Saab Blog Mission 2019?

The blog started in 2011 and is now almost 8 years old. A long time - and a lot for a blog. Usually private social media projects last less than 5 years before they are stopped or gently passed away. Much has changed in recent years, and the basic conditions under which the blog was created no longer exist.

Saab Blog Mission 2019

If in 2011 it was the pure survival of Saab Automobile AB, which we had made it our priority, then it was the continuation of the Trollhättan location. And with that, perhaps a comeback of the brand. All of that broke up. At the latest since the Chinese dismantled and shipped part of the plant, it has been clear that there will be no rebirth in Sweden in the near future.

Phoenix from the ashes, that was wishful thinking and fantasy. More hope and will, and it could have become reality, had Trollhättan found an investor like the brand in Gothenburg. Reality is merciless, and after more than 7 years the question arises of how to proceed. In the early summer of 2018, the blog team agreed that we would say goodbye to our readers at the end of the year. The daily struggle for readers and topics, the increasing effort with the shrinking number of readers and the budget, which wears everything down.

The years have been good, it was fun, but it's good.

That was the summer and our decision was firmly cemented. In principle, at least ... To my great astonishment, almost 2018 people still read the blog every day at the end of 2.500 - when an article appears. That's a lot for a site that reports on a brand that no longer exists. And which in principle can no longer generate great sensations. The small manufacturer from Trollhättan still has friends, and there are obviously people who like to read Saab.

Meanwhile, Mark and I are of the opinion that we want to hang on to it for another year. For the first time as an attempt, not as a promise. An attempt because it is not clear whether we can think of interesting topics for 12 months. Also because it is not certain whether we will get another budget together for 2019. And also because our automotive situation has changed. Mark is on the road with the other Swedish brand for work. I will change soon as my mileage increases. Mainly because it has become clear to me in the last few weeks that I don't want to “use up” a Saab for the big kilometers.

Saab, from a certain date on, that's a hobby and preservation and maintenance for both of us. Cars for leisure, sun, relaxed driving. 7 years after the end of the brand, and a step that many readers have already taken.

We will ask readers for a blog donation from next week. We do this once a year, in the hope that our work will be rewarded and that we can secure the site for another 12 months.

If we are successful with this, then we would like to go on the Saab Blog Mission together with our readers in 2019, and use the coming months to maybe distribute the blog responsibility on more shoulders and to rejuvenate the team. It is unclear whether we will succeed, but we think it is at least worth a try.

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  • Hi Tom,

    Next year, the announcement of GM Saab to close. At that time there were many support Saab Convois worldwide. Maybe the memory of it is worth a small series of articles? A few pictures, etc. Can I contribute too.

    Greetings Cetak

  • Please continue! Your posts are the highlights in my inboxes. Of course, I also participate (again) with a sum of money.
    The thought of only viewing a Saab as an exhibit and no longer as a “commercial vehicle” shocked me a lot! I enjoy driving the car and I don't want anything else! And my 9-5 station wagon is well prepared for the next 100.000 km - at home on long journeys (not in the garage)!

  • Today I was buying a bed for the granddaughter. At the camp, “I hope to get everything on the car”, grins.
    What are you driving?
    While inviting, he came to the smoking break after.
    I have the 200 tkm in the n
    9-5 cracked.

  • I'm in ... ..

    How about a globalization of Saab blogs where we link together.
    There are still a few in the USA, you could do live link ups, sharing their pics and events with those of Europe, etc ....

  • I honor your suggestions, but I don't think the blog team is holding back good news from Trollhättan and needs to be encouraged to take it into consideration ...

    If there were any, and as soon as there were, you as a reader of this blog would definitely be one of the first to hear about it. I'm very, very sure of that. We readers are therefore very well advised to take everything as it comes here and for as long as possible and, preferably, well beyond 2019 ...

  • I can only agree with the commentators and add something from my point of view: In any case, please illuminate the development of NEVS regularly. Perhaps in the coming months news will become visible there that one would no longer have expected - for example small series production in Trollhättan or interesting new developments of electric vehicles packaged in a beautiful design. The origin would somehow have to do with SAAB automobiles - regardless of this, one shouldn't lose focus on the generally somewhat more rapid development towards e-mobility. Here, too, it pays to think outside the box.

  • Many thanks also from me to the blog team! and I'm ready too ...

    Another thought:

    At the beginning of 2011 it was about the new beginning of Saab - independent! -, later then unfortunately about survival, and even later about what the administrators do with the estate; Then at some point came the sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker NEVS contractions.

    At first there were (for today's conditions) many Saab and a large community, saabsunited called as a lighthouse, in addition to many other German and englichsprachigen forums and blogs.

    As you, Tom, already stated in the blog: 10 years after the last volume year and almost 7 years after the last Saab new car, it is getting “lonely”, the website is getting smaller and smaller.

    But just as the number of active websites decreases, the importance of for enthusiastic, active Saab drivers increases. As a regular, cherished companion who, in addition to and after the driving experience, also illuminates other aspects of driving on the Saab, as an unchanged active “lighthouse”.

    Not that you misunderstand me: life is too short to deal with things you do not like and everything has its time!

    (my word for sunday)

  • Hello Tom & Mark,

    First of all thank you for always great contributions!
    Even as an "old Saab driver" is always something.

    I can certainly guess at your effort, but I would regret it very much if you stopped your work ...

    My financial contribution is already waiting for the announcement of the Kto.-number.

  • How about a section for the “maintenance” of older Saab - their minor repairs and special features to continue to provide fresh content? 🙂 I know this is a lot of work. Maybe this thought has already been made up in the blog team?

  • Many thanks for the first, original Frankish donation! But I did not have to be 😉

    I have already registered the views of the SC!

  • I am also one of 2500 and I read the blog from Sweden. There are still SAAB fans and we like to read

  • I think the blog is great and read for several years.

    Technically posts like the air filter or this with the Koima compressor are absolutely top.

    But I also find topics like NEVS and its developments and setbacks extremely interesting, because there is still a spark of hope there, even if it is only a 2nd car….

    NEVS even gave a like on Instagram yesterday 🙂

    So stay tuned and keep up the good work!

  • So the photo for the post looks more like SAAB mission 2030 😉

    The number of subscribers also seems to go up. When I subscribed to 2 months ago, it was 1.075. Now it's 1.090. This corresponds to about 5,1% growth per year. Not bad.

    Fear for the blog and understanding for its creators is nonetheless present. 8 more or less monothematic years with no good news is a long time. The (business) crime thriller is written and read. The outcome, victims and perpetrators are known. The search for clues by forensic scientists uses DNA tests to uncover more SAAB traces on 1:43 models than on new cars ...

    From the reader's perspective, I can only say thank you and that I am not worried about topics. I'm always learning new things here and always have new questions about SAAB ...

    Also the view over the edge of the plate I find always exciting. In a reader's contribution, historical Lancias alongside 96 have been featured as part of their own fleet, and when Tom reported a Subaru experience, there were clear comments from SAAB drivers who apparently own at least one Subaru in addition to one or more SAABs.

    As more frequent views beyond the SAAB horizon make the creators of this blog enjoyable, keep them happy, and extend the life of this blog, please look as far and wide and where you want to go. The main thing is to continue with this great blog!

  • Tom and Mark, Haette almost got a hard stop when I read the first lines. But then came this liberation; it still goes on. What do we do without this blog, But congratulations with your decision because we understand how much work there is. And I'm determined to donate again so I can read about Saab and its Saabists almost every day.

  • An article that makes you sad and makes you think. Almost everything that does not maistream is the creek. In my life there are so many good things that have disappeared in the soge of the feeling of the whole world. The present arbitrariness is just sad.
    Saab as a brand and especially Saab as vehicles are simply unique. I will drive my mine and care until it does not work anymore. And if the Saab blog accompanied me mentally that would be great. A donation is self-evident for me. I will also be happy to contribute again and dig up a Saab story again 🙂

    So I wish that it continues with the blog. All the best to the famous blog team!

  • Hello Tom! You just want to scare us, don't you? And if you don't keep going, I'll buy your SC ...
    The (2) donation is already on my desk. LG. from BA!

  • I am also back with a donation and would be happy if it continues. Where else does the Saab community get to hear about Saab. It's getting less and less in the press, and even the magazines dealing with classics are increasingly forgetting Saab. I notice that my archive is only slowly updating. A few articles from you or other blog friends will help. Have contributed to it several times. Please continue and thank you for the past years.

  • I also find it more than appropriate to support the blog with donations / membership fees. Wait for the publication of the bank account. Greet the community.

    The Lizi

  • I can understand that, if you turn the key after almost 8 years and want to go. The perspectives are bad, or not there at all. It's just down the hill, not up anymore. To preserve and to keep from forgetting is the motto! For Tom, that might not be enough, he is still too young (I suppose) to be satisfied with that.

    I hope the blog keeps on going and the creative ideas stay with us. Because what would SAAB drive without a blog?

  • Dear SAAB blog team, thank you very much for your commitment and please continue, because I am also one of 2.500 who is always happy to read something from you. SAAB has always been different and should remain so, even if the daily drivers become fewer in traffic. I know many who are enthusiastic about a SAAB, but have never been able to buy one, and keep asking myself what it's like to drive a SAAB. I always say, well, SAAB, unconventional, reliable, different. It is all the more important to keep SAAB's thoughts next to the cars. … Be different, go other ways… Best regards, Ralf

  • Many thanks from my side for the reports and stories written with passion. Your commitment keeps the Saab community together and lets the brand live on. I regularly check the blog and look forward to all the information about Saab. I will be happy to transfer my blog donation for your work next year.

  • Dear Saab Blog Team,

    as a regular reader, I thank you for your work and commitment. I have been driving SAAB since 1992. 900, 9000, 9-5 and 9-3. Currently only Saabrios in pretty colors. I would be happy if the blog continued to exist and would be very happy to support your work.

    A SAAB is a SAAB is a SAAB!



  • The East will also donate again so that it continues. Every contribution, every video is important, especially as soon as a brand no longer exists. If 2.500 users announce their personal Saab story (s) on the blog, that would certainly provide reading material for many more years. The topic: “Saab in everyday life” also concerns me increasingly. Should I continue to use my 9k in everyday life or should I switch back to a company car? At 60.000-80.000km / year, the solid 9k also reach their limits at some point. Maybe in the foreseeable future I will have to switch my private cars to low-cost mode - Walter Röhrl once announced in an interview that he can only use his beloved Porsche classic cars in absolutely dry weather and max. 25-30km per movement lap! Perhaps a good strategy to keep this going for as long as possible. But that again would not be good business for Orio & Co. And here the argument begins to turn in circles ...

  • Moin Tom, moin Mark and the other "good spirits" in the background ...
    Yes, the thoughts that came to 2018 are more than understandable,
    even without SAAB's the articles are emotionally written and are a pull to the blog,
    there are certainly (!) still open stories from Trollhättan,
    there is commitment to the brand in Sweden, NL, D, CH etc…. that are worth a report,
    There is valuable information about value retention and
    of course the fact that a SAAB blog article is a fantastic invitation to dream ...
    and the little black one tastes particularly good with it ... 😉
    I am looking forward to a continuation in 2019 and I would like to transfer my blog donation! 🙂
    All Mitlesern a good accident-free ride, with and without SAAB in front of the door!

  • I thank you for your commitment in this matter.
    And I'm one of the 2.500 who read and browse the blog. Your “stories” are interesting to me because I don't own a Saab and unfortunately I can't afford one at the moment either (but would like to do it sooooooo much).
    And because I don't have one of my own, I “auctioned” a few models when you closed your shop. So I can look forward to my little Saab corner in the office every day 😉
    So please continue.
    Thanks and regards

  • Please account number, I'm here. Would be a pity if this blog would disappear. Great work great stories and yes I am One of 2500 happy about any story.

    Thanks and regards


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