IntSaab 2019, Marcus Bergfeldt and 9-5 NG SC

Shortly before Christmas, there are still a number of Saab short messages. DNA Collectibles is introducing a miniature of the 9-5 NG sportswear, a new Saab website is online, and registration for the IntSaab 2019 will open in the next few days.

Saab 9-5 NG SC from DNA Collectibles
Saab 9-5 NG SC from DNA Collectibles

Saab 9-5 NG SportCombi from DNA Collectibles

In November, we presented the miniatures of the Aero X and the NEVS 9-3 Turbo prototype on the blog. I found their execution very successful, and quite a few readers who subsequently ordered, as well. DNA announced another model at the time, which will be available from February ... a 1:18 miniature of the Saab 9-5 NG SportCombis.

The pre-order phase has opened and the edition, which is limited to 320 pieces, can be pre-ordered with a 10% discount. My expectations are huge, whether the high level of the previous models can be maintained? In contrast to other miniatures of the 9-5 NG sports suit, the proportions are well met. Pictures of the prototype (?) Still leave room for improvement.

In concrete terms, the arrangement of the Saab logo in the radiator grille does not correspond to the original, the center console still offers space for perfection. These are details that can be expected in this price range.

If Saab had something of an honorary citizenship, I would suggest Marcus Bergfeldt. He is positively Saab-infected, his enthusiasm for the brand is contagious. Somehow you always have the feeling that the whole life inevitably has to revolve around the brand, because without Saab, the human being can not be happy.

It goes without saying that the great love of his life, his wife Manuela, has to have a Saab reference. Marcus lets the international Saab scene participate in his life. On he tells about his Saab 9-4x project, his travels and much more!

IntSaab 2019

In the coming year there will be two large, international Saab events. The festival in Sweden starts on June 7, and the IntSaab 9 in the Netherlands on August 2019. Saab is still very important to our neighbors, and the Saab Club that organizes it looks back on a long tradition.

As a venue, the Dutch have chosen the small town Weerselo, not far behind the German border. A great program is waiting for the participants. If you have the opportunity, you should plan your holidays accordingly.

Some time passes by until summer, but anticipation may be. So that the Christmas days will not be without the appropriate dose Saab, the club opens the registration for IntSaab on 24. December.

Essen Motor Show - Supplement

At this year's Essen Motor Show the Subaru Club and the 1. German Saab Club For the first time a stand. A venture that was well received by readers on the blog. Like the action with the web album, which let fans get closer to the action.

Martin had that on the last day of the big show Web Album once again equipped with impressions from Essen. Detailed photos of Saab and Subaru, a look into the engine compartments and the neighboring stands. We would like to share the pictures with the readers, just have a look!

I like the idea of ​​the web album well, maybe it will find a continuation at future club events?

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  • I recently ordered the Aero X and the 9-3 Viggen convertible. Both super beautiful models!

  • blank

    Nice that DNA crashes on the niche! Now please deliver 9-4x and 9-5 sedan.

    • blank

      ... and a Griffin convertible, please. Of these, only about 400 are said to have been built, as the friend from Kiel recently informed me.

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      ... with the 9-4x I would also be there (preferably in silver)! 😉

      Have only one in a “slightly wrong” silver from this Atlas edition (but ordered individually from TheSaabFarm)….

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