Saab Instagram image November 2018

Pictures tell stories. And sometimes the story behind the picture is tragic. Our Saab Instagram Picture of the Month November comes from Max. The motive is a nice 9000 Anniversary. Max is a big Saab fan - and he especially loves the Saab 9000. Unfortunately, he is no longer in his possession.

Saab Instagram image November 2018

When the picture landed in our mailbox, his Saab world was still fine. The Anniversary was on the road as a winter car, and Max was happy. Until a certain evening in November, when the Saab changed hands. And in the way that is called cold expropriation. The place where the 9000 had been parked in the morning before work, Max found empty at the end of the day. The Saab was gone, stolen.

The police theft was, of course, typical of the Saab brand. The dialogue between Max and the official must have expired as follows.

Police: "You miss a vehicle? Which brand?"

High: "A Saab, a Saab 9000"

Police: "Oh a Saab 9000? The best car I ever drove. I have to admit, I belong to the circle of suspects. "

Unfortunately, the Saab has been lost to this day and the chances of finding it are slim. Originally the 9k was traveling in Switzerland, was brought to Germany by Markus Lafrentz and bought by Max. For the spring larger investments were on the plan. Maybe, at best, the Saab has another life. He travels through the area somewhere in the East or in the Baltics, with people who appreciate good and robust technology.

The question remains, how long will Max endure without an 9000? Forecasts the blog team likes to accept.

9-3x Concept by Michael Maurer

Back to our Instagram action. What's in the package we'll send Max? This month we pack the from the previous Saab Designer Michael Maurer Signed print of the 9-3x Concept, plus a Turbo Lanyard, Saab Keychain and Pin. The picture was taken by Orio Germany donated, key chain and pin gave Saab Service Frankfurt to.

Michael Maurer was from 2000 to 2004 at Saab. The 9x and 3-9 studies as well as the 9-3x and the 9-7x originate from his time as well as the 9-2x Concept. Maurer was groundbreaking, which will be one of our topics for 2019, and is responsible for the design at Porsche today.

Our Saab Instagram promotion continues, and since 1. December we are new. Invited are all readers who enjoy Saab and at the Instagram Have action. As always, members of the blog crew are excluded. Their pictures are, for understandable reasons, of course, not awarded.

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  • 16. December 2018 at 6: 45 PM

    Sad and happy at the same time, this story becomes a picture. Cheerfully? Well, after all, the dialogue with the police made me smile ...

    I know several people who would have answered if they were police and if they had taken the ad. At least with a wink, one can say that the circle of suspects is as large as the number of those who have ever driven an 9000. And if it was just a rehearsal ...

    But that's exactly what it's all about - the indisputable and hard-to-replace qualities of an 9000 - that makes it all the sadder for an affected person. If I were familiar with the topic, I would write a reader contribution to the topic of theft protection. The performance of well-maintained turbo coupes and convertibles (900 I) and the 9000 (especially the Aeros) is rising steeply. The relevance of the topic is growing. Unfortunately, I do not know about it at all and can only express my condolences. Furthermore, I can congratulate a worthy award winner on the picture of the month, but that is probably only a small consolation ...

  • 16. December 2018 at 9: 44 PM

    I can only express my condolences to the owner, losing a Saab is especially bad. Could not start a search call? In the one 900 but it worked well. We saabists are attentive and turn around for a Saab.

  • 17. December 2018 at 8: 11 AM

    ..or a German stole and slaughtered the SAAB. Do not think that Eastern European car thieves deal with old Saab 9000. Prejudices in the SAAB forum. I do not like!

    • 17. December 2018 at 8: 54 AM

      Because many scenarios are conceivable, the article also says: "Maybe, at best, the Saab has another life."

      This has nothing to do with prejudice, but is wishful thinking, an expression of hope. I think this is the best case and would find slaughtering in Germany rather scary and incomprehensible. Especially as ...

      ... a renowned SAAB dealer took the trouble to import this 9000 from CH to D and find a lover as a buyer. You can confidently assume that this is NOT a "old Saab 9000".

      Stolen was clearly one of the better specimens. A SAAB 9000 with a certain value and high potential for value appreciation. Did you read and understand the article correctly? Rash comments also testify to prejudice. Prejudices in the SAAB forum. I do not like!

      • 17. December 2018 at 10: 26 AM

        Jo boss, I have. To your statements, I can say that a SAAB from the room NRW times in a Berlin junkyard appeared in parts. Previously, he was in a German workshop in NRW and the junkyard in the Berlin area also operates a German. Sure, this 9000 was not a junk box and has a certain value. That's right. With every modern car car thieves but earn more and more safely and without risk because Audi A5 and A8 fall in flowing traffic not on.

        • 17. December 2018 at 11: 04 AM

          Jo, boss of the boss, you better hold your own point. Hold on to the prejudice ...

          No one ever said that D cars were stolen. Nobody ever said here that Germans would not steal cars. Nobody ever said here that cars stolen in Germany and Germans could not be slaughtered in Germany ...

          Ey Jo, boss of all bosses, did you really read the article? Did you read and understand my comment? All but you hope it's a theft, not a murder. Everyone but you hope the 9000 lives on.

          German SAAB riders want this 9000 in the East and give it a long life. If the killers live in D and the lovers in the east, what kind of advantage is it to wish that 9000 in the East and in good hands?

          Jo, boss of all bosses, if that should be a prejudice, then it would probably be the most flattering prejudice ever! Especially when it comes from this community ...

          Hey boss, please think again!
          Jo, and think first and then write ...

        • 17. December 2018 at 9: 54 PM


          Jo, small addendum, boss of all bosses. By the way, with the car thieves who could steal better cars "without risk" is also Bullshit, Jo! ! !

          Thieves are risking GPS trackers on a number of younger upper-middle and even upper-class models. And since we are all free of prejudice (Jo, you very special, boss), we can all think that hardly a thief from East or West will be so stupid to go for a long time with such a box as necessary ...

          The classic theft of an upmarket new car therefore simply leads to the next underground car park via a closed truck. There are GPS trackers worthless and the box can be broken down in peace.

          The likelihood of a SAAB 9000 surviving its theft in one go is many times higher than a recent A8. Jo boss, that's the way it is. , ,

    • 17. December 2018 at 9: 34 AM

      Of all the unpleasant alternatives, the East would be my favorite. There, these cars are at least still maintained and appreciated.

    • 19. December 2018 at 1: 24 AM

      ..or an American stole and slaughtered the Saab, one of Latin American ancestry whose ancestors are from the Maghreb, descendants of crusaders and originally came to Central Europe as Vikings ...

      and then the Nazis founded 1937 SAAB and are still active in the Saabblog today

      (Shoo, hush, back to

      • 19. December 2018 at 5: 28 PM

        I have stomach ache now. Apparently I laugh too little otherwise. Thank you!

        But could not you have written this fantastic comment earlier? More readers would again have a sore muscles and I would have renounced from the outset, the author of his charge of a prejudice as friendly to explain his own and saved in vain invested time.

  • 17. December 2018 at 12: 00 PM

    A nice story with a bad ending. Consider for a long time whether a GPS location for our treasures could be worthwhile. So far I thought the 9000 runs under the radar, an 900 Turbo would hit something like that.
    I probably thought wrong, and thus probably have the first intent for the new year.

    But a really great car!

  • 18. December 2018 at 6: 53 PM

    Hm, if the car lives abroad, that would of course be desirable and would of course be better than it was exploited. However, I hope at least from all Saab fans everywhere, and I think otherwise hardly anyone has the 9000 on the screen that they honestly buy the cars and not drive around with a stolen

  • 20. December 2018 at 1: 02 AM

    Shit, my condolences. I remember the car well. He had a really nice color combination. I would have given Max mahr three years of pleasure ...

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