Purchase intentions and Saab calendar 2019

What to do in the days between Christmas and New Year? You could go on holiday, in the mountains maybe or at least, where it is pleasantly warm and the sun is shining? Or, with purchase intentions, go on Saab tour. After the 9000 Max was expropriated in a cold way, it is time to look after a successor ...

Saab calendar 2019
Saab calendar 2019 from Saab Service Frankfurt

True to the motto that a life without Saab and especially without 9000 is possible. But sad too. At Christmas we unexpectedly got an exciting purchase offer. A few kilometers, 1. Hand, a very nice equipment and motorization. Max and I are on our way today. We're testing the 9000, and maybe we can close the gap.

Saab's passion seems incurable. Once you have a positive infection, it is unlikely that you will ever be cured. Each fan includes a Saab calendar as standard. Saab Service Frankfurt has been waiting a long time with the calendars this year. Shortly before Christmas I was in Frankfurt-Fechenheim and was able to pick up the new calendar for 2019.

Saab calendar 2019 from Frankfurt

As in the previous year, it has again become very high quality and tasteful for 2019. The photographed vehicles are a journey through Saab history and come from the circle of customers or from the collection Ratzmann. Excitingly staged they were again from the Proformance Studioswho also took over production last year.

The Saab calendar is a must for the coming year, and he gets the full recommendation from Mark and me. The price of around 33,00 € is favorable, because the quality of the print and the pictures is high, the edition is limited. Fans with interest should not hesitate too long and call in Frankfurt.

Yet another calendar comes from Orio Germany, our supplier for Saab original spare parts. The traditional monthly planner for customers and friends of the house is not officially available and went to car dealerships and workshops. We have received 5 pieces which we pass on to our readers. As always, the question is who should receive a calendar.

Saab - Orio monthly planner 2019
Saab - Orio monthly planner 2019

The demand is usually higher than the very limited supply, and we have found a simple solution. 5 readers, who have participated in the blog donation campaign, get from the 15. January the calendars by mail. We decide on the donation amount. If the address does not exist, we will contact you. In addition to the calendars, we thank you for your support.

For me it's the last post this year. Tomorrow will be the new owner of the Transatlantikers, and I'll be back in year 2019. I take the opportunity to thank you. The readers who accompanied us to 2018. With Mark and the blog team, who helped with inspiration and kept their backs to me. And at the companies and Saab workshops that have been doing a lot for years to make the blog a reality.

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  • 27. December 2018 at 10: 39 AM

    I thank you and your Saab blog colleagues for your great work and wish you and your families a happy new year in a healthy and successful new year!

  • 27. December 2018 at 12: 51 PM

    Good morning, I hope you enjoyed the Christmas season with your families. I can only thank you for the many SAAB contributions from you. Now it is said, recover well and come well into the new year.
    Greetings from Saxony, Martin

  • 27. December 2018 at 12: 55 PM

    Great leisure time to drive a 9000. Hach, I want too - but sit in the office. Have fun & re-read 2019!

  • 27. December 2018 at 6: 25 PM

    Two 9000-experienced SAAB enthusiasts are moving out. Since not much can go wrong and it would be great if it should work today with the "new". I keep my fingers crossed for Max.

    Maybe here comes a nice report with pictures of a successful shopping tour? Written and photographed by Tom, by Max or by division of labor ...

    I wish the 5 recipients pleasure in the well-deserved calendar and the team, all donors, all nice commentators and all readers a good and accident-free happy new year. 2018 was a lot of fun here. Special thanks also to JanV.

    I had to read his last comment again and again and even smile the last time. The community of SAAB riders seems to me (apart from a few outliers) to be a very illustrious, witty and nice troupe ...

    We are in all aspects (gender, income, age, education or occupation) a representative and wide-ranging cross-section of the car-driving society and yet something is positively different. Something that I can not put into words ...

    But it's something I'm grateful for and something that keeps me attached to SAAB.

  • 27. December 2018 at 7: 13 PM

    Thanks Tom and Blogteam for the great posts 2018. That's how 2019 can go on. By the way, my highlight this year was Pilots Wanted.

  • 28. December 2018 at 12: 08 AM

    I hope the 9000 fulfills your idea!
    Incidentally, I'm looking for the rally http://www.carbagerun.de a Saab with residual TÜV to 8 / 19 for little money. The cars for the 5000 km route through Denmark, Sweden and Norway must be at least 20 years old and should not cost more than 500, - Euro. Preferably, an 9000 or 900 would be super it hardly over the next TÜV creates. Offers to 1000, - Euro would be great. I really do not want to compete with a German car or a Japanese.
    Greetings and all the best to the blog team and all readers for 2019,

    • 29. December 2018 at 6: 50 PM

      Dear Torsten, You have an email on this topic 😉

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