Yes, honestly, we are still here!

10 years, after Saab brought the last time quantities among the people, the brand disappears from the public. Saab driving is more exotic than ever, but yes, we are still here. Time for the short reports from the scene and the quarterly figures of Orio AB.

Saab at the Retro Classics Cologne
Saab at the Retro Classics Cologne. Image: Richard Holtz

In October, 20 Saabs will meet in Erfurt am Domplatz. The weather does not mean it's good, it's rainy and cloudy, it just has 1 degrees outside temperature. The Saab friends from Thuringia are showing their flag, the Erfurter Allgemeine honored that with text and image on page 21. But they are still there, writes the editor. Yes, the Saab drivers are already an amazing people.

Saab in the Erfurt general
Saab in the Erfurt general

Saab at the Retro Classics Cologne

It's not only the Stammtisch and regional exits, but also the 1. German Saab Club ensures that the brand is not forgotten. Last weekend it was time again. The Retro Classics Cologne took place in Cologne. The club was there and showed two beautiful Saab 900.

Anyone who has missed the appointment in Cologne, gets the opportunity in December to visit Essen. In December, the Saab and the Subaru jointly present at the Motor Show their treasures in hall 2, booth D23. The big show in Essen takes place from the 1. until the 9. December.

Quarterly figures from Orio

Orio fights with sales declines, but holds its own. In 3. Q1 2018 sales fell by 20%, especially the North American market was weak. The result slipped slightly into the red, Orio showed up at the release of the Quarterly figures nevertheless optimistic.

After the end of the logistics services for Opel, the costs were adjusted at the Nyköping site and 36 employees were terminated. 22 have already left the company following negotiations with the union. However, the outlook is positive, as Orio has been able to win more customers for the logistics center in Nyköping, and the trade in car parts from other brands is also developing well. However, growth is not enough to compensate for the decline in the traditional Saab business.

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  • 21. November 2018 at 12: 00 PM

    I think it's really good that SAAB drivers and enthusiasts are flagging in Cologne, Essen or on the cathedral square. And think it's great that the Erfurt General reports about it.

    So I do not want to get into pondering and philosophizing, which is so extraordinary that cars can be more relevant and useful than 7 years, or why some cars are like that and others are not. Saab drivers know the answer anyway. There are usually others who worry about redundancy, obsolescence, scrapping and exchange premiums.

    Shall they do and do. I find it very relieving and soothing to be out there and not having to make a bet on every sow that is driven through the village.

  • 21. November 2018 at 1: 33 PM

    A reason to get more existing Saab vehicles and to spend in case of problems in the Saab dealer. I get my Saab 900 1990 built in the best condition, as well as my Saab 9-3 convertible year 2005. I also benefit from my Saab Club in the Netherlands, which is reporting increasing membership, and younger people joining the club. Zambian greetings from the Netherlands. It is always a pleasure to move these vehicles.

  • 21. November 2018 at 5: 13 PM

    How about an online shop for individuals at Orio? Here, the decline could be cushioned a little. Or at least a homepage, which would show what Orio sells Saab parts and how the inventory is. So you would not have to go to the "Saabgarage" first
    to learn something. (Or having to deal with an unmotivated vendor / warehouseman)
    In addition, the "right" Saabgarage melt like snow in the sun, that is, the customers of Orio are less every year, not only the Saab driver. Worth a try. Or?

    • 21. November 2018 at 5: 21 PM

      These are my thoughts! For Norway, Sweden, UK us that's it. Not for Germany, Switzerland and Austria? Why?

    • 21. November 2018 at 6: 08 PM

      @ Matt & Schwarzer Saab,

      full score for your comments. Orio's exclusivity and partnership has long since been terminated. First and foremost by the EX-SAAB partners themselves, who in the interest of their customers had long had access to other distributors and suppliers in order to keep one or the other SAAB going.

      Since it would only be good and logical if Orio in turn would sell to private. Otherwise, simply threatening an accelerated reduction of the stock and thus also of Orio's potential sales.

      But a win-win situation is defined differently.

      20% compared to the same period last year (so the message is probably to understand) I think dramatically.

      • 21. November 2018 at 7: 10 PM

        The decline in sales is certainly not without, but they are predictable and calculable. The real surprise is the time. I would have expected it earlier.

        As far as the online shop is concerned, Orio D has been part of the specialized trade and the workshops. That was correct in the past and only consistent. Unfortunately, the network is getting thinner and thinner, and there are fewer and fewer workshops dedicated to Saab and Orio. The topic is tricky, the future will probably have to bring an online shop for D too. Sooner or later.

        • 21. November 2018 at 8: 00 PM

          Did the numbers in D-approved SAAB also fall by 20% within one year?
          That would be an interesting reference and reference.

          My gut feeling is that the bulk of all SA approved in DAB is not compatible with an exclusive distribution model. Either the cars are no longer young (and exclusive) enough or not yet old (and exclusive) enough. Both would contradict the definition of mass ...

          Of course, the term mass in SAAB per se is relative. Anyway, Orio should not refuse SAAB drivers in their own right - no matter what model it is and no matter if it's being serviced in a local workshop, privately or at the nearest EX-SAAB dealer ...

          Every SAAB is a good SAAB. Also and especially for Orio ...

          • 22. November 2018 at 11: 21 AM

            The German numbers are unknown to me. The fall of 20% is an average. I would assume that it is higher in North America, lower in Germany.

          • 22. November 2018 at 12: 40 PM

            Thanks for the AW.
            But I meant the number of approved SAAB ...

            The development of the stock seems to me to be the only meaningful and objective yardstick for the performance of Orio. So a comparison of the decline in vehicle stock vs. Sales decline at Orio.
            Whether global and average or based on a particular country, I do not care.

            Is the development parallel or shrinking the SAAB stock significantly faster or slower than Orio's sales? Does the blog team know what?

        • 21. November 2018 at 8: 04 PM

          Thanks Tom, understand. Of course it's not easy for Orio. It would make SAAB life easier for me if I could order directly.

  • 21. November 2018 at 8: 33 PM

    Nice that Saab is still represented at trade fairs.
    In order to bring Orio more sales, the Saab drivers would have to make the service at the workshop with the 3 letters or at independent workshops Serive, finally at a real Saab workshop. The Saab will thank you

    • 22. November 2018 at 10: 39 AM

      Well, my job is not to feed any FSH. I bring my vehicle to where I get the best performance. In the case of my 9-3III, this happens to be a long-established Saab dealer (still nice with a complete Saab-Scania coporate identity).
      With the 901 I do a great job with Saab workshops. Since I go either in a free workshop whose owner has worked for the weddings of 90 / 99 and 901 at Saab as a master or to an absolute 901 specialists.

  • 21. November 2018 at 10: 07 PM

    Very much like Ken-Daniel! Bring my 9-5 always to the friendly dealer in OWL .. because I do not want this even disappears from the scene!

    • 22. November 2018 at 10: 55 AM

      In principle, see it as you do (Ken-Daniel & Schwarzersaab).

      Have been driving SAAB since 20 and have never had anyone wait anywhere else than at Saab specialists.
      For repairs, however, the following restriction applies:
      I have never voluntarily (!) Else repaired elsewhere than Saab specialists.

      With a 9-3 and a 9-5 there was ever a situation in which there was no other way. On Bornholm (DK) or in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, I had to seek help from Opel for lack of SAAB representations.

      On the 9-3, a radiator hose was broken (you can change it yourself) and the 9-5 identified a broken plastic part as the cause of power loss and the lit warning light. I think it was the turbo's by-pass valve. It was replaced by a used GM part and exchanged for a new SAAB original part at the next service.

      So I had to pay for this repair twice. What for?

      If Orio were to supply all workshops and privately without reservation, we SAAB drivers would have a much denser network of workshops and an improved possibility for self-help. It would be nice, even in the event of a breakdown immediately resort to brand new original parts, although the next SAAB service is too far away ...

      I put even more value on the everyday and travel fitness of my SC. Would be nice if Orio would support this in all its aspects. Unfortunately, the current sales model does not ...

      • 22. November 2018 at 2: 08 PM

        Orio or FSH are not the only ones selling the original parts. You can also order these at Skandix or Sweden parts.
        Ordering directly from Orio is therefore attractive because many parts are there clearly! cheaper than ordered via the FSH. This also applies to the third party as I was just able to determine: I need a new rear bumper due to damage. The price for the unpainted original part at FSH is approximately equal to the price for the factory-painted original part for Swedish parts in action. Fortunately, the opposing insurance pays

  • 22. November 2018 at 8: 14 AM

    How peacefully it goes here, if it is not about NEVZ ...
    That is really very and very positive.

    I'm currently counting 36 thumbs for comments above and not a single point down. SAABS UNITED.
    Have a nice day with all SAAB drivers.

  • 22. November 2018 at 7: 07 PM

    The "problem" with Orio, I can not really understand, the Saab density drops steadily (comprehensible) - Orio, of course, the sinking sales. I think the time to stick to the sales strategy - to sell only to affiliated dealers - should be revised as soon as possible.
    Where is the problem - the private customer to sell the parts in an accessible for each online shop at the normal final price!?!?
    The affiliated dealers would still their margin through their agreed terms fully preserved.

    Incidentally, the meeting on the Erfurt Cathedral Square was "only" the starting point for this year's traditional autumn departure of the SAAB Friends of Thuringia ...

    Lg. Thomas from Mühlberg

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