Blog Donate 2019 - Interim Report

Just before Christmas, we look again at our donation account. After the last call a lot has happened, a small wave of donations has reached us. Do we get a mandate from readers to continue writing 2019 blogs? The thing remains exciting.

Blog Donate 2019 Interim Report

In addition to many smaller donations, we can also announce the receipt of larger amounts. The highest single donation so far is incredible 300,00 €, but very special thanks! And also Stammtisch gathered for the blog budget, and it came together strong amounts. The Saab Friends Thuringia donated and could also transfer almost 400,00 €.

In numbers, the previous history is expressed as follows:

So far, exactly 138 readers have made their contribution, the donation has risen to 4.789,00 €. At least we are approaching our minimum goal without it really will not work. The number of donors may seem small at first glance, because around 34.000 people visit the blog at least once a month.

If only 1% donated, then we could move a lot for the brand.

Still, I'm satisfied, Mark is too. Everything achieved so far is beyond my expectations, which I had at this year's action. My feeling is that we will reach and exceed the minimum budget. In addition to the fact that a blog needs a certain budget for the future, it is also about recognizing the work done in the past. And I would like to say thank you to all who have shown themselves generous in the last few days. We are looking forward to further donations or membership fees!

The next update follows after the Christmas days. Before I call again, but this time with a sad topic.

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  • 18. December 2018 at 12: 43 PM

    Everything will be fine ... and what's not good yet is not over yet!
    Wonderful that the € continue to arrive !!! 🙂

    DAAANKE for the current super-class photo of the SAAB X BioHybrid-Concept! Fool, what could have happened ...

    • 18. December 2018 at 1: 54 PM

      Thank you! The concept car will be worth an article for us in the New Year, because Saab anticipated what is happening today, 10 years ago. Incidentally, most of the pictures were taken at the old power plant in Trollhättan.

  • 18. December 2018 at 1: 01 PM

    Hello dear SAAB community

    By SAAB community I mean the huge readership of the SAAB blog. My heart is bleeding when reading Tom's summary of the blog donations campaign.

    How about everyone showing that the SAAB community is different, like other communities?
    I think it's up to the will, not the amount, to keep the SAAB blog alive in the long run.

    There is still time to do something good. It benefits every single one of us. I would miss something if the blog would have to stop its work for financial reasons!
    A big thank you at this point to the entire existing blog team and especially to you Tom
    for your enormous effort and the many hours you sacrifice for all of us.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • 18. December 2018 at 1: 22 PM

    To return to the € 5 donation: I agree with Hans. I find it embarrassing, for so much concentrated information and exciting reading over a whole year only € 5, - easy to make. Let's figure out how many hours the Blg requires.
    So, Saab friends, open the purse and donate appropriately.

    • 18. December 2018 at 2: 46 PM

      I find the total number of donors more embarrassing. Your opinion may be as valid as the opposite position. But if only 138 contributions of just under 35 € have been received, there can not be many 5 € donors to speak to.

      If the vast mass of non-donors withholds their potential 5 € donations from shame, because this amount of donations is repeatedly the target of comments here, no one is served. I believe that it is better to encourage as many subscribers and readers as possible to make small donations.

      At any rate, I am grateful to all donors. None of us could or wanted to finance the blog alone.

  • 18. December 2018 at 4: 26 PM

    I think the same way, small cattle is well known crap, so in good German: the crowd makes it.

  • 18. December 2018 at 5: 51 PM

    My donation went out too late yesterday so I have no idea if it has been recorded in this interim report. As a student not much, but 5 EUR per month I was definitely worth it! Not only is the blog becoming an increasingly important hub in the Saab community, my only "subscription" would be lost as well.

    I agree with the previous speakers, not the amount of donations is crucial, but the donor. If every monthly reader were to donate only 1 EUR, that would be rather low, but the blog would be funded for years to come 😉

    For 134 donors you should perhaps try to reach the subscribers separately by mail. Also on Instagram or similar social media platforms could perhaps generate even more traffic for and about the blog, so even more people to pass. Although the readers of the blog should actually be enough to achieve the desired goal.

    Hope really that this year still a lot comes around! Maybe a bit more than the minimum amount can be collected together.

    • 18. December 2018 at 10: 48 PM

      Not much? If I calculate correctly, your donation is above average and worth a little applause ...

      The e-mail thought, I had, but again rejected. All subscribers have already received three emails for the given topic. The news about the call and the first and second interim report. No one can say that he did not know anything. Hopefully there will be something else ...

  • 18. December 2018 at 8: 17 PM

    Hello Tom - hello Mark - I follow with great interest and excitement your fundraiser and am pleased with the great popularity of your action 🙂
    Today, however, "I have to put something right - and that is the financial support of SAAB Freunde Thüringen.
    Unfortunately, I can not sign the "nearly 300 €" mentioned by you - as the initiator of our contribution !?
    Our transfer amount was 365 € - sure you have only made a mistake here!?!?

    I just wanted / had to mention that again - because of course I was also addressed ....

    We wish you all a merry Christmas and saabische greetings from Thuringia wishes Thomas

    • 18. December 2018 at 9: 12 PM

      Dear Thomas, thank you very much for the great engagement!

      It was not a spelling mistake, but a misunderstanding in blog internal communication. Sorry, the text is corrected. 365,00 € is correct.

  • 18. December 2018 at 9: 35 PM

    Find it outrageous to be indicted indirectly, but nothing to do to preserve the Saab brand, even though you drive five Saabs. The only take on insurance and taxes half of the desired amount claim. And everyone who loves his Saabs knows what else can happen.
    First of all let me have customer service, drive to the HU and buy a set of winter tires, when everything is done then a little donation will be made.

    And look what a website costs.

    • 18. December 2018 at 11: 21 PM

      I understand their displeasure, but when I look at the comments, the thumbs up at the comments, and the fundraising and submission articles, I conclude that you have the bloggers and the overwhelming majority of blog readers on your side.

      Every euro counts and is thanked. The commitment to own vehicle fleet is generally appreciated. In particular, such a lover of the brand, as you are one ...

      In that respect, your final sentence is below the belt. "So a website" not only costs a lot of time and passion, but actually money. It is not done, mtl. Transfer fees for the domain. Or use WordPress. So who should look where and why? What do you want to imply?

      You should have just left off your last sentence. You should not have thought him strictly speaking!

    • 19. December 2018 at 12: 23 AM


      According to my really irrelevant opinion, this is not about the receipt of the Saab brand or Saab directly.
      Any donation to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan would be much more purposeful in terms of remembering the brand, what trolls made in Trollhättan, there are the normal, the special, and the never-existing ...
      Every investment in the road operation of our Saab makes a direct contribution to Saab (and possibly ORIO, Skandix, etc.) and is (for me) the most important contribution. I'm happy about everyone I see driving!
      Any donation that does not come here or at least decides a bit about the receipt of the blog. And if Tom likes to continue or not.
      The future of the blog, however, in the end depends solely on Tom's enthusiasm: The time does not pay anyone ..!
      (Unless you influence stupid people to buy overflowing products, but that then means "influencers" and has nothing to do with Saab and their drivers - my modest observation)

      Keep Saabing

      • 19. December 2018 at 9: 47 AM

        Well, this blog - and especially Tom - are but almost solely and solely the reason why I drive even Saab!

        At the latest in the year 2014 when I needed to buy a "new" car intensively considered whether Saab makes even more sense for me.
        Actually, my decision was very very clear "no", but of course I was a bit difficult in the search for "equivalent" replacement.

        Only thanks to this blog and especially Tom's nice hints I decided to buy a 2011'er Saab again. 🙂

        This is how spec. This blog with me very well (and much more than a museum in Sweden, etc.) to maintain the mark Saab in my head and under my butt! 🙂
        And if there were no more living and, above all, polite Saab community, my Saab would probably give way to a car of other brands relatively quickly. 🙁

        And this blog (and certainly the other well-known Saab forum) certainly serves many others as a first "point of contact" and contributes so much to the "branding" and the "brand loyalty" of the driver / reader.

        So, again clearly:
        Many thanks to all members of the blog for your insane engagement over the last years! 🙂

    • 19. December 2018 at 8: 27 AM

      "So ne Website" is available for WordPress from 0, - €. Seriously. But without real-time translation, classifieds and, of course, even without content. A blank screen that does not even have a function for your comments.
      If that's what you're aiming for, you can have it. Every week I have a lot of free time, my family is happy. And the vast majority of readers also agree because they do not support "such a website". Too bad. Have fun with the 5 Saabs.

    • 19. December 2018 at 10: 37 AM

      Dear Saabtroll99,

      that's exactly what I had feared that your comment on the blog (especially Tom) frustration and displeasure triggers. In his position you simply have to take your final sentence very personally. That does not work any other way ...

      I know Tom only in writing, but his personality characterizes this blog and allows conclusions. Her suggestion was crazy, abstruse and, above all, profoundly offensive and hurtful. I would love to continue reading this 2019 blog and much more. Your comment is not exactly helpful ...

      Maybe and hopefully you just had a bad moment when you wrote your comment? This happens. Maybe you have a look?

      I've already made a comment here myself with a comment and was pointed out by another reader, whom I had not addressed, very friendly. Accordingly, it was easy for me to answer that with a further and redirecting comment.

      You should do that too. I think you owe it to Tom and all readers who want the blog to continue to back up a stroke or two. It does not hurt either, does not lead to ridicule or malice, but brings you recognition and understanding. There are many nice people on the blog here. At least that's my experience.

    • 19. December 2018 at 10: 50 AM

      @ Saabtroll99 Well, what does a website cost? The hosting is, depending on the quality of the server, no longer expensive. But the content is priceless. And you seem to appreciate that with 0. Wondering why you read and write here, when everything is not appreciated. Sorry that you drop such comments.

    • 19. December 2018 at 1: 44 PM

      I am partly of the same opinion. As long as the blog is still advertising, it is not worth giving me money. Especially considering that the quality has decreased lately. From time to time there were very good articles, so in my opinion the number of posts should be limited. I do not need a report every day whose content is similar to that of the previous one. A good month is enough. The donation target would not have to be so high, whereby 5000 € / a on the individual blog contribution calculated are not so small.

      Also, I find it bad that Tom and the blog (sorry for the rhetorical exaggeration) are presented as Saabmessiase. Receiving Saab is not dependent on this. Rather, I consider the Saabforum as more important, because it can be actively helped and does not serve as an advertising platform for Orio, Skandix etc. If all is too much I would just keep it simple!

      And it is also pathetic that a different opinion is made immediately down and the alleged "broad" mass immediately feel personally attacked. Ok, the argument of Saabtroll99 was bad. Wood h the Saab stands for other thinkers ....
      But if there were so many behind the blog, then you would not have to be constantly begging.

      Well, we'll see if some understand the content, or falsely accuse it of lamenting me.

      • 19. December 2018 at 2: 30 PM

        I think we'll finish the kindergarten here.

        To explain to all readers: "Think different" and "Saabtroll99" use an identical email address and IP. Then comment on your own posts "Ok, the argument of Saabtroll99 was bad ..."Goes too far with all understanding. It can not be that a single reader moves the level of comments down so much.

  • 19. December 2018 at 1: 52 PM

    Since I have yet learned something! There are also SAAB enthusiasts who are an A ...
    But that brings me to another topic that has been bothering me for a while: who (and how) are those who keep this brand alive? I've often had the impression with blog posts and comments that it's the ones who have a lot of pocket money to put in their lover's car. I'm thinking of the cost of retrofitting daytime running lights or a new suspension, or Tom's saying about some "new" Saabs between 30.000 and 60.000 € that this might be a good investment for the annual bonus payment ... (I'd be happy if my pension would be somewhere in between ...). However, the amount (and number) of the donations received does not fit with this, perhaps there are many SAAB enthusiasts who have (or do not have to) save their cars from their mouths? How would the blog look like for this clientele?

    • 20. December 2018 at 10: 21 AM

      Interesting and valid thoughts ...

      The idea of ​​new cars is already forcibly a rare phenomenon. The reference to a Saabische use of any bonuses, was probably written with a wink. The retrofitting of a daytime running light is nothing commonplace here ...

      The vast majority of contributions are independent of the income of the broad masses of SAAB drivers. This actually applies to many technical contributions. The new chassis (or new brakes, a new clutch, etc.) we need sometime all times.

      Even the blogger 9000 was so deep behind, as if he had loaded 400 Kg screed cement in the hardware store - if I remember correctly. The new suspension was therefore not a luxury, not an expression of excess play money, but a necessity.

      If there are new parts anyway (sometimes it's just a cabin filter), it's good to know which alternatives you have. Sometimes they are better than the original parts, sometimes cheaper and sometimes both. In any case, such news and testimonials are valuable to all drivers.

      From students to working people of different incomes to retirees or retirees, all ages and income levels seem to read along here. The wide and complete range of SAAB drivers. So how should the blog look like?

      I think, much like a ballerina doing the splits, is the right answer to your question. And I think the blog gets it very well today. If in doubt, you can just make it clear that you feel more of some contributions and less addressed by others. The latter are contributions to other members of the SAAB community. Also okay ...

    • 20. December 2018 at 12: 48 PM

      Dear Reinhard Mann, who reads the blog? The blog is a reflection of our society. It read people who keep a Saab alive with a lot of passion. Other readers have more resources available, as the consideration goes more in the direction of whether a Porsche or another Saab comes in the garage. The brand love both groups, and so far, working together in the virtual blog home also worked quite well.
      I strive to write balanced wherever possible. About Youngtimer, classic, the last Saab generation and news about the scene and from Trollhättan. If then phrases about bonus payments, or vehicles that may disappear to the east, and not to 100% politically correct, that can not please the one or the other readers. But do not I want to "bend" just to become completely compatible with the mainstream? I think we "bend" enough daily. There must be some freedom.

  • 20. December 2018 at 9: 14 AM

    Hello, have increased my contribution again and please persistently keep the level of comments high. "Kindergarten", personal insults or hostility should have no place here !!!!
    One, among many other reasons to read this blog, is the knowledge that here is a community that holds together, has equal interests and exchanges in mutual respect ....

    Thanks Tom (and Team), for your (and your) work!


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