Christmas ideas and a Saab in the furniture store

Ikea and Saab belong together. In blessed Saab 900 times, you could see a Swedish car in the Swedish furniture store. Long gone, but the attraction remains. In Rostock a 9-5 with the famous 3 liter diesel drove to the Ikea branch. Not entirely planned ... more collateral damage during a driving exercise in the parking lot in front of the furniture store.

Saab Christmas ideas

The message could not only at the NDR see, it spread in the German-speaking world. Saab advertising - in a different way. And further proof that the Saab community works well. Almost a dozen readers referred me to the topic, from the coast to Switzerland. Thanks for that, the Saab in the furniture store has now made it onto the blog.

Saab and the car involvement index

Saab, that's really such a topic. Still, the Swedish trolls are immortal. The Ruhr University Bochum provides proof of this. In the Auto Involvement Index, it records the affection of car owners for their vehicle every year using social media. Over the years, the work of the researchers has become a recognized indicator of the sensitivities of customers and must be taken seriously.

In the 2018er index, exclusively in the Wirtschaftswoche published, Saab ranks 9th out of 15 places. That is somewhat astonishing, as we are faced with such emotional brands as Porsche or Alfa Romeo, which also still build cars. In the marketing departments of some manufacturers, they will probably think about why this is. The Saab factor - hard to explain.

Saab Christmas ideas

Christmas approaches us spontaneously! It's time to look for small gifts. It looks, admittedly, not so good. But there are a few small ideas. There are the popular Saab calendars for next year.

A beautiful calendar, high quality and according to the brand, has Heuschmid launched. The price corresponds to what you have to pay for calendars in appropriate presentation, if the circulation is small.

Alternatively you could go to the Saab calendar of Saab Service Frankfurt waiting. The debut 2018 was impressively well made and very tasteful. The calendars are not finished yet, I'm waiting impatiently for news. If this comes, then I will immediately move the Saab in the direction of Frankfurt and secure a few copies. In addition, I discovered nice, small plush moose on the website of Saab Service Frankfurt.

Other gift ideas for Saab drivers has Skandix at the shop. The shop is a bit Volvo lastig, but you can live with it. Especially the cool ones stand out Saab caps from Svenska Saabklubben and quite well done Saab jackets out. In addition, there are many Swedish-themed little things, a good selection for Saab fans.

Finally, there remains the question of what ours Blog fundraiser makes? Tomorrow we will announce the first results, and of course we look forward to any further support in the meantime!


8 thoughts on "Christmas ideas and a Saab in the furniture store"

  • Here is a link for a Christmas film with SAAB “extras” that I found yesterday while browsing on YouTube: Christmas 2117 ″, an EDEKA Christmas spot. Wouldn't it be great if our SAABs could hold out for so long.
    All SAABists have a nice pre-Christmas time!
    Doc Hübi

    • The spot is great!

      I had to look at him twice and I'll click him a third time. Many thanks for that and a nice pre-Christmas time!

    • What a cute and touching spot! How do you find something like that in the vastness of YouTube? In any case, thank you very much! Saab were and are (!) Just cars with hearts, where the owners hang with all their hearts. They therefore fit perfectly with the message of the spot!

  • It's just a shame that Svenska Saabklubben never reacts to order requests by email ...

  • I consider the alleged mix-up of pedals to be a purely protective claim by the owners ...

    ... so that the beautiful car doesn't have to be detained. I think it's the SAAB's fault and that it was on purpose. Homesickness motive.

  • Thank you for the many hints with Saab gifts. There is definitely something for everyone. With me came today the longed for package of DNA with the Aero and the 9.3 Turbo. Just a dream,
    By the way, IKEA. In the Instagramaktion I had a picture of my blue-yellow convertible in front of the blue and yellow IKEA in Erfurt
    All a nice holiday season!

    • I was allowed to pick up my first (DNA) Aero-X and with it my (upcoming) Christmas present from customs, who were also very excited about the contents, "1/18 scale model car" was already on the shipping slip.
      One blemish is the rear window, which is loose in one corner, the more than compensating bonus for this is the serial number, which is unlikely to actually be “007”; a dream, also for Bond ...

      Allen also a quiet and beautiful pre-Christmas time!

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