The SaabBlog crew wishes a Merry Christmas!

Christmas, New Year. If there is the opportunity in our time to shift down at least two gears, then it is this part of the year. Finally taking more time for the family, for friends, loved ones and for yourself.

Merry Christmas!

Our time is hectic, fast-paced, consumer-oriented. She is loud. So loud that we can no longer hear the soft sounds. Christmas offers us time to rest and the chance for self-reflection. We should take the time to find ourselves.

Just pause for a moment, think, be satisfied. For us it is the opportunity for a huge thank you! For the many positive emails we have received over the past few days. For the great support our fundraiser received before Christmas. We are proud to have so many dedicated readers who we were able to provide with saaby reading material this year.

No matter which Saab one travels with during these days, the brand still stands for Swedish engineering, the passionate search for individual solutions and driving pleasure. Saab is a small piece of analogue freedom in a digital world. We should enjoy it!

The SaabBlog crew wishes all Saab fans, our readers, their families and friends happy and peaceful holidays!

5 thoughts on "The SaabBlog crew wishes a Merry Christmas!"

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    Peaceful and reflective holidays for you Tom and all the staff of the blog!

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    Merry Christmas from Great Britain, and best in 2019 ……

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    The blog team has given us readers throughout the year again and again. How should one there on the 24.12. Shake appropriate words from the sleeve?

    I can not find any and send my best wishes for a peaceful, merry Christmas and say awkwardly but many thanks for a very worth reading SAAB year.

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    Hi Tom,

    a God Jul to you and the whole SaabBlog crew.

    A few contemplative and relaxing days without a Saab focus. Although a few Christmas Saab images from the community would be something for the next article 🙂
    Unfortunately, I have to pull back with the pictures, because Saab is even more economical here in South America, like Saab Neuwagen.

    Feliz Natal / Feliz Navidad

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    Dear Tom,
    Representing all of your Saab crew, thank you very much for providing us with such entertaining and informative stories about SAAB.
    Have a nice, relaxed Christmas!
    My Swedish carriages are standing in the stable with other like-minded people and will surely be the one too
    Enjoy festive days with fresh oil and a full tank….
    Greetings to you all,

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