The 3 (presumably) last Saab new cars

It's Christmas time, and one or two readers may still be looking for a suitable present. How about a Saab new car? Distributed across Europe are still 3 for sale, probably the last of its kind. If the bonus payment at the end of the year is generous, you can start the spontaneous shopping tour across Europe.

Saab 9-3 TTID SC is for sale in Italy
Saab 9-3 TTID SC is for sale in Italy

Saab 9-3 TTID SC

Italy is worth a visit in every season. Zanetti Omero & C. SNC in Pordenone offers a new 9-3 TTID estate car for sale. A model year 2011, but no Griffin. Presumably it was produced in January or February 2011 in Trollhättan, making it one of the last Saabs.

The Euro 5 Diesel has run 90 kilometers, it has a nice Vector equipment with partial leather. In the footwell, the film is still available, with the ex works all new cars were protected. More new car feeling does not work, the Saab is a time capsule that has been parked in the showroom for almost 8 years.

When it was built, diesel engines in Sweden were considered environmentally friendly, and the Saab was classified as "Miljöbil". Today, diesel is considered to be the worst sinner, and the drive is a drawback and no longer a bonus. Maybe it's because, and the price of 31.000,00 €, that the 9-3 has not been sold until today.

Saab 9-3 BioPower Limousine in Kiel
Saab 9-3 BioPower Limousine in Kiel

Saab 9-3 1.8t BioPower Sedan

Northern Germany in winter? That can be cloudy! Originally from Spain came the 9-3 sedan, which in Kiel Markus Lafrentz for sale. 12 kilometers, partial leather, and as untouched as the 9-3 in Italy. With an exciting history in the background, which I can only tell in the beginning.

The limousine was delivered from Saab to Spain. She went, probably as a sponsor gift, to a player of a Spanish football team. The 9-3 was put away in an underground car park together with other high-profile vehicles - and forgotten. Years later, with the dissolution of the collection, one found the Saab, which then came on direct way to Kiel for sale.

Nearly 30.000,00 € are to be transferred for the 9-3. Not a little, because compact sedans have a hard time in an SUV dominated world, even if they have a nice color combination. If it is still a small engine and no Aero, ignites even with true fans of buying reflexes only modest. That's a pity, maybe the history helps the interest a little bit.

Saab 9-4x 3.0 with premium equipment at Venza
Saab 9-4x 3.0 with premium equipment at Venza

Saab 9 4x 3.0

From Italy, via Spain and northern Germany to the Netherlands. At Venza Exklusiv Cars there is still a last 9-4x for sale. The Saab SUV was never officially offered in Europe, production ended shortly after the start in Mexico. But even without a market launch, the 9-4x is at the top of the list of everlasting dream cars, and only a few can fulfill this dream.

The 9-4x, model year 2012, at Venza is fully equipped and with around 60.000,00 € the most expensive gift on our Christmas list. On the credit side you can book the great and rare premium equipment, against the 9-4x may speak the 3.0 liter naturally aspirated engine. Fans usually want a turbo under the hood, so maybe the SUV is still waiting for a buyer.

Transatlantic and Saab single piece is looking for new home
Transatlantic and Saab single piece is looking for new home

Another Saab dream car has meanwhile found its new owner. The transatlanticist, an exclusive one-off, travels from Hesse to North Rhine-Westphalia in the next few days. As a Saab Christmas gift XXL so to speak, it could not be better. He does not end up with the well-known Saab collector in this state, but with a reader who has been driving Saab for ages and who will take care of him and, above all, enjoy it. The blog crew wishes you a good trip and always a lot of Saab pleasure!

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  • 30k for the 9-3 SC is steep. But someday someone comes and takes him, even as a diesel.

    • 60k for the 9-4X are double. But someday someone comes and takes him, even as a sucker.

      Speaking of suckers, I did not know or had forgotten again that there was the 3.0 direct injection with 265 PS ever. Under "Models / 9-4X" in the menu of this blog, I learned more. Cool blog! Don't forget to donate for 2019. Every euro counts ...

      But back to the new cars. The 3.0 vacuum cleaner / direct injection is praised as economical. The overall performance should be enough and even the liter performance of this relatively large unit (88,3 PS) is impressive and is above that of several SAAB turbos. That may not be a bad engine ...

      If it were an 9-5 NG SC I would take it immediately. With pleasure also with this engine. There will already be someone who likes to buy (apart from the 9-7) first and foremost this very latest brand new SAAB SUV.

      If sellers and buyers would still donate 1% or 1 ‰ of the purchase price to this blog, it would be perfect.

  • At Venza I wanted to buy a convertible. Then he quickly raised the price by € 5.000, - from one day to the next. I thought that was not very serious.

    • Venza is not undisputed, probably rightly so.

      • That's a shame. Shame about the beautiful car that is standing there ...

        Ultimately they have to sell and can not take more than the market gives. When in doubt, it is good and right to resist the purchase impulse. For all the love of the brand SAAB, but you do not have to sponsor every dubious lucky knight his dreams of private jet and his laughs to sleep, just because the lucky knight accidentally got hold of a SAAB ..

        If the car seriously interested me, I would set myself a limit and make a bid: Take it or leave it. Valid for a limited time only ...

    • Yes, he had at times on the well-known used car portals Saab vehicles 5TE cheaper than on his own homepage. Had there sometimes asked for details and got strange answers. You should prepare well anyway ...

  • Well, you have to be stupid already in a positive sense ... 30000 € to pay for one by automotive standards ancient technology. For the same technique I paid a little more than 1 / 10, good for my car had more than the 10 times on the clock. However, the vehicle was bought for driving, this one can perhaps put in the garden or in the living room when it is big enough. An appropriate use is excluded because otherwise the insane mileage "lost" go. Actually, just a sign of an affluent society.

    • Well, after all, you write, stupid in the "positive" sense ...

      Since the next owner does not feel so bad, as the rest of your comment suggests. Maybe she or he is also still a few percent, a second set of wheels and / or a free service out?

      And what are automotive standards for ancient technology? Are four wheels too little or too much? Did I miss something?

      I experience the automotive standards the other way round and do not see much that has been done lately, beyond infotainment, connectivity and assistance. The vast majority of new cars cost no less or even more and offer "age-old technology" in hectic changing designs and sham packages that have been touted for decades as a revolution in the automotive industry. And I think that's really stupid.

      • Why should anyone feel bad? One is responsible for one's own decisions, no matter how unreasonable they are ... And what has happened beyond assistance, etc., does not require exhausting research. And yes, some spend extra on Euros when a vehicle is up to date in terms of infotainment, connectivity and assistance. Of such an 9 3 is eternally far away, he still has so few km on the clock.

        • You can, of course, buy the newest car every two years and build a new house every three years, because it is not far from the most recent smartphone and the smart home or smart car with connectivity ...

          ... because the new phone or its operating system are no longer supported after the recent update of house and car. Then the blinds stay down, the heating stays off and in the car you can no longer call and there is no music left. I do not even have to think up such stories, I hear them more often ...

          The fascinating thing is that it does not even bother those involved (I'm not one of them). First, they call me and puke to tell me months later with a proud chest, that they had brought a weeks-long Internet research and quite a few downloads, installations and reboots her house, mobile phone and car back to work and that all this technology their unlimited possibilities already somehow very cool.

          Venetian blinds, which you can drive down under. The pure madness. The newest and hottest shit. Blinds!

          This is usually reported from the moving car. Logical. It's all over again. This must be celebrated and trumpeted. And thanks to the assistance systems, no subject is too trivial to avoid distraction on the road ...

          The ride of the caller? Where does he want to go? In the gym, of course. The gate to the courtyard, the garage door, the blinds, everything is done by itself or requires a maximum of wiping competence on the display. During the Internet research and the maintenance of all his Tamagotchis he (the caller) dismantled. Since it would be really good and good to move again a little ...

          Yes, you are right, the SAABs offered are no longer of this world. She turned. In the meantime cars have four wheels, one can telephone and houses have blinds. All this was fundamentally different than SAAB built these steam engines.

    • Wow, just over 3.000 Euro for a SC with just over 900 km on the clock! ?? 😉 Sounds like a great deal - for you as a buyer. 😉 😉

  • There are companies that I would never buy, even if it seems to be a new car. The causal story for the decision I can not specify here, as it would certainly be described as harmful business.

    Incidentally, the car in Kiel looks the same in its original class, but is unfortunately without SSD.

    Nice Christmas and yes I join ... please transfer something under the Blog Christmas tree.

  • All Saabs look really good. Whether one is prepared to pay such a sum is something else, since normal use will probably never be possible.

    All together, especially the transatlantic are, of course, an absolute eye-catcher. Especially with location NRW maybe an idea for the next Essen Motor Show? With him in the draft horse could be mapped with matching escort vehicles the last model of the brand.

    • For example, I use a "similar" - as mentioned here - 2011'er actually "quite normal" and daily as ordinary normal everyday car (and that as the only car and usually in the city). 🙂

      If you can then live with the (usually) a little bit further ways to a "specialist workshop", that is actually no problem. Of course, the "overhead" in case of problems should be considered.

      However, I must admit that I never with my silver "Drömbil" in a major accident or similar. would like to be involved .... then it will certainly be awkward.

  • Yes, the red 9000 would be an option to the 3 alternative new SAWS ...
    Question me anyway, if such long periods really "pass without marks" on the car ...
    After all, the vehicles were finally made for driving!
    Nice 3. Advent!

    • JINE, is the right answer to your question.

      There is a wear resulting from the operation and aging, which progress independently of it even in the state.
      A low mileage can and must be synonymous in many respects even a low wear and is for potential buyers very, very attractive.

      The life expectancy of many parts in the powertrain and the chassis (such as the wheel bearing) is of course higher, the lower they were previously claimed. Not to be underestimated is also the interior. The lower the mileage, the less driver's seats are scuffed and worn out. Steering wheel, circuit and switches are less tapped.

      In a restoration, the interior is often more difficult (time-consuming and expensive) than the vehicle technology. I myself have a vintage car, which reflects this statement (unfortunately) perfectly. He drives and brakes as if he had just rolled out of the showboom yesterday. Inside you can see his mileage but unfortunately clearly and new parts are in short supply ...

      A low mileage is clearly a big plus.

      Nevertheless, a low mileage from an old car does not make a year-old car. All plastic and rubber parts continue to age happily in the stand as well. The supplies anyway. For each "barn find" is initially a very extensive program. It is mandatory to replace consumables and also many parts are obligatory to renew or at least to inspect for an exchange, if this has not already been done extensively by the seller and is credibly documented ...

      I consider this 9K a fair offer. With a white beard on the front of the car, the red would finally be perfect under the green Christmas tree ...

      • Thanks for this informative answer! 🙂
        Best regards

  • "New car" back and forth - for me remains in this list of transatlantic by far the most desirable vehicle. Great color combination and lovers hand-what you want more ... Congratulations to the new owner!

  • BioPower

    If it is true that in France, E85 is politically wanted, promoted and favorable to a growing number of fuel dispensers, as I read here in a commentary, then Lafrentz should broker the new car to F. In D this 9-3 gives away its potential ...

    In F, he would be an environmentally friendly car with low operating costs. Here he is politically conditioned and wanted unfortunately only a conventional gasoline engine. A pity, but true ...

  • With tears in mind, I will be selling my Saab 9-5 NG Aero BIopower, MY 2012, as I retire in January.
    But I am very happy that I have found a great new owner, a Saab Specialist, for these very fine cars and he will get this 9-5 NG shortly after Christmas.
    I then take over the 9-3 convertible my wife who bought a Volvo so that our grandchildren travel better and easier than in this Saab convertible.
    But I will drive Saab !!!!

  • Dear Saab friends,

    And here's another great new car for Christmas: DNA can now pre-order the 9-5 NG Sportcombi in a beautiful color and certainly in the - also recently described by Tom in the other models - good quality. Currently with 10 percent pre-order discount, delivery should be in February. The first photos and a movie from the prototype are online, but it should be refined.

    DNA remains true to its premise, mainly to recreate particularly rare and exclusive cars. Maybe someday I'll get my Griffin convertible as a model for the living room - my husband complains when I'm hanging around in the garage all the time ... 😉

    You all a nice 3. Advent!

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