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Saab and Subaru are sharing a booth at the Essen Motor Show this year. The start of a long-term cooperation? We will see ! As an observer from afar, I find the joint appearance a success - one brand benefits from the presence of the other.

And Subaru has been with me since the excursion to Bilster mountain anyway sympathetic. I like brands that nurture and develop their technical heritage. Subaru and boxer engines are the niche in the niche, in a positive sense. Just as it was Saab to 2011. Similar, and yet again very different.

There is a Viggen Cabriolet on the booth, which I mistakenly called Aero with Viggen Body Kit in the first article. This is what happens when you work on articles in the middle of the night and don't look carefully. Owner Martin forgave me the faux pas and pointed out a few details. Two yellow Viggen Cabriolets were delivered to Germany. The whereabouts of the second open Viggen is unclear, rumors say that the convertible had an accident.

Either way, the Saab is a rarity that has been slightly modified. Hirsch Performance provides 250 PS, the Hirsch stainless steel exhaust system also brings a few extra horses. Like most Viggen at the market he was with the Viggen rescue kit fitted. A Bilstein B6 chassis with H&R springs and 18 ″ rims round off the changes. Of course, all modifications are registered and accepted.

At dawawas have Martin and Jens from the 1. German Saab Club has released a webalbum for all friends of the brand who can not be present in Essen. The gallery will continue to be filled with Saab photos in the coming days of the fair. A great idea so that as many fans as possible can participate!

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  • Let's put it this way: The original Viggen rims are definitely there, but they need to be reconditioned. The fact that the manufacturer of these 18 ″ he no longer exists, the topic may be done anyway, if there are quirks ...

  • A Subaru will certainly not replace Saab, but can complement the fleet. Let's see what Subaru is on your radar!

  • It's nice that the “shoes” can be changed so easily. I have 7 sets of wheels (all original) for two cars and with every change I am fascinated by how blatantly my two Swedes change, depending on what they have on their feet ...

    3 different rim diameters (= different tire heights) and 4 different widths, different summer and winter tires. Appearance and character (driving characteristics) - everything changes almost as if I had 7 cars and that's a lot of fun ...

    The only right rim and the only right tire does not exist for me. Maybe Elk (e) 931 also has more than a few shoes in the closet?

  • I see it that way too. At Subaru, price and performance are right. I'm slowly getting used to the idea of ​​a Subaru, next to the Säää. Maybe Tom too?

  • Saab Viggen, my eyes are shining. In yellow and as a convertible, of course, especially great. What I personally do not like are the rims. The original Viggenfelgen are so simple and simple drawn and fit in my opinion better to the cool understatement of the Viggen.
    My Viggen is a 5-door sedan, also very rare, of course, not as furious as a convertible 😉

  • With the holder of the Subaru I was able to talk briefly on the day of the vehicle delivery. Here are a few things that have stayed with me: WRX Sti RA. Special racing model, which came from the factory without extras: no underbody protection, no electr. Windows, only a few electrical helpers. Normally extremely short transmission (limiter with 180), here a longer one was installed. Right hand drive because this model was only available in Japan. One of the few remaining models in Europe. Vehicle has been extensively rebuilt in recent years. Technology completely revised, performance slightly raised. Currently partial defective power steering pump, because replacement procurement difficult. But has now arrived from Russia (?). Paint is still bad, vehicle is (bad) foiled. Will be properly foliated or painted soon. All information without guarantee

  • Thank you for the pictures and the information to Blog & Club!

    Otherwise, and freely based on the previous speaker James Elsener: Yes, please, more of it. More pictures and information for everyone who doesn't make it to the Motor Show in Essen ...

    What's up with the modifications to the 9000?
    What does the 2.2 l engine do?
    Was the revision of the genset a voluntary tuning measure or was it anyway?
    Are there any other modifications?
    What does he look like inside?
    And what is worth knowing and pictures about or from the Subaru?

    I could go on and on forever. Questions about questions ...

    OK then! It never gets boring here. You just want more, and more and more of it ...

  • Just bought an indoor Saab lettering at a Subaru dealer. Anyway, since Tom got me hooked with his Subaru comments ... I combined the useful with the pleasant. Not all vehicles would appeal to me, but I stumbled upon one that I could imagine as a daily driver. But then I was baffled by the price list. With the top-equipped model, EVERYTHING was already included with the exception of the optional leather interior. Who else is offering that? Will probably have to take a test drive.

    No, a Saab does not replace the car but is still a possible alternative to the pervasive uniformity everywhere.

  • Great pictures. Especially the 900 convertible in white is worth seeing even more. The yellow Viggen remains forever unattainable. Thank you for taking the time to shoot such great photos.

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