most innocent SAAB into a nasty monster. What are other positive and crazy SAAB-inspired motorsport projects doing?

  • Always nice to see or read when there is something new from the Saab world. Especially if other companies are discovering Saab as a niche for themselves. I'm seriously speculating that I should not buy the model of the Aero X, but it would fit perfectly with the book. Almost as a perfect combination.

    As already mentioned, a model for the NG SportCombi would be an idea for another model. He awakens with me similar desires as the Aero X. So he would make it at least as a model on the market, and 6 years later, you could meet the dream of 9-5 - if only as a model, but at least.

  • Very chic!

    The models would probably also find their buyers in 1: 1 and fully functional, even if they came from China ...

    Would the Swiss company behind DNA, would fit like a fist on the eye. The connection SAAB and Switzerland (Hirsch) would not be new and the handling of DNA is a hot topic in the SAAB community.

    Nice that in the world of model cars is more possible that at least to scale scaled (SAAB) dreams come true!

    Missing only a model of the new 9-5 SC and DNA would have a nice Quadriga on offer ...

  • Thanks to Tom for this very nice report! You always get such a small feeling of happiness, if there is any "sign of life" - at least the fans - our beloved Saabs, or even three new cars are available for purchase. 😉 In fact, consider adding the Viggen Cabriolet model to me, although I had only one 93 I and one 93 II (before the outer facelift) on (big) convertibles and now a Griffin MY 2012. Such a "real" (outside, inside and changed Euro 5 engines) Griffin convertible as a model, that would be something! 🙂 Do you know if something is planned? Would be pretty rare. How many were actually built at all?

    LG and all Saab fans have a nice week!

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