Support needed - blog donation 2019!

Auto bloggers can have a comfortable life. If you choose the "right" brand, then you live relatively comfortably under the care of the same. There are invitations to events, test cars from time to time, and one or the other financial support.

Blog donation 2019

As I said, it has to be the right brand. Most manufacturers have recognized the advantage of retaining influencers. It gets colder when you've chosen a manufacturer that no longer exists. Then you stand alone in the world and can see where you are.

However, it is extremely rare for rational people to volunteer for such projects. With Saab it was a special thing from the beginning. In the main heart-affair, one could not hope for laurels. The target group was too handpicked and the brand was always clammy. Nevertheless, there is the blog, and for almost 8 years.

As always, we are asking for donations towards the end of the year. A blog has expenses, and without money, nothing moves at the biggest heart issue. We had for the budget 2017 and 2018 Defined goals. In a year we had just reached the budget, once we have missed it very close. We had repeatedly advertised for other supporters from the Saab workshop environment, but to no avail.

This year we save ourselves the effort. Every reader should give what he wants and can and what the blog is worth to him. By Paypal or by bank transfer. We are happy to provide you with the current bank details of the blog by email. (please mail to: donation (at) We will publish the donation status at regular intervals and wait patiently to see what happens.

Blog donation monthly or once?

In recent years the question has arisen again and again whether you can donate monthly. Yes, that is also possible! If you want to send us a smaller amount for our work on a regular basis, you can do so via PayPal.

The blog is a collaborative project of readers, guest authors, team and bloggers. How we look at the Saab Blog Mission 2019 I sketched last week. We would be happy to continue writing 2019. It will not be easy, but we would be there with joy and heart.

22 thoughts on "Support needed - blog donation 2019!"

  • Hello Tom - Hello Mark,

    We - the SAAB Friends of Thuringia - would of course like to support YOU with a financial injection 🙂
    That is why we started a “donation call” through our own WhatsApp group. Of course, some Eurons came together.

    Have transferred the total amount yesterday ... ..

    Of course, it should also be a small thank you on our part for YOUR great work !!

    We hope, of course, that the SAAB topic - in whatever form - will continue to “occupy” us for many years!

    So again THANK YOU and have a nice Christmas time to everyone ...

    Lg. Thomas

    On behalf of SAAB Freunde Thüringen

  • Will be done! I saved thousands of CHF thanks to the blog !! My (current ex) Sabb workshop, where I bought my XWD, wanted to replace two new drive shafts CHF 1 and the differential CHF 750 because of the “rumbling” on the rear axle. Thanks to the blog, I was told that only the Haldex oil with filter and seal has to be changed - since then my piece of jewelery has been running like a Swiss clockwork again 😉

  • Hello Tom and Mark, sorry for the late payment. My donation went to you today !!!
    Thank you for your commitment to the many saabigen information ... ..

  • Tom and Mark, just made via PayPal. Wish me this blog for many many years.

  • Done!
    Thanks and greetings from Luxembourg!

  • Hello Tom, hello Mark,
    Thank you for a past year with lots of interesting information. In order for us to have a regular read in 2019, the donation is out !!!
    Unfortunately, fewer and fewer donors, so a little more of the individual 😉

  • Bank transfer via Paypal just done.
    Best regards to the blog team.

  • On it's way by PayPal ...

  • Also done, hope for many exciting articles!

  • Hey Tom and Mark,

    Also this year will be donated by me. Thank you for your work in the past year around the topic SAAB.
    Greetings from Saxony, Martin

  • Hi,
    I am also there. Keep it up. Thank you.
    Nice Christmas days.
    Greetings Ulrich

  • Hey there!
    Just done, a matter of honor! Please keep up the good work!
    You do a lot to make me stay true to my SAAB.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • Hello Tom, it's done.
    Always a pleasure to read from you!
    Nice holiday season wishes Robert

  • Hello Tom and dear blog team,
    I am very happy to make a “blog donation” again this year, which was unfortunately not possible last year due to private, financial bottlenecks. PayPal is about to get work and I ask you to continue to publish such entertaining and above all very readable articles. Thank you very much for every “saved” coffee break 🙂
    Greetings from Lusatia. Marco

  • Moin, Tom!
    Clearly I donate!
    A lot of work for you as a team, a wide variety of topics, great emotional articles written with “passion”. 🙂
    This blog is worth it!
    Thank you very much for your fantastic work in 2018.
    I look forward to the reports in 2019 ...

  • So dear community ...... each one less mulled wine at the Christmas market, and support the blog.

    The Lizi

  • Please, send me your bank account number. I try to make a small contribution from Holland. Love this blog very much,
    Pieter Aandewiel

  • Good morning …. and done! 🙂

  • Moin Tom! We do that. Immediately. Equal. Without thinking. Like last year too.
    LG from BA!

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