Blog donation 2019 - First interim report

It can happen so fast: A nasty cold, the eyes water, the head gets heavy. Appointments are canceled, the blog has to wait. The first interim report of our blog donation campaign comes later than planned, but it comes. And this year hope and anxiety are close together.

Blog donation 2019 - the first interim report!
Blog donation 2019 - the first interim report!

The start was good and promising. Promising because a lot of readers donated in the first few days. With around 100 supporters, the participation is almost twice as high as in the comparable period last year. That's great, gives hope and shows that Saab has not been forgotten.

Particularly noteworthy: In addition to the loyal supporters who are making their contribution for the third time, there are many readers who have donated for the first time. That too is remarkable, as it shows that the scene is alive and renewing itself. Unfortunately, the sum of all donations is not as great as the number of supporters suggests. There are larger donations, the highest amount was a great 3 €, but mainly a lot of small 300,00 € donations were received. Since every euro counts and is really valued, the subtotal is unfortunately below that of the previous year.

We can currently report receipt of € 2.783,00 - which is still close to half of our minimum budget. Many thanks to all donors - regardless of the amount involved! Of course, we cannot conjure up a blog with this sum, but the month is still young, hope is alive, and maybe one or two donations will be added.

There have to be a few positive words too. On the one hand, I find it remarkable that so many people are still committed to Saab and the blog. I expected less participation. On the other hand, the blog is internationalizing. So far we had support from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belgium - in exactly this order - now more and more help came from the Netherlands and Great Britain. Europe works better in reality than it does in politics, and that is good news.

While I'm still working on my cold and trying to prepare one or the other article for the start, the readers are still asked for support. Paypal or bank transfer, and every donation counts. We are happy to provide you with the current bank details of the blog by email. (please mail to: donation (at)


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    Good morning ... I just contributed my obolus because I like to give and support such projects here.

    But I would like to say at this point that one should not judge the amount of the donation of others.
    Everyone gives what they can / want ... This is not a fundraising competition!

    Thank you for all the nice reports and keep it up in the New Year 🙂

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    My donation is still coming

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    I hope that all blog readers make their contribution. What a feeling it might be to use the blog at the expense of others.


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    “So far we had support from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belgium - in exactly this order - now more and more help came from the Netherlands and Great Britain. Europe works better in reality than it does in politics, and that is good news. "

    Hi Tom,
    There was also at least one donation from France!

    Hope there are many more ... .. from everywhere!



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      Yes, of course, France is one of them. Excuse me! And also the Saab friends in Luxembourg! Thanks for that!

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    The donation is out - keep it up!

    To the dear "not yet donors": don't be ripped off!

    Be happy that the Saab Spirit is kept alive here and ensures that it stays that way!

    Keep on SAABin '

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    Donation just happened. Great blog. Read it since 2011, have been driving Saab for 24 years. If I find time, then I like to write my Saab story.

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    If I understand the text of Tom correctly, so the readers from CH have donated more than the readers from D. Somehow this can not be almost. (D is 10 times so big and has 10 times as many inhabitants as CH).
    And yet, I live in the border area D / CH and know the value relationships there. However, I would never mind to donate 5 Euro. That's ridiculous, I think it's almost a little impudence to the creators of the blog. (Tom may or may not or may not express that clearly).

    So good people, do not we still want the blog next year or not? It is up to us, open the purse again and donate at least every 10 Euro. That should not be the same in D not all world.

    I still want the blog next year and have now donated 10 Euro as much as D is bigger than the CH 😉

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      Finely read out! The Swiss are ranked 2 as far as the readers are concerned. But always ranked 1 in terms of support.

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      Can I just connect and thank you for all the nice reports and information. Have donated 9 x as much as last year and I hope that many readers can make a nice donation. Thanks to all !

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    Great news that the number of donors has almost doubled compared to the same period of the previous year.
    That's wonderful!

    For the required sum, it does not matter whether it comes from a few large donations or a large number of small donations. Not so for the community of SAAB drivers. The following applies here: the more (SAAB driver), the merrier ...

    I like the well-heeled enthusiasts, who get way more than a SAAB and then maybe even send a generous donation to this blog. Every single SAAB is treated to them from the heart, is there in good hands, and a (generous) donation to this blog and thus to financially weaker readers and SAAB drivers thank them from the bottom of their hearts.

    But I also think it's cool that the number of donors is increasing. Maybe Macher is young? Some may only have one SAAB? Even better: some people may only have one car. And this car is a SAAB! That would mean that this SAAB is used and moved in everyday life. And since you only have this one car, this SAAB is maximally present in the streets ...

    Nobody can afford that more SAABs can call his property than he can drive at the same time. In this respect, it may be just the young people with a single car and those who donate only 5 that are responsible for the fact that you still encounter a number of SAABs on the road. You can not thank them enough for that.

    The blog should of course be able to cover its costs. But the trend (more and more donors, less and less donation per capita) is really good. The community seems to be growing and that's great ...

    But we have to be damn careful that a bottom line bottom line outlook remains positive. If a number of donors grows just by the factor 2 ultimately bring less money, then that would be pretty sad, right? The required sum must be reached!

    Every euro counts and no donation is embarrassing. The more donors (regardless of the amount of the donation), the better I personally find it ...

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      Moin, Herbert Hürsch,
      great thoughtful contribution. Thank you.
      Important remains: the € target should be achieved !!!

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        Yes, it should and must be achieved! ! !

        I have transferred "den 5er" for more than one subscriber and saved the transfer template immediately. Just in case it still has to be postponed or for 2020 ...

        But I'm confident that I will not have to increase for 2019 and I think it's great that the number of donors is increasing. Who would have thought that a community based on automobiles of a certain brand could grow, even though this brand is insolvent and the vehicle stock is declining?

        That's great !
        And certainly the blog receives a lot of 5er, 10er or even more of many new first-time donators before Christmas. In the end, hopefully not only the € goal will be reached, but a new record in terms of participation set. That would be something!

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    Moin Tom! First of all, get well soon, hold on. (If you have a cold, a sip of “Bamberg beer” often helps ... 😉
    Then to the "five euro donors". Please guys, it can't be. We read all year round, great, illustrated reports that we can all be happy about. Where else can you find a blog like this one? As a pensioner, I liked to give a little more. NS …. on it. In any case, I am always looking forward to something new, even if there is nothing new from SAAB.

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      Your commitment in full honor, but this blog has just under 1.100 subscribers ...

      As a reader, I would prefer 1.100 "five-euro donors" (€ 5.500) than around 100 donors averaging € 27,83 ...

      The math behind this is simple and I won't go into it any further. But there is also another aspect. The more people show that the blog is worth something to them, the better I would feel as a maker or an employee ...

      Over 90% of the subscribers have not donated at all. To identify the “five-euro donors” as a target group for scolding, I think it is completely wrong. Tom mentioned this donation critically, but ultimately thanked these donors. If all non-donors among the subscribers were to donate just € 4 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow would add up to € 7.000 on the blog account.

      My motto is therefore: every euro is good. Three are triple and five euros are five times good. Each donor deserves a certain respect and thanks. Yes, what else?

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    Even though the intermediate level is below the level of the previous year, I still find the report quite encouraging.
    The blog is becoming more international, the scene is getting closer and projects from other countries are being supported. And the fact that people have already donated via 100 shows how important the blog project might be in the end.

    But, every time a report comes out, 2000 people read here. If everyone donates only 2 euros, the interim result is more than doubled. With Pay Pal, it doesn't even take much time, it doesn't hurt and the money is used sensibly.

    Although my donation is still out, but I hope that a few more fellow readers feel motivated to make even a small contribution. So that there will be great reports about our brand again in 2019!

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    Also - as always happy - donated again. May I take this opportunity to politely ask what has become of Paul, the SAAB project? In my opinion, the last entry said:

    "At the latest in autumn, with a fresh TÜV and AU, the station wagon should then leave us."

    Or have I missed something here - despite eagerly reading the blog?

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      Of course you can. Paul is currently in the yard with me, but comes back the next day in the hangar. In the spring he is sold, Markus Lafrentz has agreed to take over and to carry out the last improvements at Paul. The proceeds will be donated.
      Unfortunately, the Paul project has in many ways pushed us to the limits. It was too much of a time, money or effort to tackle with family, work and blog writing. Maybe Paul is going on a big tour before selling, thinking about running in the extended blog environment. I do not want to promise anything.


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