Saab Zentrum Mainz closes forever

Just before Christmas we get bad news from Mainz. The Autohaus Scholl, also known as Saab Zentrum Mainz, closes the doors on Friday. As a result, the brand loses a partner who has been with Saab customers for many decades.

A decades old Saab tradition ends tomorrow
A decades old Saab tradition ends tomorrow

My first visit to the Car dealership Scholl was in 7 years ago in November. The Saab Center in Mainz was our penultimate stop on ours Saab dealer tour, At that time you could see what could have been. Because at the beginning of the tour, the reaction of the customers was still restrained, so we experienced in Mainz 4 hours with full yard and great interest in the new vehicles.

It came differently, as we know. Saab left 19. December 2011 bankrupt and never came back. For partners such as the Saab Zentrum Mainz, a new phase began, with many challenges. At the beginning, it still looked as if the transformation away from the new-car business and towards restoration, young-timers and used vehicles would be handled well.

You had a good trade in Saab vehicles - and a large customer base. In Mainz there were always valuable Saabs from previous ownership and in good condition for sale. Mark bought his 9-3 Cabriolet there, and several friends found their dream Saab, which they still drive today. The problems, and thus the gradual descent, began with the departure of longtime employees, some of whom had helped shape the company. When choosing a second manufacturer, as an additional mainstay, you also had little luck.

Saab Zentrum Mainz during the dealer tour 2011
Saab Zentrum Mainz during the dealer tour 2011

The originally preferred brand could not be committed. Ssangyong as an alternative, led by a former Saab CEO, was therefore second only from the start. The brand from Korea with Indian owners could not meet the expectations for the car dealership in all the following years and could not compensate for the decline in the Saab business. Maybe Ssangyong is too niche in the niche, but maybe there are too few reasons to buy this vehicle.

Due to declining sales, the owners now decided to draw a line. A decades old tradition ends tomorrow, the former Saab Zentrum Mainz closes the gates forever. The property is already sold, the Scholl family withdraws from the automotive business.

I always felt well looked after and treated in Mainz. The contact with Carsten Scholl was until very recently very pleasant. I would like to thank him and his family, on behalf of the blog team, for many years Saab loyalty and wish him all the best for the future.

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  • 20. December 2018 at 11: 15 AM

    I just hope that the fate of Scholl garage HP Buser AG in Augst, where I always wait for my convertible and repair if necessary, will be spared.

    If the garage closed the gates, this probably meant the end of my great time with my Saab!

    • 20. December 2018 at 1: 36 PM

      The garage HP Buser must not disappear from the Saab map. I bring all my Saab there to the service and more. I actually would not know where to go with my good, well-maintained vehicles, but think the HP.Buser will be around for a long time and with her also the Paasion for Saab.

      This with Mainz is of course a shame, but just the course of the (most good) things.

      Happy holidays to all and greetings from Switzerland

  • 20. December 2018 at 11: 15 AM

    I was there then, sat in both cars for rehearsal, was looking forward to what was to come. Maybe it would have become the 9-5 station wagon. Unfortunately history with the well-known sad end.

  • 20. December 2018 at 2: 24 PM

    Too bad ... at the same time respect for this radial end closure. The final decision was certainly difficult ... What will make the MA, get these good new areas of responsibility, etc.
    THANK YOU to the Scholl family for their dedication to a very special car brand from the far north of Europe! 🙂
    All the best for your future with stable health!
    ... and stay true to the blog! 😉

  • 20. December 2018 at 3: 03 PM

    It's just a pity for any workshop that does not work .... just like every Saab that comes to an end ... ..
    Nevertheless, I wish you all a Merry Christmas

  • 20. December 2018 at 5: 58 PM

    I was a customer at the Autohaus Scholl. I bought my current 9-3 (2006) there and always had it serviced and repaired. Many thanks to all employees and all the best for the future.

  • 20. December 2018 at 7: 49 PM

    That's the way things are going. Too bad for the Saabgemeinde in and around Mainz. But let's face it. From a business point of view, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the remaining Saabists. And no one can survive on the restoration alone today. I wish the Scholl family all the best. The memories of the good days with Saab will always be remembered.
    Now it has also caught me that I had to change the brand for everyday use. The market with Saab vehicles has been strained for some time. Either there is nuclear scrap or completely exaggerated price expectations. Since I drive about 80000km in the year now came my first (foreign) car in the garage. It is a Lexus. Also a great car. But there will always be a Saab in my garage and in my heart. Either as 2 or 3 cart. I just can not let go of this brand.
    I wish all Saabiisten a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • 20. December 2018 at 11: 55 PM

      Would you like to write a small blog post about the Lexus? Hope it can also occur contributions from other brands. Would be interesting, what a Saab driver thinks so about Lexus? What is better, what is worse solved etc ...

      • 21. December 2018 at 11: 56 AM

        Hello Ken-Daniel
        Since I have the Lexus only briefly, I can not say much about him yet. Saab is and remains my passion. But my example shows that over time it becomes more difficult to use a Saab in everyday business.
        I've had all the Saab except for the sonnet. And I will continue to be loyal to Saab

  • 20. December 2018 at 8: 00 PM

    Sad message …

    It stimulates the thoughts. Also positive. It's amazing that such news has not been on the SAAB ticker at least once a year for years.

    Many SAAB retailers seem to have a knack for new business or a second brand, and a great deal of enthusiasm and solidarity with the SAAB brand is also at stake.

    But even if a SAAB center closes, it does not have to mean the end of a good SAAB service for the region. Business tasks (for reasons of age or whatever) of car dealerships are not an exclusive SAAB topic. I know at least two cases, as one or two employees have technical documents, the customer register, remaining stocks of spare parts and important tools taken to competent as a "free" specialists of the other Swedish brand, the regional service without the trade of new cars in a smaller property and continue lucratively.

    It would be great if the succession in Mainz would be similar. It would be better than nothing ...

  • 20. December 2018 at 10: 50 PM

    Pity, too bad, too bad. At Scholl I bought 1992 my first Saab. 5 door, implanted red, Nardi wood steering wheel, sunroof - a dream. Then, as the family got bigger, a white 9000er with seat covers by Ermenegildo Zegna. Cool in the summer, in the winter. Also this carriage - a dream. And Scholl a strong, fair and competent partner. So they go there, the old idealists. I just hope that somebody, someday our sweetheart - expertly - waits now repaired.

  • 21. December 2018 at 12: 01 AM

    A closure is always sad, sad also that just before Christmas the employees become unemployed. We Saabfahrer must therefore all the more support our remaining workshops, so that we can continue to drive the cars.

  • 21. December 2018 at 4: 38 PM

    hard coal

    In Mainz closes a SAAB center and in D is today funding stop. Desperately, I try to figure it out, but I do not succeed ...

    SAAB had BioPower (E85) on the market, experimented with E100, put prototypes of (BioPower) hybrids and e-vehicles on the wheels. If you can not blame one of these small and fine brands, it's because they've been too focused on fossil fuels and have thought too little about the future.

    In view of the funding stop, but also claims the policy for themselves that you can not make such allegations or may ...

    Hard coal and SAAB, how does that work? I can not find anything in common. And yet SAAB and E85 were politically shorn with the coal over a crest. Quite as if a BioPower or even a BioPower hybrid would eventually run on hard coal and steam.

    My limited intellect can not find an answer as to why it should or should be so, as it is. I'm probably not political enough, otherwise I might think the answer?

  • 21. December 2018 at 7: 31 PM

    No no, you definitely are not political enough - unlike, for example, the lobbyists of the German automotive industry, the big petrol station operators, the oil industry, the power companies, our nice contacts to the Saudis etc. pp. and their respective counterparts and business associates in the parties. Did I forget someone?

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