Original Saab batteries, Instagram, speculation

Little things make things perfect. Who wants to look at a battery with a different brand logo when opening the hood of their beloved Saab? When “hood diving” an Opel or a VW logo comes off badly. Orio recognized that and took care of it. We are also happy to have more than 1.000 followers on our Instagram campaign and report on the price reduction for a collector's item.

Saab car battery

Saab original car batteries

In many of my older Saabs is a car battery with Saab lettering. I feel that somehow consistent, but unfortunately there were no longer any of these batteries. At Saab workshops, the cancellation of the offer was painful, even though the batteries were ultimately nothing more than a reminder of the time Saab was still building cars.

Orio has listened to the contractors, new batteries with Saab original lettering and capacities with 64Ah and 77 Ah will be available soon again. Pleasing to all who, like me, value details and originality. In addition, Orio delivers at the promotional price over the partner floor mats with Saab lettering for 9-3 I to 9-3 III and ALU90 rims.

Further products of the campaign, which runs until December 14th, are ambient light, rubber mats and parts that have to do with lighting. Details shares the authorized Saab / Orio Workshop with.

Saab Instagram Action
Saab Instagram Action

Saab Instagram Action

Our Saab action on Instagram keeps going, we got the 1.000 a few days ago. Welcome followers. In the world of Instagram this may not be much, for our little blog project it is a lot. To the Start in August we were close to 600 followers. The theme has a nice dynamic, and we can show that Saab is still present in Germany and a matter of the heart of many people.

Our Anne is looking forward to further emails, so that we can continue to feed our account with super beautiful Saab photos!

Saab 9-5 NG SC in laser red

There was this one Pre-series sports combinationwhich is for sale at Auto Suchomel. The vehicles are usually collector's items - and a safe investment. The exciting question, however, is: what is a pre-series sports suit with around 203.000 kilometers worth? The answer should not be easy, because there is only one station wagon in this color.

Not worth it anyway he seems to be the sporty price idea of ​​net (without VAT) 53.000,00 €. The seller has meanwhile lowered his price to a net 49.000,00 €, as on 95SC2012.com to read. Whether a potential lover wants to access the station wagon, a TTID, now?

Speculation and imagination are included in the price anyway. In the auction before 6 years, the station wagon, with 32.000 kilometers and in linear equipment, was still worth under 30.000 €.

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    I'm really happy to hear that the Instagram campaign is running! Your own timeline becomes even saabier - very nice.
    That Orio is now selling Saab batteries again may be negative as well as positive. I think it's positive, Orio has found another gap, although not with the greatest effort. For this, there is now the Saab original symbol again under the bonnet - I think there are much worse things.

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    Good evening in the round,
    I read / hear in between always contradictory information about the ambient lighting. My interest has been sparked for two / three years. Can the Orio lighting set, originally intended for the 9-3, also be installed in the 9-5?
    If there are empirical values, I ask for a short feedback. Thanks for your efforts.

    • I have ambient lighting in the 901 S Cabrio built in 1992, in the 9000 CSE, built in 1998 and in the 93 SC built in 2006. “No problem” said my friend 2 years ago. Should go as well in 95.

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    Actually, I wanted to abstain from commenting on this post ...

    I think it's perfectly alright to be so intrigued with detail that on a car battery, you can recognize a lettering or sticker of the (automotive) manufacturer - even if we all do not expect any SAAB lettering on our tires and everyone knows that SAAB is his Batteries never made itself.

    That's why I found the comment from Franken Troll good and tried a thumbs-up (which is currently not displayed [yet?]) And, as I said, wanted to leave it at that.

    But then at some point I visited the site of Orio and found something?
    A visually very appealing site that is visually fully up to date and also in terms of marketing speech (“originality” and “tradition” etc.) does not need to hide behind anyone's web presence. Very beautiful!

    But otherwise I didn't find anything else on the site. The information content can be set = zero. Then I was a little disappointed ...

    But that does not matter, because I bought my SAAB a few weeks ago a new battery and this will hopefully last a few years.

    Even great crested grebes will never see them unless they first tear off the original SAAB cover from the starter battery. And if you did that now, you would see a high quality, brand new and well-known branded product. I could live with that and I would know how to justify it ...

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      Whether Orio should also open up to private customers has already been discussed here. Even resolute supporters of this position mostly have a certain understanding of Orio's current approach to want to support the SAAB partners ...

      Quotation from the category Original Accessories (saabparts.com):

      "Your Saab Service Center or Saab Parts Center has the right answer for your needs."

      That may be so, but the website Orios leaves much to be desired. Probably from the point of view of the Saab Service Center or Saab Parts Center, which Orio claims to exclusively support. For the small multiplication table of the marketing it also belongs to wishing wishes! ! !

      So what keeps Orio from presenting and promoting original accessories on his own website?
      We are SAAB riders and not clairvoyants. How should we come up with the idea of ​​wanting a certain accessory of which we know nothing at all?

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    Orio = they do something. Thank you for the information!

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      Well, Saab drivers are obviously satisfied with very little ... Buy a battery, put a sticker on it and everyone cheers. Of course, it is also easier for Orio to re-manufacture parts that are really needed. Batteries or perfectly fitting floor mats can be easily obtained. Unfortunately not special parts ...

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        Well Daniel (aka DSpecial) Saab screwdrivers are preferred to screw batteries with Saab imprint into the cars. Orio adds some sales, as do the doormats. In other words, what is wrong with it, or why should Orio leave business fields lying fallow?

        • blank

          Yes, why should they?
          And why do you do that voluntarily?

          All good and legitimate questions ...

          But not Daniel, but Orio would have to answer them.

          Batteries are very close to tires, petrol, brake fluid and engine oil. Or in the air in the tire.
          In short: batteries are pretty universal and not tied to vehicle manufacturers. But I don't need Orio air in the tire. I need SAAB-specific parts that maybe nobody else offers ...

          If (um-) labeled and branded batteries are still the best possible message from Orio, I find it perfectly legitimate to put your finger in the wound.

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