Transatlantic arrived in harsh reality

At 15.12.2018 it was finally time: After 2 weeks of a mixed mood of anticipation (60%) and deadline (40%), whether everything works with the mailing of the car letter and the other registration-relevant documents from Max - they came to 07: 35 clock by express exactly 40 Min. before the appointment booked weeks ago at the registration office - went to 06: 30 clock off the journey south.

A unique piece!
A unique piece!

None of us had expected it to be so tight, but sometimes banks and authorities that go above and beyond in formalities and deadlines play the role of potential spoilsport. From here "Thanks" again to Max, that he has repeatedly made pressure.

Well, we were on the way to the "transatlanticist"To get north, at least the map to a little further north. We, that was my buddy Michael - currently Volvo-XC40-driver - and me, especially for Max in 9000CSE on the way. At the time we did not know anything about the theft of the Anniversary. The outward journey was divided amiably at the wheel, and we arrived after a good drive 15 Min. Rather than planned.

The 9000 CSE, which may be remembered on the blog perhaps as a "company car" of my family practice, had also positively impressed the Volvo driver: 20 years, 364500km, with 150 PS "sufficient" motorized, effortlessly even on demand to accelerate to 160km / h , This quiet engine, still very good suspension and - thanks strut - road holding. During the search for a parking lot, Max also arrived in the SAAB at the meeting point.

After a short welcome and spontaneous "in-heart-close" my part- then the last formalities were exchanged with coffee and rolls, and then there was the first meeting in Natura with the "TA". So far I only knew him virtually, had read and internalized everything I found on the blog about him, and bought him "unobserved" from Max. After attaching the number plate brought along and detailed test drive it went after a short farewell again direction North Rhine-Westphalia.

"Honorary" for Michael for his help was the second half of the drive home of the "TA". This allowed me many beautiful views of my "dream car" from the perspective of other road users. At the same time I had the direct comparison to the most sophisticated model that SAAB has ever developed: the 9000 does not have to hide!

After the first night in the carport, the "TA" arrived today "in real life", namely in perhaps the first snow of his car life so far. Our first trip through the white splendor has certainly made further trips. And for driving our SAAB are made, according to the well-known slogan "SAAB, home on long journeys".

One - from my point of view - a bit melancholy resonance there is also, because the trip yesterday was probably our last common "long haul". I feel like many other SAABists. With now four vehicles and the approaching pension, the budget is too narrow, and I will have to gradually reduce myself.

Probably the 1998er 9000 CSE, I think one of the last produced copies, in the near future will look for a new owner who appreciates him as well. He can look forward to experiencing the joy of SAAB driving in black aero armchairs. That was the luxury I gave him / me, because the most perfect SAAB are the most perfect seats. However, my colleagues here have a say, and they do not know anything about their "luck".

Thanks to August-Eric for his Saab Story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

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  • 28. December 2018 at 2: 52 PM

    A great car! Congratulations to the new, proud owner!

  • 28. December 2018 at 6: 19 PM

    Nice car! But which do I mean? Of course both!

    9000 and NG are for me two ends that somehow belong together. SAAB's first attack on the then conventional stale upper class of the competition and the good 5 m long NG as his grandson and last big SAAB.
    A perfect couple! Have fun with both.

  • 28. December 2018 at 6: 22 PM

    Congratulations, I also think that the 9000er does not need to hide and is still the reference car in its class. On 9-5 I miss the tailgate with rear wiper and a few other little things.

  • 29. December 2018 at 1: 27 PM

    Very enviable the two cars. With the 9000er I started the "illness Saab". I also had the 9-5 NG. Also a model configured for the US market. This one too was prepared for the 21er in Kiel.
    Very nice cars with understatement factor. Just wonderful.
    All Saab drivers a happy new year!

  • 30. December 2018 at 3: 22 AM

    I congratulate the new owner of the TAs and maybe you can see the beautiful specimen in the wild, the registration district is in the neighborhood anyway 😉 Enjoy and always an accident-free ride!

  • 30. December 2018 at 8: 42 PM

    Congratulations to the 952!

    The car impressed me a lot during the presentation. He still does that when I see one (rarely) in the wild. That this is now an "old" car you do not see him at all ...
    Saab typical again an absolutely timeless form.

  • 31. December 2018 at 11: 00 AM


    Every SAAB is a design object. Even the amazingly up-to-date 9000. Many other cars are just fashion items.

    It seems to me at most unimaginative and desperate that this fashion commutes back and forth for years only between round and square. Currently, the little German stepbrother from NG with edges and beads on the way. The day after tomorrow comes his successor and will be something even more or even much smoother and rounder.

    Opel, BMW, VW, Ingolstadt or Stuttgart, where you look, the pendulum swings wild back and forth. And if you look at this pendulum across manufacturers, you can not even talk about fashion anymore. Once upon a time, different brands concurrently and synchronously followed a trend ...

    Today, all that matters is to make the most recent (own) model look different from the last (own model). If the last one was smooth, then the youngest has to be edgier and vice versa. Apparently it has become a kind of dogma in the design and marketing departments of the automotive industry to want the last model to look different and old as fast as possible in order to boost sales of the latest one.

    As I said, unimaginative! And transparent ...

    But the more beautiful it is, if you have at least a SAAB in the yard. Good as well.

    • 3. January 2019 at 2: 29 PM

      The VW Golf contradicts this thesis but sincerely. Hardly any model has been so carefully revised over the decades and hardly a model is so successful (even if that can not be fixed exclusively to the design).

      • 4. January 2019 at 10: 20 AM

        I also wrote "many other cars". Not all.

        I think of counterexamples yourself. Also much better than the Golf. In my opinion, this has certainly gone along with the development I have described ...

        1. the synchronous trend of many manufacturers of square vehicles of the 1970er and 80er to the rounder years later
        2. and later a certain pendulum movement after it was no longer rounder

        As part of a large model family, the Golf has been following the same pendulum movements of design that made Polo or Passat. He was always recognizable as part of the family, sometimes smoother and then edgy again.

        But it is true that there are quite iconic cars from other manufacturers. And it is true that the designers are more careful in handling and developing these vehicles, their outer and inner appearance, emphasizing continuity, and that the pendulum swing less violently with these manufacturers or models. SAAB is not the only possible of all positive examples. But after all, SAAB is one!

  • 2. January 2019 at 10: 40 PM

    Congratulations to the new one!
    Nice that there is a NG in OWL more!

    • 10. January 2019 at 10: 56 PM

      OWL seems in view of the small number of NGs in Germany not even so bad to stand there, as far as the distribution is concerned: drive in Paderborn at least three copies around, in Detmold-Heidenoldendorf came to me some time ago even a NG with LIP mark opposite. Would be nice if there were still growth here.


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